43 thoughts on “Authoritarianism: The political science that explains Trump

  1. Looks like Vox is trying hard to compete with CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the lying, propaganist main stream media.

  2. I watched this video 2 years ago and was totally scared, shocked, and blown away. I felt scared for America’s future and felt annoyed that someone so vile could be elected to our great country.

    2 years ago I was an idiot.

    I’ve taken Government classes, read books, done some critical thought, and actually tried to find the spin and bias here. I wonder if there people understand what real authoritarianism is. Russia is authoritarian, China is authoritarian, Iran is authoritarian. I don’t understand why they are pushing this narrative based on simple rhetoric alone. Trump is not authoritarian.

    If you disagree go live in China for a year, come back and define authoritarianism, we’ll talk then.

  3. When the two major parties go from the Dems stealing all hope from black Americans by stealing Operation Breadbasket from Rev. King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Congressman Pucinski and the Daley Machine you live in infamy and in the evil acolytes called Hillary and Baracky) in the 60s to the unholy alliance of Clinton-Bush in the 80s and 90s – raping the poor and working class (oh, and did i mention that Clinton is a rapist and his loyal wifey an accessory after the fact to rape) by moving jobs overseas (NAFTA, etc.) by making Welfare so onerous that all one can do is spend 60 hours a week staying on Welfare (Workfare) and then ensuring that the desperate jobless are imprisoned forever when they try to make a living illicitly because there is no other hope (Superpredator, Mandatory minimum sentences,etc). Add to this the willingness to kill a mentally challenged black man – Ricky Ray Rector #RickyRayRector and you see the elitist and racist streaks in the Dems, especially the Clintons, and the racist slice of the Repubs that became their allies. Everyone of the above mentioned disastrous policies disproportionately hurts black, hispanic and native Americans. For 50 years (and the last 30 the worst of all) policies which serve only the Party and their elite…. of both major parties, but all the while the Dems have the most hypocritical party line: Bill the first black president?!?!?!? He is the most racist of all. Oh, they feel our pain. ROFL This failure to produce, to provide, to govern…Their success in wasting and lying and setting up programs doomed to fail. The bubble-inducing lending rules, the failure to do basic Securities enforcement and anti-Trust.. all so the money and the economic activity can be concentrated and thereby easier siphoned off by the political, ruling, classless class. THIS is why Trump is President. Facts on the Ground. Not a baby boomer statesman or stateswoman to be found. Just a bunch of self-servers, or little spoiled kids dressed up like people who can actually govern. Still whining about how their greatest generation parents were so strict or distant— waaaaaah. Acid dropping orgy monkeys preaching to us about social responsibility with logic honed around a bong and a campfire and an acoustic guitar when all their blood was in their genitals instead of their brains. Trump is a wrecking ball. Trump is a bully. Trump is crude and self-promoting. He is as rough around the edges as a soft, rich man can be. His grasp of the truly Good, the Godly decent and transcendent is all brand new for the most part, and sometimes still a matter of expedience. NEVERTHELESS, politically speaking, TRUMP is THE Very Best and Brightest of His degradest generation…. and the distance back to second place is a long long way.

  4. Man he lowered my taxes, deregulated the economy, so I can run a small business. What an authoritarian. Also isn't the democrats that are trying to control speech. Come on vox the left has always been more authoritarian, and the right has always been libertarian. Look at Russia, China, Vietnam, and north korea.

  5. The leftist commie traitors are the authoritarians. Always have been through history. From the Nazis to the communists. Leftists every single time.

  6. The reason political science didn't see Trump coming is because "authoritarianism" isn't within the perview of political science. It's is, however, squarely within the perview of Sociology. Unfortunately, Sociology, like the word "socialism" has become a swear word in current political parliance. Do a piece on why EVERYTHING must be labeled "science" to gain legitimacy. You might also want to explore whether or not "political science" is actually science.

  7. They laughed
    They tried to discredit him
    Trump the President exposed the racist data trackers
    They insult us with their racial antagonist propaganda
    Comes outa England 101 propaganda of force
    Ww1 was it's baby…..
    But President Trump
    Naw….Only One Trump
    President that is.

  8. Political science may refer to it as "authoritarianism", however this phenomena has simple name for it in African politics and societies : tribalism . They have not discovered a new thing here ; they have just renamed it in American tribal context. Trump has been elected because he ran as a tribal candidate . Simple. Period.

  9. -Social Media deplatforms and targets groups not align with a specific political belief

    -President Trump says words

    Vox: Trump is being authoritarian

  10. The white voters in the south in the fifties & sixties who apposed desegregation were Democrats or better known as Dixycrats! There were a lot of things left out in this video such as when Lincoln died Johnson the Democrat Vice President went completely against what Lincoln & Republicans wanted for Reconstruction. Vox also leaves out that Democrat Woodrow Wilson was the party of the KKK. And, FDR decided not to appose the Democrat caucus that wanted to retain public lynchings! So, I think Vox is just another CNN, NYTimes, NBC, Washington Post. They misinform or outright lie. Perhaps we should have a video about the Democrats & The Left!

  11. Those questions are flawed I want a independent self sufficient child . you can not give a child independence if they are not respectful of authority figures. Look at prisons they are filled with people who had free childhoods without respect for authority

  12. Love how they only show the snippets of trumps videos everyone wants to bash what he says not credit his achievements.

  13. Republican politicians have been stoking voter fear for decades, constantly and repeatedly telling everyone – but especially certain target groups – to fear their own elected government as well as anyone different, to purchase guns to protect their homes and families, that the government protecting their rights was the enemy, that the media reporting on government are part of a fifth column conspiracy to destroy America, that the need for transparency and accountability only applies to the other guys, etc. Never do they extol democracy and equality, openness and understanding. Instead, they promote fear-mongering and tax breaks for the rich. They have repeatedly demonstrated their complete disdain for the American people, their rights and their well-being. Now we see that the whole “national security” theme was also a smoke screen, a way to divert and distract attention from real problems. Do to the Republican parties at all levels what was done to the Klan in Mississippi – bankrupt them and put them out of business. There is a difference between conservative and authoritarian. Also, conservative and liberal are not mutually exclusive – most of the founding fathers were fairly conservative, but embraced democracy and property rights (the essential foundation of capitalism). Being a real conservative starts with integrity, a quality sorely lacking among today’s Republican politicians. Voters need leadership, not fear mongering authoritarians. Sign me US Army Retired.

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  15. Wait if Trump is Authoritarian that literally contradicts him being a conservative as that would make Trump Far Left

  16. Democrats, leftists & liberals in big tech social media are the onse acting authoritarian by banning, silencing & de-platforming their political opponents.

  17. au·thor·i·tar·i·an·ism…the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom.
    lack of concern for the wishes or opinions of others. So which is the party that want to take away our 2nd amendment? Who is spying on the opposing candidate in 2016? Trump is a strong president but you can be damn sure if he stepped out of the protection of the constitution like so many left wing politicians have done recently he would be empeached. The only way the left will continue to take our liberty is through
    authoritarianism like Obama with the care act how many citizens who didn't want that medical plan were affected by it? The Obama administration was true authoritarianism.

  18. The problem is that liberal Democrats and Progressives think that male & female biology is authoritarianism. And if you try to disagree they will ram their opinion down your throat.

  19. I don't like the snide implications of this snooty video. Interest in surveillance of the population and big government are massively the hallmark of the Democrats, in their current incarnation. Trump's last remark is easily matched 1000 times by Hillary Clinton, one quote coming to mind along the lines of, "we saw, we killed", followed by rapturous laughter. The movement behind Trump may or may not include a propensity towards authoritarianism, but running in parallel to that are yearnings towards free speech, honesty about our biological identity, hatred of child abuse, concerns about babies killed at birth ("post-birth abortion") and all sorts of issues, that pertain to human rights and individual liberty.

  20. So the way these phony experts define authoritarianism Winston Churchill in facing a mohammedan world threat is to be despised but Neville Chamberlain is to be lauded because he values non-military means in a ridiculous false dichotomy. LOL. Entire Foundation of this expert "science" is like fortune cookies raised to the astrology power

  21. Transgederism is Authoritarianism. Political correctness is authoritarianism. Facebook censorship is authoritarianism. The only thing that this stupid little dog and pony show shows is that people who recognize totalitarian thinking leave the Democratic Party because that's what the Democrats are: inflexible totalitarians.

  22. ROFL. You mean he shows up authoritarianism in the form of mohammedanism in the form of Socialism in the form of communism in the form of statism run by two corrupt parties???? It's always the same old song of accusation – accusation of the very thing that the retardo Marxist loser Alinsky wanted to do except all he could do was live off of other people's money and support the tobacco companies he supposedly hated until he pointlessly died in the dust. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL..

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