Ayn Rand On Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism (OCON 2014)

Ayn Rand On Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism (OCON 2014)

17 thoughts on “Ayn Rand On Abortion, Foreign Policy and Environmentalism (OCON 2014)

  1. Wait but if she got pregnant without wanting the baby that wasn't a rational
    Rationality would lead a woman to keep legs shut

  2. ..disappointed she is a proponent of abortion…thought, possibly, she would be more in line with women being able to handle anything that comes their way..including children.

  3. Objectivism is a great tool for things requiring brutality.. i.e. war. BUT on other matters, Rand is sorely lacking.. e.g. contraception.. ok.. but no it isn't ok to abort an 8.5 month old foetus.. cutting down a tree and replanting (i.e sustainable use if redources) ok.. no it isn't ok to pollute the local river because your factory is nearby. Rand's theories have the depth of a 13yr old.. romantic and lovely.. but out of touch with the real world.

    Her own love life collapsed btw.. and that I think is what made her so bitter in the end. Also her views of work were abhorrent.. the guy who has no career and "just" fixes her toilet because he needs a job to feed his family.. is more noble in my mind than the selfish stuck up architect who designed it.. who sees only his career and his creations as his goal.

  4. Concerning the Right, Rand said "The 'swing to the right' is a movement away from collectivism and statism and toward individualism and freedom" and that "Objectivism is on the Right" from THE AYN RAND LEXICON

    Her defense of abortion was 180 degress opposite from the left and particularly the 'Pro-Choice movement of the last 27 years years. Her defense was that the embryo is a POTENTIAL life and takes a back seat to the ACTUAL living being. The Pro-Choice is "We don't want to get involved in Philosophy" BTW: Get a transcript or recording of the last installment of Bill O'Reilly's RADIO FACTOR

  5. Environmentalism talk starts at http://youtu.be/GzQZ5mpTodc?t=43m19s
    Foreign Policy talk starts at http://youtu.be/GzQZ5mpTodc?t=22m20s

  6. Ayn Claimed "There is no such thing as uncaused wealth."  By her own argument, there is no such thing as 'an' uncaused human.  A person owns the results of their actions.    A great inconsistency in an otherwise brilliant person. 

  7. The presentation on foreign policy is abysmal. I thought Objectivists were rational and ethical. Silly me. Or maybe you just need to learn some actual history.

    The 1979 embassy takeover in Iran was a response to the US overthrowing a duly elected government by a CIA backed coup in 1953 then installing a brutal dictator, the Shah. Blowback. Look it up. Actions have consequences. Evil actions have evil consequences.

    The US continues to support and protect brutal and vicious tyrants throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world while at the same time raping these countries of resources. ISIS is a proxy for the US government. The Obama administration failed to falsely implicate the Assad government with the false-flag chemical attack so has resorted to using vicious jihadi mercenaries. And now is providing ISIS air support and destroying Syrian oil infrastructure to overthrow Assad. Was Rand an advocate of mass murder? Theft? Rape? That’s your force for good?

    Libertarians are not weak on foreign policy. Unlike Lockitch (I hope he doesn't speak for all Objectivists), libertarians apply the non-aggression axiom consistently to individuals, the state and foreign policy. Libertarians support a policy of DEFENSE. Lockitch supports here a policy of violence and subjugation then is surprised when the US gets attacked!?!

    911 was carried out by US allies (Saudi Arabia and Israel) with full support from elements in the US government at the highest levels. 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis – no Iraqis, no Afghans and no Iranians took part. Did the US invade Saudi Arabia?

    Americans are demoralized because they are coming to realize the oligarchy (not democracy) that is their true government is NOT a force for good in the world but of evil. The US is being attacked by people the US government and its allies have attacked and attacked viciously first.

    Here Lockitch managed to turn Rand into an ignorant hypocrite.

  8. This commentary, specifically on the topic of abortion, was sorely needed. There hasn't been enough written or spoken about on this topic. If the rise of the religious Right is so dangerous to individual liberty, then its core issue of abortion must be fought with more intellectual might than has been dispatched so far. If this issue can be won for the cause of individual liberty then the religious Right is 'done for' as a threat to said cause. All they will have to offer in their own defense will be emotional, mouth-frothing, screaming at the top of their lungs , calling their opponents "Baby Killers" (as I myself have experienced in such debates) – That kind of response from them really is the final "abortion" of their creed, because more people will be driven away from them than are persuaded to join.

    It's topics like abortion that unfortunately drive so many people over to the Left, owing to their disgust for the religious Right. Those people could come home to the Right, if we defeat the religious Right by winning this decisive intellectual battle over the topic of abortion.

  9. How about members of the ARI form the kind of society built upon reason, self-interest, and purposefulness? How about abandoning the mystics of character and mystics of force? Fund Objectivism through building a this society for freedom-minded individuals? Persuading dissolutes, self-confessed irrationalists, or tyrants is an unrewarding, value destroying task. A small town dedicated to absolute reason can be built inexpensive by rational architects, business people, and other industrialists. Happiness on earth is possible if we beneficially and mutually work together to make it happen by means of investment.

  10. Well done, Keith Lockitch. He argued from exposing and revealing the real motives, causes, as well as goals of the Abortion movement, Environmentalism, and Foreign Policy of the U.S. For me it was an important reminder of the fraud of these movements and their stance on the human condition.

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