Azadi | Kashmir, Hong Kong, Catalonia Separatism | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Azadi | Kashmir, Hong Kong, Catalonia Separatism | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Kashmir, Kurdistan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Catalonia, Palestine, Taiwan, Kosovo, Greenland and Scotland All these places have one thing in common There have been slogans for freedom in all these places By different means in different situations, But there have been separatist demands in all these places. There have been demands for the creation of a new independent country I’d like to talk about separatism in this video By taking examples from worldwide, let us examine how countries are formed, how they break down and how this affects the people. Come, let us see In today’s times, if someone has to create a country There are no international laws that guide you through the process of creation of a country But the 1933 Montevideo Convention specifies four criterion for the formation of a country A permanent population, a well defined territory, the existence of a government, and the capacity to maintain relations with other countries But there are lot of countries worldwide that satisfy these four criterion but are not a country Because the other countries do not recognize them as “countries” Let us take the example of Taiwan Taiwan is almost a separate country on its own But only 17 countries recognize Taiwan as a country For any new country to get a seat in the United Nations, they need the approval of the Security council of the United Nations which can be vetoed by any of the permanent members of the United Nations So Taiwan never got a seat in the United Nations because China always vetoed it Because China believes that Taiwan is a part of China The same situation applies to Palestine and Kosovo Speaking broadly, for your country to be recognized as a separate country, An important criteria for this that the rest of the countries of the world to recognize it as a “country” and accept it as an independent country Even regarding this, some countries have formulated rules of their own For example, the British government says that if any new country wants recognition from the British government, First, it would have to fulfill the Montevideo Convention and after that it would have to sign upon the human rights obligations, respect International laws and UN resolutions and give rights to the minorities So some countries have specified requirements of their own And then there’s international politics For example, Catalonia, that wants to become an independent country lies within Spain Now, Spain would never want a part of it to become an independent country So the countries that have good relations with Spain would never recognize Catalonia as an independent country because they would not want to spoil their relations with Spain So the game of international politics also gets embroiled in between Considering these things, it is a very tough task for any country to gain recognition from the rest of the countries A basic question here is why does separatism arise? Why do some people in the country feel like they should create a new country? Experts have suggested several reasons behind this and I divide them into three categories The first category is cultural reasons Some people feel that their religion, ethnicity or cultural is in danger if they continue to be a part of a big country So they wish to form a separate country of their own Another cultural reason is that some people hate other cultures And in order to consolidate their identity they want to form a separate country and drive out the minorities The second type of reasons are economic reasons Either the people feel that they’re extremely poor and that they’re being exploited economically, and the rich are extorting money from us, Or, on the second hand, like the in example of Spain, The rich people there feel that their money is being used unwisely and that their money is being uselessly distributed among the poor The region of Catalonia is one of the richest regions in Spain This is one of the biggest reasons behind their independence movements The third category of reasons is injustice. That is, the separatists believe they are being treated unjustly This could be due to a variety of reasons but usually it is related to a political decision That is the government makes a decision that, socially, economically, in the case of freedom as well as in the case of democracy, affected the people in a negative manner What are the results of a separatist movement? Let us examine on a case by case basis In 2017, a referendum was conducted in Catalonia The people were asked if they wanted to make Catalonia an independent country More than 90% of the people said that they wanted to become an independent country, separate from Spain What was the result of this? Spain declared it illegal and unconstitutional and completely rejected the referendum There were protests against this and 17 people were killed in the protests Spain said doing this was obviously, sedition against the nation and anti national A similar thing happened in 2017 in Kurdistan, which is a region within Iraq A referendum was conducted there as well More than 90% of the people said that they wanted Kurdistan to become an independent country, separate from Iraq What was the result of this? Once again, Iraq government completely rejected it and instantly the Iraq government closed off air access in Kurdistan Even if Kurdistan becomes an independent country, but if its neighbors do not accept it, it would become very difficult to self sustain itself economically If it would not be able to do business with oil pipelines, It would not be able to export if the surrounding countries do not allow it to come on the roads and not let it export These are more reasons why the separatist movements, even if they become an independent country, It would be very difficult for them to sustain South Sudan is the world’s newest, officially recognized country It got its independence from Sudan in 2011 “officially recognized”, because almost all the countries of the world accepted it as an independent country and The United Nations also offered it a seat What was the result of this? It became independent in 2011 and up till 2015, for 4 years, there raged a civil war which caused the deaths of lakhs of people In today’s times, there prevail conditions of hyperinflation, famine, extreme violence And it is one of the most underdeveloped countries of the world Eritrea- a new African country formed by breaking away from from Ethiopia in 1991 It, too, has a similar story When this new country was formed, a civil war followed in which more than 10% of its population was killed In today’s times, this country is under a dictatorship with one party rule Kosovo is a country in Eastern Europe which may be a slight success in this regard It was formed in 2008 by breaking away from Serbia But even today, problems in its politics are perceptible Kosovo and Serbia have different ethnicities So you can understand why they separated: one ethnicity hates the other ethnicity Even In today’s times, the politics in Kosovo is hate based So much so, that he Serbian prime minister is not allowed to set foot in Kosovo You could say that Timor Leste is a proper successful example of separatism This country was formed in 2002 by separating from Indonesia It is a successful democracy today Many experts believe that the reason behind its success is the intervention of the external countries That is, international organisations supported it and hence it is so successful You could say that Bangladesh is another proper successful example of separatism But even here experts believe that the reason behind its success is the external help from India So the countries that have remained successful after separation have remained successful only because of external help Even it the case of Kosovo, it got a lot of external help But, in general, upon averaging out, all the places that have witnessed separatist movements have also witnessed civil war, violence and economic depression The president of European Commission said that if every region starts to act of its own accord like Catalonia Then Europe would gradually become unmanageable Upon inspection of the whole world, this seems somewhat true Because there are 8000 ethnicities worldwide If each ethnicity begins to demand its own separate country, then the world would need 8000 countries! The success or failure of a separatist country also depends upon the reaction of the parent country If the parent country reacts with violence against the separatist movement, then historically, it has been noticed that this causes the separatist movement to become stronger Because the separatists get another reason to show how the country is committing atrocities and injustice against them The same thing happened in the case of Hong Kong The protesters of Hong Kong were extremely peaceful and China reacted with violence against them So with the international eye and in the opinion of the bystander countries They feel that the Hong Kong protesters are very peaceful China is reacting in a terrible manner so we will side with the Hong Kong protesters and separatists Obviously, other things are considered too.The case of Hong Kong is a special one because it is under a 100 year contract with China that ends in 2047 And right from now, China is trying to exert its influence upon Hong Kong It is framing laws that include Hong Kong under its purview Hong Kong is a democracy while China is a dictatorship So it is trying to foist its rules upon Hong Kong What the countries generally do is try and seek a middle ground with the separatists So that they’re able to give the region more autonomy and fulfill their wishes in any manner because there are multiple stages between forming a separate country and remaining within the same country Let us take the example of Greenland Greenland isn’t a separate country. It is under the Kingdom of Denmark In 1979, Denmark gave Greenland its autonomy but retained some critical areas like foreign affairs, currency And defence. But gradually, over the years, Greenland was provided with more autonomy from Denmark For example, in 2009, the official language on Greenland was changed from Danish to Greenlandic In today’s times, Denmark has given full freedom to Greenland and if they want independence, they would be given that after conducting a referendum But when a poll was conducted to ask the people whether they wanted independence, then 75% of the people said that they want full independence But when the people were informed that their life quality might fall after independence, then majority of the people said that they don not want full independence Because 2/3rd of the Budget of the government of Greenland is supplied by the Danish government Because the economy of Greenland is not so huge that it could earn so much money on its own 1/3rd of the GDP of Greenland gets accrued because of Denmark So all this money would be cut off from them if they opt for full independence So this is how the main country can keep the other countries attracted and united In the end, what do you think is the most important thing in this political matter? In my opinion, the life of a common man is the most important thing here the life quality in the life of a common man might improve or become worse then historically, it has been noticed that after separatism, there ensue civil wars, violence and economic depression follows Economically, growth improves when borders are reduced This is why I am against separatism because, generally, it results in worse conditions when viewed from the perspective of the life of a common man “Unity in diversity” is an important phrase here because there are 8000 ethnicities worldwide If everyone starts to argue for their own country and everyone starts to fight, then you’d find thousands of reasons to do so Today, there are several examples worldwide that wherever the borders are reduced and restrictions are removed between two countries or between two regions, then there is more economic development and peace and the life quality of the people improve The European Union is a huge example of this Germany, Spain, France and Portugal are different countries but due to The European Union, the same currency is used in these places There are no borders in between them Any person living in one country can cross the border and go to the other country without any restrictions Economic development increases because of the increased trade between countries And wherever borders are drawn and separatism is promoted in a sense, difficulties increase in such places Brexit is a good example of this Brexit, for the UK is a terrible thing economically There are exceptions in such cases too. For example I consider the Hong Kong case to be an exception because Hong Kong is a democracy while China is a dictatorship So Hong Kong wants to separate itself from Chinese dictatorship and wants more freedom and democracy So it is sensible to support it In the case of Kashmir, the removal of article 370 would mean more integration of Kashmir with India The people of Kashmir would be able to live like rest of the states of India and enjoy the same rights as them So it has been said but it is not yet visible being translated into action The way curfew has been imposed there and the way political leaders were detained the rights like the rest of the states on India are not being granted It has turned dark while making this video and its time for me to go But I’d like to tell you something before I go I am currently in Australia. 500 kilometers away from where I am, lies a very good example of separatism A country which is a country within Australia A country which was formed by one man and where 20 people reside It is a wonderful example I had been packing to go there. Its about a 5 hour drive from here So you’ll see a ground report in that country in the next video Its going to be amazing I’d like to thank the Kuvera App for sponsoring this video Kuvera App is an extremely useful app for investing in mutual funds You can set goals in this app, for example, in order to buy a car or a house then you can set a goal in this app, and it will make use of its algorithms to tell you which mutual funds you should invest in and it will make use of its algorithms to tell you which mutual funds you should invest in On top of it, there is 0% brokerage rate in this app the app will not charge anything for itself when you use it to invest in mutual funds You will find the download link of this app in the description If you liked this video, then share it I will set out on my next journey We will meet in the next video Thank you

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    Edit: Everyone asking why I didn’t mention Balochistan or Khalistan or any other region, please note that this video is not a full list of all regions where separatist movements have started. It’s using a few examples to explain the concept

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