Ayn Rand – Her Philosophy in Two Minutes

Ayn Rand – Her Philosophy in Two Minutes

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  1. I think it's shallow. What is your purpose? Is it happiness? Then how will you achieve it? Is it through your so called goals or ambitions. Consider the things you've achieved. How many of them has brought happiness to your life. We get bored so easily. We always want the next thing. Nothing satisfies us more than a couple of moments or days at most. We need to dig deeper and contemplate if it happiness we really want.

  2. Ayn Rand's philosophy is considered "controversial" with today's P.C. generation because it's about accountability, individualism and common sense.

  3. nicely produced video, shame about the muzak….. in the interests of a higher signal-to-noise ratio, would be far better without, my view…..

  4. In many ways I'm grateful to my very dogmatic and oftentimes "cold" mother (long ago deceased) who taught us kids (I'm now 71) Ayn Rand's philosophy. We were weaned on her books. I've had to navigate this confusing world through her belief system because sometimes it seemed to be contrary to my experiences. I am grateful that individualism was and is the mantra that motivates my life, but still have plenty of room for caring for and about "others."

  5. "If you know that this life is all that you have, won't you make the most of it?" Well, now we need to define "most".

    Then, why does it follow that one could not make the most of this life if he knew that after this life there was an eternity awaiting him; only differently than the one who believes that he only has this life? It reminds me of the old quote: what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

  6. This is as best as it can be explained. Lot of stupid Americans compare Howard Roark and Trump. I am like what’s wrong with this may be some of the Americans..!!! Did they even read the book? I laugh inside for a lot of stupidity I see when I travel. It gets way too much if am in USA😂

  7. I've been an avid reader of her books all my life. I keep reading Fountainhead & Atlas Shrugged over and over and each time I discover a better explanation to clear the doubts I still carry.

    The moment I understood that the world has defined selfishness wrong, I realized a host of others too similarly obfuscated. To name a few, sacrifice is a virtue, I should love all indiscriminately, I should work for my neighbor more than for myself, and for my country more than for my neighbor … Oh what a terrible world we have built over thousands of years!


  8. Did you create yourself or do you think there is no Creator and everything that suits our Survival exists in the World just like that?

  9. Her philosophy does not advocate Selfishness, rather the virtue of it in that one should be be forced (by government) to part with their interests unless they choose to.

  10. False representation ov AR,,,she simply said a mans best interest and competency is his own life,,not someone else's,,,,trying to carry another is accepting a bludger on your back,,,,,,,

  11. I think Ms. Rand was 99% right. The only place I differ is that I think one's own self-interest and happiness cannot be wholly realized without consideration of others also (so, altruism) due perhaps to so-called mirror neurons. I agree that forced altruism is wrong (guilt manipulation and so on). This said, part of individual happiness is one's tribe (we are after all glorified chimps who are tribal animals) so psychology is a tad more complex than she thought. But regarding the basic ideas of an objective world out there understandable only through reason, without fairy tales of heaven or ghosts or whatever, she is 100% right here. (Also I dig her sexy Russian accent, lol!)

  12. Sounds like at the end she is bashing Christianity’s belief in reincarnation.

    It goes against Jesus and his sharing. Of breaking bread.

    Should be called Futility-ism. She says you can’t control the universe or the world, then redirects? Mize well do self then.

    Nobody civilization would have made it without collective sharing. Imagine the hunter who downed the beast to tell the others F off it was my spear.

    Bet you the story at the huntsmen’s return was, yeah took about fifty horns to the abdomen. We shall retrieve him for burial after dinner while the stampede moves on.

  13. You can't put your self above all and not become selfish, mainly because we are human and at some point in life your interest will conflict with descenancy

  14. Individualism breeds egotism which results in broken family units. Egotistical individuals don't compromise and end up leaving trails of divorces.

  15. Is a man entitled to the sweat of his brow? 'No,' says the man in Washington, 'it belongs to the poor.' 'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.' 'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone. 'No' Says the capitalist, It belongs to your employer.

  16. All sounds fantastic until you try to define reason and rights. Psychology tells us that our daily decisions are based on emotion not reason, i.e., on what we are taught to believe. So is the idea of rights. Both are religious in nature. In the end, human is no different from animals except for the fantasy of reason and rights, deduced from her philosophy.

  17. this way of thinking is driving us down a cliff, humas are naturaly alturist and social beings, because it is in YOUR best interest than the people arround you can live a good life, because if people start losing, they will stop triying to win, and instead will make sure that no one else wins. so this is fundamentaly wrong

  18. self·ish /ˈselfiSH/ adjective
    (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.
    "I joined them for selfish reasons"

  19. One thing I hate is how people think all your economic woes will go away if we all become a business person, and if you're not meant for that kind of change then die. I hate Ayn Rand. She's poisoned the minds of millions into accepting the antithesis of Christianity and now socioeconomic genocide will become our future. If every Rich Sonuvabitch had their way, we'd all be working for two cents a day. Anyone still complaining about how the poor think they are entitled to a better life after that, I'm gonna take crowbar and bash your teeth out.

  20. If you expect to maintain a civilized society for all then we must have a altruistic approach to maintaining society lol. I mean being selfish in the sense one wishes to fulfill their full potential that’s great and all. We have to continue to strive for social democracy and liberal values like FDR’s second bill of rights though if you expect to continue to strive for a society that values everyone and not just the privileged well connected etc…

  21. I think two SECONDS is all you need to cover all the nuance of Ayn Rand's "philosophy." Here it is: "It's all about my happiness and other people don't matter."

  22. A) I am a strict empiricist. If a "philosopher's ideas cannot be verified using the scientific method it is just someone's opinion and nothing. "Objectivism" is a poorly thought out concept.
    It ignores the science concerning human society and evolution. She, in a most pathetic manner, plagiarized her nonsense about "reason" from Descartes and other actual philosophers.

    Unfortunately, for both her and Descartes "reason" is of little use in survival. Let's take the "fight or flight" emotional response to threatening situations.

    Reason requires thinking. By the time a "thinker" has determined whether to fight or run, he will have been eaten. Emotions govern virtually every thing we do. Emotions are both a social and a environmental response to situations.

    B) Her definition of "selfishness" is laughable. She has basically turned the definition inside out, so to speak.

    The human survived by cooperation and empathy. Selfishness behavior got one banished from the hunter gatherer band. Cooperation and empathy were vital to our survival.

    C) I could continue, but I have gone overlong as it is. But I have one more fact concerning Ms. Rand to offer.

    She was a psychopath.

    Shouldn't you question why you have been sucked in by an ideology that is basically nothing more than a defense of psychopathy? Maybe those of you that think she is valid may need to question your own sanity.

    Maybe you should check yourselves into an institution for the criminality insane. ….

  23. So, this bogus! Objectivism has nothing to do self-interest; and the philosophy was something that was there since the time of Socrates…If he is claiming that she come with the philosophy…
    Read Materialism and emperio-criticism…

  24. "Your highest moral purpose should be the pursuit of your own selfish happiness […] Selfishness doesn't mean exploiting others for your own gain".
    But if exploiting makes you happy, then (according to Ayn Rand) thats exactly what you should do and that there is nothing wrong with it 🙂

  25. But ayn rand advocated for when you see a drowning child, you ought not act to save that child….. doesnt seem very reasonable.

  26. bits and pieces I like, some bits I don't. A few words I like, other few words that are misused. How do I represent and condense this to a like or dislike button? I think it is just ok.

  27. Two logical problems stand out to me. 1) Reality is not just what it is, but also can become what we can imagine, which is important. Humans can change things. 2) Selfishness definitely CAN mean exploiting others for their own gain. Ignorance of that means you are not equipped to deal with psychopathy / sociopathy, and that is why many communities founded on utopian ideals do not succeed. An extension of this relevent to world problems today is – for direct democracy / organising power to transcend monkey brain limits, any system must have engineered into it awareness of these limits. Democracy 2.0 will need to understand the flaws within ourselves and build parity into collaborative decision making to have a better immune system against corruption.

  28. Lol Shut the fuck up reactionaries Ayn Rand’s books are just a guide for states and corporations to keep power while the people and workers starve. Ayn Rand and Aristotle literally believed in slavery, which is the opposite of reason if you ask me. True individual pursuit can’t be achieved with statism or capitalism, only with anarchy and communism. Karl Marx and Kropotkin all the way!

  29. Rand was nothing but a greedy and selfish capitalist. Like most conservatives, Rand would have been willing to let us disabled people die in the streets from lack of care. THAT MADE RAND NO BETTER THAN ADOLF HITLER WAS. Like most conservatives, Rand cared mostly about her money.

  30. Her teachings are false this is not our only life if you follow Jesus Christ do you understand that this life is just a part of eternity we transition from this life to the next based on our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ John chapter 14:6WWW Jesus is the plan.com

  31. “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.”
    Adam Smith

  32. These set of values, so advanced, so modern and intellectually sound in the minds of dumb people, could bring up a Doofus, billionaire President. Oh! Wait…

  33. And they say socialism is against human nature. Most people have a heart, have empathy and have love for others. That should be the focus of an economic system: to let all of us, however strong or weak, live together in cooperation, peace and sharing. Liberal economics are a plague. We need to make people remember that WE is always better than I or YOU.

  34. I'd luv objectivist feedback on my article about a possible gay subtext in "The Fountainhead":

  35. … "you CAN'T eat your cake, and have it too"…

    "pursue your happiness […] and respecting other's happiness".

    bruh you couldn't make a 1 minute video without a contradiction smh

  36. this greatly motivates me to pursue my artificial intelligence degree… it's gonna unemploy you all but… i mean… why should i care!

  37. It doesn't mean exploit others? No, it actually literally means that. The key lies in making up excuses why what you're doing isn't wrongly taking advantage of others. Objectivism is primarily a philsophy of the rich and powerful who do whatever they want.

  38. Anyone I know who read " Atlas Shrugged ", and claimed it changed their life already had a trust fund at the age of 18. We all get it : do you. That's great until you face unavoidable adversity yourself, and/or raise kids. Then the game changes. Most folk dont realize the shape Ayn's life was in when she fell ill.

  39. Nature is what it is; society is what we make of it. Ayn Rand is just flat out wrong here.

    The pursuit of your own selfish happiness is the highest moral purpose, but be rational and not exploit others, but at the same time, you cannot be altruistic because it is evil?

    Perhaps the pursuit of greater purpose other than the individual self is the rational approach to life.

    Imagine if people like Jonas Salk chose to patent the polio vaccine. He wouldn't have been exploiting anyone, since the polio vaccine didn't exist yet. Rather, he chose to sacrifice the potential fortune he could've made, for the greater good of all mankind. And look where the world stands today because of him.

    Sorry, Ayn Rand is probably one of the most overrated "philosophers" of all time. I get the idea of being the master of your own destiny, but she takes things to a whole different level. It's completely unsurprsing to me that her biggest fans are also the biggest douchebags

  40. She was very rational. In today’s world her views would line up with Christian-Conservative worldview. She knew evil exists, liberals do not as they view that subjectively, she also knew freedom would have to be fought to be kept. What is odd is this; the rock band Rush. Great band! However Neil Peart, the drummer, is an atheist as are the other two members, he credits Rand with a lot of influence in the lyrics he wrote for the band. Very left. Makes me wonder did he understand Rand’s worldview? She did not believe in the Leftists view of total governmental control.

  41. Well, she sure made the 'most' of her life, living her last years off the very benefits she fought her entire life. What a hypocrite.

  42. A very generous explanation of her useless ideas. Capitalism itself directly contradicts the idea that objectivism values respecting others' right to freedom.

  43. alisa rosenbaum, who admired a serial killer William Edward Hickman, because he said something along the line of …" i am like the state . if it is good for for me it is right " nice propaganda for the selfish among us

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