Author Christian Picciolini on how white nationalists recruit and radicalize online

Author Christian Picciolini on how white nationalists recruit and radicalize online

As far as the internet goes, let me paint
a picture of who may be on the internet. It’s not just our friends and dog pictures,
but there are millions of marginalized, alienated, broken young people who are looking for identity,
community and purpose in real life and can’t find it there, but they can find it online. And the internet has become flooded, since
the 2016 election and even just before that, by propaganda and conspiracy theories coming
in from Eastern Europe and from Russia. And it’s very difficult to not land on some
of this propaganda. But they’re also going to some of the most—the
places where some of the most vulnerable people are—depression forums, online autism forums. They’re talking to our children over headsets
when they’re playing multiplayer gaming, and they’re trying to recruit them with
these narratives that are mimicking what the president is saying. And because there are so many people online
who are not able to potentially establish those relationships in real life, they can
build whatever identity, community and purpose they want. And the narratives are being given to them. And this has become the fastest-growing underground
social movement that I’ve ever seen in my life. What do you mean, online autism forums? So, discussion forums where people are discussing,
you know, living with autism, or even Facebook groups. But it doesn’t stop there. They’re going to where vulnerable people
go to find help, to talk to other people, or even where young people might go where
they’re looking for that sense of identity, community and purpose. This is really no different than what I used
to do 30 years ago, when I used to look for vulnerable people outside of arcades or outside
of punk rock concerts or skate parks, because the idea is, you are banking on the fact that
somebody there is going to feel marginalized, is going to have what I call potholes that
deviated their path, those things that appear in life, like trauma, abuse, poverty, mental
illness, that maybe alienate them from the rest of society. And then they promise them paradise.

29 thoughts on “Author Christian Picciolini on how white nationalists recruit and radicalize online

  1. On a per capita rate,
    Blacks & Hispanics (my group) are gang members at over 1000% the White rate.

    How do they recruit?

    Theses groups commit hate crimes at 300%+ the White rate,
    & rape at 300%+ the White rate.

    Waiting for a segment on your program….

  2. Let's talk about the 2006 FBI report how white nationalist and hate groups were becoming police officers…. now explain the wave of unarmed black men being killed.

  3. This is a fight for our freedom .. When I saw the video of how McDonald's, Taco Bell and many other fast food company's are using baby parts mixed with beef and sometimes horse meat.
    It made me sick, the man who is the head of this said it live on a interview. Then he said we are stupid and now we are eating our babies and no one believes it or can stop it. This is TRUE.

  4. And how do these same men respond to being called nazi, racist, homophobe, mysogynist etc for even the most benign contrary opinion?

  5. I am so fucking tried of the leftist SJW propaganda. It's day in and day out… Complete fucking bullshit over and over.

  6. It's not just white supremacists, this also applies to Muslim extremists, Christian extremists, black supremacists, Asian supremacists.

  7. i have been abused in the manner that this man has said i am autistic and i have been abused all
    my life with people who want to push me about so i know where this man is coming from and after
    hearing what he has just said i am starting to realise just how marginalised i really am people should
    realise that these are lives we are dealing with

  8. Lmao !! This an doesn't even look white ,how did he get past the bigots to call himself a "white supremacist " πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  9. What about street gangs they kill everyday but since they vote for the democratic its ok . attack all hatred not just the white supremacists.

  10. Sounds like you have a problem with capitalism, which isolates and alienate people from society, community and purpose.

  11. FBI documents have shown that some in the Rise Above Movement, a White Nationalists group, has trained with the Azov Battalion in Ukraine, which our government has been funding. Max Blumenthal wrote about it at Consortium News, last November.

  12. Here's something for everyone to know there s a coward below called A A who posted some racist dribble and IT'S still there but when I challenged him on it he made these NAZI threats of violence of how the " GREAT WHITE RACE " was going to destroy us all because we are weak we don't have the stock pile weapons the "TRUE WHITE AMERICANS " have and that white Americans were NOT going to stand for us african Muslims, trannies , leftist ,woman ,3rd world invading immigrants and every other person not correlating TO his narrow minded world view taking over " their country " LMAO! But after the cringing COWARD realized what he haS DONE ,HE DELETED HIS POST!!! Now that's the "BOLD BRAVE HE MAN OF THE WORLD" we can expect from these slithering throw the rock and hide your hand burn the cross on the lawn in the cover of darkness characters …PALU !! ( POINTING AND LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY)

  13. Christian Picciolini works for a racist Zionist organisation. Picciolini supports the genocide of Native Palestinians. Fuck him

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