47 thoughts on “Author Malcolm Gladwell On America Finally Waking Up, Crooked Politics & What Inspired Him To Write

  1. Anyone notice how DJ Envy started sounding a bit more English and more intellectual when asking Malcolm questions? It's faint but you can just hear it when he stretches his words a bit longer. 😀

  2. I have a great deal of respect for Mr Gladwell and have several of his books. That said, to hear his description of Trump voters and/or supporters still fails to understand why so many that arent republicans voted for him. Very very dissapointed to hear how even he to is guilty of group think.

  3. Wow, the only reason they think folks voted for Trump is because they were sick of a "black" president and didn't want a white woman as president? HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Yo, I didn't vote. Not even a Bernie fan but Obama ain't NEVER came through my hood and he ain't NEVER done nada for for me. Our lives got WORSE under Obama. I know SO MANY people that were NOT DOWN TO HAVE ANOTHER 8 YEARS OF THAT MESS even if was a white lady. First of all, Killery Killsome done had a hand in murdering ALL SORTS OF BLACK FOLK! YA'LL ignorant for being down Hillary. Peep, the Haitian brothers and sisters! Peep, our inner cities and hoods! —————- At least white boy over here hooked got some black folks out of prison and been reforming the prison system. At least white boy over here hooked up the inner cities with billions over the next 10 years. AT least white boy over here donated to the black historic colleges. Dang, I SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR THAT FOOL! Ain't NO WAY EVER WE VOTING FOR LYING CRIMINAL KILLER HILLERY. NO WAY!

  4. Dismissing the so-called other side as ignorant and uneducated is one of the most ignorant and uneducated things a person can do.

    As someone who actually was going to police brutality protests and such, 25 years ago, I can tell you that many of the people that have continued on with learning about the situation of politics in this country were, at the time, considered liberals. Now the average person, led by the mouth of the MSM assumes so many of us to be "repulicans" or "alt-right" simply by hearing a single comment or soundbite and then a half hour of commentary from some shill in the MSM.

    Just as an example, I can't even count how many times I said something that a so-called liberal dislikes and they tell me I'm an idiot and that I should stop listening to FOX News. These people that do this, have not a clue. If they knew me, they'd see that it's literally as ridiculous as someone calling me a racist for buying white bread at the grocery store.

    If these guys really want to get this nation "woke" they should start bringing in the people that MSM tells them are bad people for about 50% of the interviews. You really want to get "woke" turn of the internet and read books for five years. That way, when you come back you will have the insight to see agendas avoid the the massive amount of advertising dollars that want you to think a certain way.
    If I have to spell it out: The one thing the selfish, corrupt controllers of society want is for you and me to be divided, to not speak to each other and for us to believe that each other is not worth the time to know. They don't want the young Black, inner city kid to talk to the old White couple in rural Kentucky because they know that they will find out that they have a lot more in common than the have different. They know that they will figure out a way to get along and work to solve the real problems in society.

    Dismissing the other side is the easy way because it's been made easy.
    …oh, and I'm a total hypocrite because I just found this channel listened to five minutes and gotta run. I have no way of know if they do bring the so-called opposition in. I hope that I am made a fool of.

  5. There is so much Gladwell is educating AfriCan America’s on in this video. See, based on the comments here, FAR TOO MANY Black people are looking at what they interviewers are doing or how they are taking Gladwell off subject. That’s not as important as the jewel that Gladwell is offering. I guarantee you that many of these criticisms come from people who has never read One book by Malcom. There is so much relevance particularly at 29:10 area and 35:-40:00. Sadly too many black people are bent and conditioned toward negativity and generational ignorance. The cycles can be broken but when it’s Not you end up with severely broken communities for generations to come.
    I am a teacher, educator, health psychology professional but I’m still a black mother who FEELS what is said here and I appreciate it. ✌🏽❤️

  6. This is an impressive interview. I had not heard of this author before and now I have just added him to my podcast and reading list and its a long list. He was write about the reading thing and working in the time to do it. One of the reasons why reading has increased because we have awakened to the fact that we have been miseducated and now we have to catch up and make sure our children do the same.

  7. White Supremacists can't thrive unless Black ppl support it… WS thrives bc we support it. Black ppl support our own demise

  8. These people elected Donald Trump, knew exactly what he was and still is and they wanted him and they got him, so whatever Trump do and say to these poor people, they ask for it.

  9. Author M. Gladwell is a awesome and uplifting thinker. He isn't bogged down with the problems, he looks to find solutions through analyzing the various parts of the problem. One of his books was the inspiration for a Black Thought "ROOTS" album "Tipping Point".
    Tipping Point
    David & Goliath

  10. Why did Trump win?
    Gladwell: white people are racist.

    Nothing about the fact that we tend to go back and forth between democrat and republican, nothing about how Hilary is extremely unlikable and ran a terrible campaign, nothing like it was a reaction to the identity politics of the regressive left, and nothing about the fact that Obama routinely race baited. The way to help the kids in Chicago is not to tell them that whitey is still holding you down.

  11. This world is flipped. I see the opposite. USA was sunk for 8 years… The bar was so low James Cameron, couldn't find it at the bottom of the ocean.. Those who call themselves woke up are those who had their fix but it ran out and their looking for the next high… Get the F.. Sober and really wake up…

  12. U think there arent racist democrats smh both parties are the same. Im never voting again untill real issues are spoken off or addressed. All these people wanna be president and havent gone to the hood once and talking to the dwellers there—-AMERICA IS A JOKE

  13. Envy talking crazy again. Wonder if he actually knows the stats on the subject he thinks he knows so much about. And notice how the people with more knowledge says "ah ha" then changes the subject.

  14. As I watch this 15 months later, I see that we actually do have the same fight that they had in the 50's.
    Voter Suppression, Gerrymandering, School Segregation, Rise in Alt-Right Terrorism, Police Brutality, etc.
    Gladwell was spot on about Sessions, Bannon, and Trump, in that he's a straight up con-man.

  15. Every guests they have they should ask “do you support reparations (checks) for ADOS?” And have summarize why in 2 mins or less.

    Then move on. No debate. No argument. No conversation. We need to put a) put that out there b) let the info be gathered publicly.

    Reparations is debt owed. That’s it. Not radical or even socialist economics at play. And we have precedents.

    We will see if America is truly about justice, equity, and inclusion or if it’s only about immorality and injustice.

  16. To start to solve our problems we need young black politicians!! Who really understand the game that is being played right in our faces!!

  17. Charlemagne you idiot. It's working now. They have declared war on Black Americans. Take your head out of the sand. Don't ignore the wrongs and murdering of blacks is feeding into the sick minds of white people that make attacking innocent people of color their targets. Shame on you coward for making that statement.

  18. Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama used an alias while President. He's not an American citizen he's Indonesian Muslim

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