Ayelet Shaked – Fascism (click CC for subtitles)

Ayelet Shaked – Fascism (click CC for subtitles)

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Headed by Shaked and Bennett

37 thoughts on “Ayelet Shaked – Fascism (click CC for subtitles)

  1. An Israeli friend of mine posted this in a Discord and I have to say, this truly, honestly makes me like deep down angry

  2. Well, truth be told, democracy today really does resemble fascism. People in democratic countries are funding wars, bombings and killings of innocent in countries that are not democratic. For example, Serbia which was socialist at the time, also one of the smallest countries on the planet, was bombed by large NATO for 3 months, many children was killed. Operation was funded by democratic countries and conducted by their military. The stench really smelled bad, democracy committing acts of fascism. It's kinda logical that people prone to such acts should stink the same way. I can predict this stench will be very popular among such degenerates.

  3. This is hardly understood by the foreigners not knowing much about Israeli politics. She tried as a minister of Justice to reform the system and limit the power of Israeli judiciary (appointed by themselves and not accountable to anyone). The Left coined that "fascism" to which she replies: "to me, it smells like democracy"

  4. It plays to the base. In Israel, if you even think to lift your voice to criticize the opaque judicial appointments process, which recently broke down in a sex-for-judgeships scandal, you are labeled anti-democratic and fascist. In every media venue. Hence the daring parody. I'm in the Likud. I don't like it. I prefer straight talk.

  5. Very effective clip. The party is not trying to attract left-wing voters. It is trying to get right-wing voters from other right-wing parties. It shows a lot of "accomplishments" that many on the right can appreciate and makes Likud's and other's accomplishments look pretty weak. Right-wingers are often called Fascists by the left and this clip turns that around with pride. And it doesn't hurt that Ayelet Shaked wasn't born ugly. They certainly know how to take advantage of her looks. Wouldn't surprise me if something like this attracts a lot of votes from other right-wing parties.

  6. All she wants is to Judges to be elected by public rep like in most Democratic countries (in the few where they aren't there is no judicial activism), Israel is a clear exception in that the pubic has little to say or influence on the judicial branch, this is highly un-democratic. for that the left calls her a fascist (because it happens to be that the supreme court is inclined to the left),
    By the way the supreme court in the Weimar republic was as independent and activist as the supreme court in Israel, and they supported the Nazis more that the general public.
    Judicial activism has nothing to do with Democracy .

  7. Ayelet Shaked is a Fascist. I identified her as a Fascist right off the shelf in 2012. As a Jew, I vomit in her general direction …

  8. Smart Woman! She got the pulse of the era….
    "Democracy" in the West ignores the wishes of it's own citizens, works fervently to replace us with Asians and Africans, and stifle, silence and openly persecute any opposition to it's suicidal "ideals" and "values" as…Fascism! So, Fascism looks more and more appealing and rational to the plebes than contemporary "democracy" that smells like SHIT!
    You can scream as much as you like but Fascism is on the rise and it's the outcome of the failure of the elites and their Left lackeys to comprehend the basic human nature…

  9. The only thing I got from this is that she apparently thinks fascism "smells like democracy"? So.. democracy bad?

  10. This is sick or insane. How can you sympathise with fascism that killed 6 Million Jews in Europe in the last century.
    You'd call it Stockholm Syndrome…

  11. How could you take a candidate for public office serious with such a foolish and vain commercial. Where is a presentation of policy positions and facts that support them? It is treating the voter as a weak minded fool.

  12. Wow, yeah the fascists are running unashamed in Israel it seems. But then, Netanyahu already is a fascist, so not much change.

  13. هذا مجرد تجميل للوجه الصهيوني القبيح، المسلمون حموا اليهود على مدى التاريخ والآن اليهود يبدون الشعب الفلسطيني إبادة تامة، فعل العرب والمسلمين أن يتعلموا الدرس

  14. Clearly you can't smell the shit you live in and spread around.
    This is foul creature who casually talks about killing tiny children but would bawl her head off if she got a scratch. Beyond shameful.
    Irony is not normally used to encourage contempt for effective civilised civic procedures, but to mock the incompetent or ineffective.

  15. People dont get the video. When she says to me it smells like democracy, she means what people call her fasscit (she smells like fascism) for is actually her protecting democracy, to her it smells like democracy (taking power from high court). I disagree with her completly but that doesnt matter. She doesnt call democracy fascism. How can you even infer that


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