8 thoughts on “Australians no better off since global financial crisis: Survey

  1. Wonder why Cost of Living hasn't grown and wages have stayed stagnant for the past 12 years.. could it be the 4 MILLION Immigrants you Imported to the Low Skilled jobs which were usually taken up by the lower Income Family's or Young people as an entry level Job… and what do these people do with the money they earn… do they spend it back into the Economy or do they send it over Seas to their Family's… is this why 80% of "refugee" Immigrants are Working Age males between 18-30 Year of Age…Hmmm i Wonder….oh Also i believe something like 85% of Immigrants are still claiming Welfare Payment even 5 Years after Migrantion so Guess where our Taxes are going too maybe this is why Taxation is still so high….

  2. But I thought the Rudd/Gillard government saved Australia from the GFC? It means Australia didn't feel the GFC, not because of any Labour party member, in spite of the idiotic spending sprees they went on, but due to the rest of the world nearing collapse at the time, and going into double the debt before the crisis, Australia has not been able to use its trade to improve our citizens standard of living or incomes.

  3. That's because of a few things.
    After the crash, the corrupt global central banking cartels, still had control of the monetary system, the reserve bank in Australia, Fed Reserve in the US, and most other countries. These are all about, creating debt. Un Constitutional, re: Australia.
    Corrupt politicians, won't uphold and adhered to the Constitution 1901, and actively subvert it, every day!
    Welfare, for millions of immigrants, that have come in far to quickly for infrastructure, or Australia to keep up with, in any capacity! Won't be long before all our taxes go to welfare, as it's a friggen huge percentage, as it is now.

  4. It's funny how this period from 2008 – 2019 has also has the highest immigration numbers Australia has ever had.

  5. Hahahahaha, what do you expect from our globalists feminists mangina liberals and vagina labour parties and their UN immigration plan.

  6. Forced MASS immigration without consent would be the problem.
    It's time to remove all financial incentives for foreign workers, it's time for a positive change ❤

  7. No shit, nobody wants to work for schlomo anymore. There's no ladder to climb, no end goal. If I'm playing a game for hours everyday, I expect to win.

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