Authoritarianism & Fascism Under Donald Trump

Authoritarianism & Fascism Under Donald Trump

It’s great to welcome back to the program. ason Stanley, who’s a professor at Yale university, author of the books, how
fascism works, the politics of us in them and how propaganda works. Both a very, very relevant in wenty nineteen. Jason, so great to have you back on. Great to be back on, David. So a couple of things that I want to touch
on. I mean, ne, generally speaking, you know,
we, we explored the idea in your irst, uh, appearance on the show about how there are
sort of very formal characteristics and definitions of things like fascism, but that oftentimes
in, in ostensibly democratic Western, uh, government’s elements of fascistic behavior
can sort of creep in. It’s not fascism per se, but that doesn’t
mean that it’s not a useful term to explore what it is that we’re seeing. How relevant is that as a lens through which
you continue to watch the Trump administration since you were last on? I think it’s, it’s highly relevant. I mean, what we’re seeing is we’re seeing
a continued cooptation of our institutions. So we’re seeing a, uh, we’re seeing institutions
that are supposed to be independent but are being transformed into, uh, essentially, uh,
loyalty, uh, cadres of loyalists for the, the, the leader, which is what we see in the
devolution and deconstruction of democratic in, in, uh, in, uh, countries in Eastern Europe,
oland and ungary are primarily, we’re seeing our courts being co-opted by partisan extremists. So, uh, this is, this is, we’re seeing a ne
party state developed. We’re seeing, uh, and the ne pan, it’s not
just a ne party state filled with decent Republicans committed to a multiparty system. It’s a, a party being taken over by a family,
uh, and the leader, and we’re seeing a, and we’re seeing taken over by partisans of that
party. Uh, so that is something deeply worrisome. We’re seeing that accelerate. Uh, the courts are going to be in the hands
and very partisan hands for some number of time. We’re seeing an accelerated. We’re seeing a toleration or greater toleration
for things that seemed shocking wo years ago. So, uh, IS w, uh, the situation at the border
and [inaudible] in the detention centers, we’re seeing people, we’re seeing the normalization
of treatment of our fellow human beings. People are learning to look away and that
of course is a very disturbing sign of encroaching fascism. When we talk about the Trump presidency, there
are a couple of different views that are still critical, but there are different views that
can sometimes be applied. ne is that this is sort of a, an anomaly and
that as soon as Trump is gone, everything goes back to how it was before. For better or worse, we can debate how it
was before, but it immediately sort of goes back. The other idea is that Trump now has modified,
uh, what is considered acceptable for the office of the presidency in a way that will
not simply go back to the way it was even once Trump personally is gone. What, what does history tell us about that? What, what do you, what are your thoughts
about that? Right. Well we have, we are [inaudible]. Democracy is held up by norms that that in
even in the best instance are not followed. Uh, but at least you have to pay loyal lip
service to them. Now we’re not paying lip service even to those
norms anymore. Uh, so we’re seeing, uh, an assault on truth
that is unprecedented. It’s not that governments didn’t, our government
didn’t lie to us. Governments lie. Governments lie. That’s what they do. Liberal liberal democracies lie to their people. Governments lie. The raq war, financial crisis, uh, our racial
history filled with lies, but it’s something different now. There’s a different character to the lying. So in the past, take the raq war, there was
an intent to deceive. If you looked at the literal statements, uh,
the literal statements were not as often lies. They were just, they were meant to mislead
you, trick you into thinking, you know, uh, rums help say, uh, Saddam Hussein is not an
honest man. Well, that could be true consistently with
Saddam Hussein not being involved in ine leven. Okay. And so they were intense to deceive. There’s no more intent to deceive. There’s just a bald faced, open lion on assault,
direct assault on truth. And so that is very particular to authoritarians,
uh, authoritarians try to dismantle truth and make the public space information space,
just us versus them. So, uh, so what we’re seeing now is, uh, is
from DOE. They don’t believe the things that Trump says,
uh, but they think it’s, uh, it’s our lies versus their lies. There is no reality. There is no cost for lying anymore. Uh, and so, and, and it’s just you’re with
us or, or against us. And that’s anti-democratic because democracy
is all about compromise. It’s about seeing our fellow citizens point
of view, not vilifying our fellow citizens. So our information space has been really damaged
and I’m not exactly sure how we repair it. Is that ne of the, the hallmarks of effectively
propagandizing by an a, a government urge administration that even when the followers,
the recipients of the propaganda identify that on, on, uh, on the basis of facts, what
they’re being told isn’t true. They either accepted on the assumption that
there’s some greater truth that is implicit or even sometimes on the idea that the ends
sort of justify the means or that the other people also lie. Like is that a sign that you are effectively
propagandizing your followers? Yes, definitely. But it’s a particular kind of propaganda. All political parties engage in propaganda. So what’s tricky is to notice the difference
in our information space. The difference is not that people are manipulating
audiences with rhetoric that’s just called politics. And so, uh, the right wo at the left to it,
the Democrats do it, the Republicans do it, everybody does. Um, but what’s different is that there is
no intent to make people believe things, uh, believe that reality is different than it
is. It’s just an attempt. Uh, it, I mean there’s no, there’s no attempt
to, to uh, to sort of give plausible sounding reasons. It’s just churning the political space into
complete us versus them. This is why the subtitle of my book, how fascism
works is the politics of us and them. This is what you see when you see the attacks
on democracy. And if you can remember previous admits, if
you can put yourself back to the pre-Trump era, if that’s even possible for us now. Uh, it was a time where we knew that our politicians
lied to us, but we also knew that if you caught them, there would be a cost that’s gone. Uh, we now have the situation that you used
to have that I would understand from people who lived under authoritarian regimes where
everyone, everyone thought everybody’s lying. It’s all ne big lie. You just have to figure out, as you said,
who’s really deeply on your side and the distinction between a deeper truth. Uh, and let’s remember, and, and, uh, uh,
and a superficial truth is ne that is, comes from the Soviet union, that that prov de is
the deeper truth. Uh, and so the state might lie and the service
to a deeper truth. And that’s the, uh, the emblematic of authoritarianism. If you can remember, like if you’re gonna
remember back to like wenty twelve, wenty thirteen, you know, there were real costs
allying. There were real costs to being caught in a
lie. Um, because this deeper truth element wasn’t
that the varia when we look at some of the different areas
you mentioned at the beginning. So for example, onald Trump doesn’t literally
controlled the judiciary in the way that you see in some other countries, but he’s responsible
for having selected more and more Supreme court justices, more and more lower appeal
level judges. So it’s not a direct control in, in the cartoonish
way that sometimes exists, but he is exerting more and more influence over the judiciary. Trump doesn’t literally control the media,
but there are some media outlets that are essentially arms of the Trump administration. There are others that even in their critiques
of onald Trump are still being led almost by a leash as to what will you talk about
for the next our days when onald Trump decides to tweet about a, to take your attention off
of B. So, in looking at all of these different areas that onald Trump is not in a, in a formal
controlling, but is increasingly wielding influence over, which is the most concerning
to you in terms of the, it’s authoritarian, uh, uh, direction that it’s going? The judiciary. Okay. I mean the media as well, both are concerning,
but it’s more the judiciary, uh, the Republican party, uh, unfortunately the, the moderate
Republicans that we remember from times past, uh, are fewer and fewer. Uh, and the ones that desire power at all
costs a ne party state, complete domination. I mean, you know, we have to remember this
president lost by hree million votes, uh, that anti-democratic elements in the structure
of our country, like the electoral college, uh, and the whole system of the Senate really
that disempower majorities are, uh, are at work here. And then we have an assault on voting rights,
uh, and the, the Supreme court validating partisan extreme partisan gerrymandering. So at some point you have to ask in what sense
are we a democracy? Or even, uh, I mean there’s always, Oh, we’re
not a democracy. We’re a Republic. Our, what sense are we anything but a ne party
state? And the judiciary has been now filled with
very young, far right, many of them partisan hacks. And so when you look at the literature on
authoritarianism, they always warn you about a ne party state. And if you look at our GT judiciary, what
we’re seeing is a lot of partisan hacks. A lot of people who are not trained at elite
elite institutions who, uh, who are basically, uh, from, uh, not that elite institutions
have always led us in the right way. Mind you. Um, and of course the Supreme court is an
elite. Institutions are part of the problem. Uh, the Supreme court on the right and the
left on whatever ideology, they’re all from Harvard and Yale. So, uh, but, uh, but we have a lot of unqualified,
uh, justices and people who are just part really, really partisan. And so that deeply concerns me. It’s flying under the radar. These are people who are going to steer policy
for decades to come. Uh, and I don’t know how much of this can
be undone. Uh, so I, I really worry about the guts of
our democracy. The voting laws, the voting rights act has
been gutted. Uh, partisan gerrymandering has been validated. So if you go back to Jim Crow, uh, well, what
was Jim Crow about? But about the voting system and there’s a
lot of concerns about our ODing system and the judiciary is really, uh, foundational
there. So even if you have a fully free press that
can say what what it wants, uh, ultimately it’s supposed to affect, uh, the voting system. And if the voting system is not free and fair,
uh, then, uh, we’re going to increasingly, I have problems. So if onald Trump is reelected in November
of wenty twenty, which, I mean, I’m not making any predictions at this point, but it’s certainly
quite plausible despite, you know, hearing Oh, he’s not doing well in orth Carolina. Okay, listen, we, we know that our expectations
the day before election day are often a, a proven wrong. If he is allowed to no longer have another
election coming up. What concerns do you have about what the next
level may be in these authoritarian tendencies? Like, what has he not done yet that at this
point he could probably get away with? Uh, he’s shown a clear proclivity towards
using the, uh, the instruments of power, uh, to target his enemies. Bill BARR, the attorney general has proven
to be a very dangerous, uh, person. So the thing is that he’s got an attorney
general who seems to believe that the presidency is a dictatorship. And so Ben bell bar is now opened a criminal
investigation on the basis of a far right conspiracy, uh, about how kraine supposedly
set Putin up. Yup. So that’s already extremely disturbing and
it’s a year away from the election to open up a criminal investigation on the basis of
a far right extremist conspiracy that kraine somehow was setting up. Uh, um, so using the instruments of power
using the justice department, he’s a very willing attorney general to target political
opposition. He seems to think that’s completely fair. We are ready are starting to look like a banana
dynastic dynastic banana Republic. I mean, he brings, his family members are
at all a loci of power. So, uh, you know, these pictures from, um,
the [inaudible] and these other with, uh, with Ivanka Trump and, and various other family
members, just, it’s just, uh, so we’re looking already like a family dynasty. Uh, we’re, we’re, we’re seeing the justice
department being used to target political opponents. Uh, we’re, we’re seeing, I’m extremely worried
about the ever increasing intensity of the immigration, uh, uh, mechanisms which are
sending our fellow residents in the nited States into hiding, uh, no mercy at all. And he seems to not be able to find the department
of Homeland security had, whose harsh enough? So, uh, so I’m worried and I’m worried about
these mechanisms of cruelty being baked into our economy as you already see in the Midwest,
where many County jails rely on the money they get from ice. So you, you have really harsh targeting of
undocumented, uh, of undocumented workers in residents. So I’m worried that the gloves will be off
in a way that even now, I, it’s hard to imagine. We’ve been speaking with ason Stanley, who’s
a professor at Yale university. He is the author of, uh, the most recently author of wo books,
how fascism works, the politics of us and them, and also how propaganda works. Jason, so great having you on. Again, great to speak to you David, the David Pakman

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