Avengers Incel Cut Goes Viral

Avengers Incel Cut Goes Viral

>>Avengers Endgame apparently has some representation
of women that’s some on the right are not in favor of. I don’t even know if this is the person on
the right. I just know that this is an anonymous individual
who is insecure to the point where he felt the need to re-edit the entire film just to
take female characters out. An anonymous fan edited out shots, scenes,
and characters in a defeminized version circulating now on an illegal streaming site. As well as losing Larson’s character, Brie
Larson’s character, Captain Marvel, the defeminized edit is missing a scene where Hawkeye teaches
his daughter to shoot. The role of Black Panther is also minimized. Spider-Man doesn’t get rescued by women characters
anymore. And male characters no longer hug.>>Thank God.>>Come on.>>Finally, look there’s, what is the insecurity
that drives you to want to do that? Right?>>You need to find another job. You are not working hard enough.>>Right, if you have time to do this, you’re
not working hard enough. If I wanted to do something like this it’s
just. First of all, I would never even think about
it, because it’s ridiculous. Right? But how do you have time to sit there and
edit a film because your feelings are hurt over the representation of a woman in the
film.>>It’s ridiculous,
>>And it’s childish and it reeks of insecurity. Like you’ve got to be literally one of the
most insecure people on the face of the earth to do something like that. It’s childish and I don’t even know. Again, this is where I say you guys, you guys
are great at what you do.>>Thank you.>>Thank you. So look, lastly on this, look, I get that
Captain Marvel is too strong, but it’s almost she’s almost unfairly strong. But, I don’t remember anybody complaining
that the Hulk was unfairly strong. Well, what the hell? The guy can’t die and you wouldn’t want to
see him angry. And Thor? Can he really pick up that hammer? Only when it comes to women do all
of the sudden they have
an issue with superheroes.

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  2. Of course that guy was a Trumpet, so many closet gay hating gays, he needs to go head take one in the ass and get over it.

  3. There is one shot in the film of all of the women and it just set this guy off in the theater that was in so bad that they had to stop the film and eject him. Before they started the film again they handed out passes to see it again at any time during its run in theaters.

  4. Just when I think I've seen everything from the idiots on the right, they out incel themselves. Just… wow.

  5. They got all these insults for this dude if it is a dude. But I think they lose the meaning of what this person has done.
    If you take any story and you can cut out a character that supposed to be essential. And it doesn't change the story then I character wasn't important.
    It's like a bechdel test for writers who claimed to want to promote female characters.

  6. “If you have free time, you aren’t working hard enough.”

    Ana, you don’t work. You’re worth $2 million and you sit at a desk for an hour a day.

  7. TBF, this could've been done by any of the millions of toxic gamers not necessarily an incel. I saw the rendition myself and give it a 4.5 out of 10. Once I re-edited all the characters black it was a 6.5 out of 10. I would've been an 8 but Marvel was a shit movie. There's only so much even I could do.

  8. To be Fair… It is difficult to add tension with any script with the likes of Thanos, Hulk and Captain Marvel (male or female). The themes those characters should discuss should be deeper than shit Disney would allow so we have to settle with humancentric shitty things like female heros (not well made in any hero movie so Far… They go too Pc on It, and do "strong virgin girl" bullshit), racial representation (already beautifully made in Black Panther and that won't be surpassed, while scratching the surface) and stuff that X-Men was supposed to be made to discuss a lot more widely and better settled, but failed to.

    Doing that in avengers is slightly misplaced, but then again they decided to do the Black Widow movie so Far down the road that we are doomed to not have interesting plots in this sense.

    Now, reediting is funny and retarded, but It is too late, Disney and Marvel. You lost sight of cool shit and now you overdone hero movies so much they are getting shit.

  9. Ehem….. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
    Go be gay.
    That is all

  10. Maybe this person "bats for the other team"… And struggling deep down .. hence he wants an all male cast

  11. Why are there so many triggered insecure guys? Especially in the US.

  12. I mean, the whole token "girl power" moment towards the end where you all of a sudden have all the female characters working together is kinda cheesy and dumb.

    If you have to go out of your way to say "see? We include women", then you're already not doing it right.

  13. the role of black panther is minimized – i think that is already part of the original version though

  14. Chances are the guy that made it is probably Eric Trump, and he is just trying to show off to his daddy.

  15. I bet this guy ALSO bitches that
    'WWE was RUINED when they let
    Chicks in.. I mean when it was
    Elizabeth, it was fine but now its a joke"
    I know 'em.

  16. Nothing tastes better then Anti-SJW tears. They can cry "Get woke, Go broke" in their safe spaces all day. The inclusive Marvel scripts are a hit with the millenial demographic, *and they are cannon*.

  17. Honestly, I could see doing something like this 100% ironically. The removal of male hugs is kind of the tip off to me at least.

  18. Was the cut labeled incel by the author, or by some ‘snow-fake SJW’ who thought that would be the wittiest and most belittling adjective to come up with? ‘Cause to me, the description makes it sound chauvinistic. For all I know, the author could be drowning in… vaginas…. ?

  19. really you have a problem with an edited version ,i think its TYT who are triggered and are snowflakes
    so this person saved the movie by removing everything the left believes in. hes no incel hes a hero he saved the films

  20. This is probably done by a member of the youtube channel "Geeks and Gamers"
    I wouldn't be surprised if it was done by Jerermy

  21. There is no “endgame” – the MCU concludes with Thanos killing half the game universe at the end of “Infinity War.”

  22. Not that i support incels but captain marvels scenes confused me because i didn't see the dlc film, plus the acting didn't seem charismatic

  23. I'm an Incel all my Life, because of Abuse in the Past ; but Im still an Incel, because I feel Insecure around many Women, and Men don't want Me either. …..But most Women and Men wanted Me in the Past, but I was not ready for it Emotionally then, but now I want Love and can't get it, so I went to Spa for nurturing instead. ………I love Women to be Stronger than Me Physically and Mentally ( I love Alpha Females ). ……..So, I hear Generalizations here about Incels.

  24. Stop projecting. Not everyone that does shit does it due to insecurity. You people use this as a lazy explanation for everything you refuse to understand – from owning guns to making an edit of a film that came out MONTHS ago (as in, he had plenty of time, dummies). What if, now hear me out, he did it NOT because he was insecure…but because you leftists are SO PREDICTABLE and easily manipulated that he knew you would react like this and that's funny to us…because I wish I did it for that reason alone lmao. Again, stop projecting YOUR insecurity on the world Ms. Nosejob.

  25. I disagree with the changes from a moral standpoint, but I did laugh when I first heard about this, because that means someone had enough salt and spare time to pirate and then edit a three hour movie.

  26. I agree, people who care about "women representation" in media are the most insecure. For some (totally unknown for us, right?) reason these people almost always also happen to be feminists.

  27. Still trash but less trashy than the Hollywood garbage version. SJW's infecting Hollywood studios like a disease.

  28. I love the idea of removing the females at times……certainly the love scenes and bullshit romance . Has nothing to do with insecurities…..and has more to do with a strong sense of security in being a man. The insecure ones are the guys in this vid

  29. If only the Russo's had taken captain marvel out of the movie, would've made the movie better. And that "girl power" scene was beyond cringe. And this is coming from a woman. I don't need, nor do I want a "token" scene of women together in one shot. Those shots are cringe no matter the gender. The only difference is, this one was there to score points with sjw's. That only serves to triples the cringe.

    Just give me Rogue/Scarlet Witch and Black Widow over captain marvel. These female characters are far more deserving of the spotlight than that character.

  30. Ignoring how offensive this cut it also causes massive plot holes in the story, which is what film cuts are NOT supposed to do.
    Let's run it down:
    -Captain Marvel saved Tony and Nebula from dying. Without her, Tony would have died and there would have been no way for the Avengers to time travel to get the stones.
    -The Avengers wouldn't have had Thanos in such a stronghold since Captain Marvel started the attack.
    -Cassie and Scott's reunion wouldn't have happened and that makes me sad.
    -There would be no Morgan Stark, enough said.
    -Black Window wouldn't have sacrificed herself so Hawkeye can get the soul stone and return to his family.
    -The Avengers wouldn't have gotten the stone from 2014 since it is likely that Nebula informed them where it would be at since she was working for Thanos in that time.
    -Wanda wouldn't have had Thanos beg for a air strike which leads into…
    -If Captain Marvel hadn't destroy Thanos's ship and hold his hand open so he wouldn't snap, all life would be dead.

    Whoever made this cut clearly didn't think about it.

  31. Shit I missed one? Well here's my comment for incel video #197228
    Sure, listen to content farmers who think they know stuff outside of their attention whoring bubble. Why don't you go and word-scramble another wikipedia article or make another video about something there's already videos about for attention.
    I hate all you people!

  32. Cut the scenes off from super women in the film was completely a waste of time, why? Because THANOSSSS KICKS THEIR ASSSESSS! There is Vengeance against women dude,😂😂👍

  33. Shit, TYT is so capitalist. I mean the incel cut is made by a raging sexist. But if you have free time to do anything time consuming you’re not working hard enough? Give that ideology to your capitalist overlords but it’s not for me.

  34. Captain Marvel already has the ability to blast things to hell. Hulk doesn't so giving her super strength like his on such a high level is just unfair.

  35. A virtue signaling middle eastern terrorist, a virtue signaling privileged white fauxminist, and a sheep thinking black man who can't leave the plantation. That's the TYT for you.

  36. But a movie where they cut out male characters is awards worthy? Coming from people that claim racism and sexism all the time I would consider their review a complement.

  37. Do you know what is childish?

    Having women characters all scattered about in a massive battlefield somehow get edited into backing a fellow woman for a not needed insecure girl power skit that ruins the film.

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