100 thoughts on “Awkward Job Interview Prank

  1. i went on a job interview and the lady who was taken the interview  Farted  during the interview 

    i got the job if i didn't say anything 

  2. It's like a half smile when it's needed *laughs 'like how I did right there' -u felt like that was needed? 'Yes' hahaha

  3. It could be more interesting if you would have included your pooter farts during interview and rejecting them by blaming that they farted.

  4. if im interviewing for a job… i would be fucking pissed if this happened to me… even if I got 100 dollars…

  5. the crazy thing about this is, employers will look up your social media sites… not from personal experience, but i know it happens.

  6. Isn't it kind of mean making people think that they're going on an interview for a potential job when it's really just a joke ?

  7. I was once asked what animal would I be if I could be any animal. I looked at them and said very seriously "I would be a VERY nice dog. Like Lassie." They died laughing. I did not get the job…

  8. You are THE man. Once I worked for a small hospital management company. Each Monday a small crew climbed in a single engine plane and flew to exotic places like England (Arkansas).

    Company made us sleep in hospital rooms to save money. We had to eat hospital food. We quickly learned to drink as a survival tactic.

    A team member, Walter, and I were interviewing potential candidates for jobs. Perhaps Walter drank too much the night before. Walter came in my office and said he received odd vibes from last two interviews. I looked up at Walter.

    He had the BIGGEST BOOGER hanging from his nose I had ever seen. We laughed so hard and long. It was like he pranked them and himself!

    Can you imagine being interviewed and not laughing at a big BOOGER. I would have laughed and told him. You can't get every job!

  9. What the hell is wrong with bringing a Starbucks drink to an interview I’m confused???? I just had to comment after reading the comments.. what’s the difference in a bottle of water or something

  10. Once an employer asked me during an interview "What do you see as your weakest quality?"
    To which I answered "My honesty"
    The Human Resource manager then said "I don't think of that as a weakness"
    I said "I don't give a f*ck what you think"

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