Australia – A Coming Financial Crisis?

Australia – A Coming Financial Crisis?

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  2. This is quite scary. It violates every economic principle that sustains a healthy GDP growth. I recall back in uni I read Michael Porter who precisely pointed out the absolute necessity of a country to recognize its comparative advantages to create long term economic strategy in the ever changing markets of globalization. Australia is in a horrible position. It placed all its eggs in the wrong basket ignoring its competitive advantage in mining not just resources but innovation of mining to sell to other resource based countries placing more towards technology sectors which is where everything is going, its innovation in the sciences having huge health sector services. It’s over regulation and high corporate taxes takes that competitive advantage elsewhere. Very sad!

  3. Excellent info. Music is way to chill, though, should be more ominous to be in line with what this means for Australians! (Many Westerners are in the same boat, or at least on a similar boat in the same stormy waters.)

  4. Australia is one of the last places on earth where negative gearing still exists. Where it does exist elsewhere, it's a much more restricted version with caps in place.

  5. And who is to blame ? the central banks across the world and the commercial banks driven by greed and profit with no care for the customers.

  6. Very interesting Australia is not making friends with China and becoming allies with China but instead siding with the usa- a truly toxic environment a sinking ship in a state of entrophy and decadence-a place where every single citizen is out to cannibalise another. Australia is making friends with the wrong people- even Nz is jumping on board with China on the belt and road project. The usa are the assholes who brought the GFC onto the world and the corrupt australian government is modelling their approach. The new coalition government will copy to create another GFC housing collapse. Australia is stupid to ally with the USA and ignoring the belt and road project. China is the only country that can bring the world out of recession.

    Your references to money laundering suggest real estate corruption in Australia is caused by China. No it is not. It is caused by copying the USA on their GFC exploits. Before the GFC reports came out in the USA warning the world about the imminent collapse and nobody listened. They didn't even bury any reports.

    The Chinese mining boom saved Australia's ass, the mess caused by the USA and the GFC brought all western European economies to their knees and you're not even grateful for China.

  7. Follow the money indeed.
    So many avenues to follow.
    – softening China property & resource investment
    – oversupply of construction built
    – weak buyer demand
    – weakening government return on stamp duty & transfer fees
    – manufacturing substantially down at 24% in past 5 years
    – high household debt
    – sharply curtailed spending on goods and services as a result
    – jobs growth declining in construction, manufacturing, retail & property sector.
    – Wage increase down
    – Over inflated property market.
    – Foreign property investment down.
    – Interest only montage loans.
    – 2019 start of loans being restructured to principal/ interest repayments.
    – Service-ability on loans & credit defaults.
    – So many more to add ..the list is exhaustive.

    So where do you park your funds ….if we go the cypress way where the banks saw your savings as credit to them and absorbed it. ….physical GOLD ..any thoughts ??

  8. If we keep filling our country up with other countries problems then Australia will suffer. It has already started.

  9. I am of the firm view we are a 1/3 of the way into the recession however not everyone realises yet.

    X unemployment just released has jumped to 5.3 %

    X Yes growth in jobs in the back of immigration only

    X there is more underemployment and casualised employment which is still deemed employment in the ABA stats. It’s masking the real picture.

    X Inflation is low and RBA has held off on lowering interest rates as election close

    X low dollar now below 70 cents due to x fire from US and China trade war

    X Yes good question about why hasn’t rba lowered rates when the monthly statements have nothing positive to say about the economy

    X why don’t we tax multinationals whom inflate head office costs to cut profits and hence taxes at Australia’s expense

    X individuals have raised costs however wages flat

    X I don’t see a high standard of living now

    X Yes increasing services and fairwork are giving wage increases way above inflation – it’s insane

    X yes credit has dried up as they are too onerous now with the requirements

    X more retail outlets that are stores will collapse

    X low dollar should help exports

    X due to globalisation we will continue to face cost of living pressures

  10. not a surprise to see the primary industry being health sector, or more correctly named illness sector (straight out of 1984). Australia is full of sick people yet we celebrate this as the wonderful 'health sector'. As jobs grow in the health/Illness sector, that means people are getting sicker ! We really do live in an upside down world where we are propagandised to believe that a booming health sector is a good thing. (massages temples)

  11. When money is circulated within the country, economy will deteriorate if there are little investments from other countries; this unlike USA which can (temporary) print money because there is value of exchange in Trade.

  12. Age eat presentation. I wish I could watch a presentation as concise and easy to understand on NZ current situation

  13. printing money as debt is not going to fix anything. more population equal lower wages, by people competing for jobs.YOU CANT GROW AN ECONOMY ON DEBT BASED SYSTEM.

  14. Good work. Change your name. I almost didn't watch because Nugget sounds like some bearded idiot with corks dangling on strings from his hat.

  15. You have taken the UK mindset to a all new LOW. You have to make and sell. If your people don't make, and only serve, then you have lost.

  16. An excellent presentation, backed up by facts that can’t be denied Time to be developing a second income

  17. We don't need billionaires, we need an honest, ethical system that inpires creativity, decreases the need of greed and rewards integrity so the most intelligent can be role models to clean up the planet . Many of us Hate. the monetary system& the corfption of real estate. We as a species aremuch better than this to care for our planet, but as individuals we have no power to fight the lies, but the system can change with big group of honest people who have no conflict of interest or greed. We want to leave this world better for next generation. If you care self educate for next generation, it's not about us, it's about survival of planet

  18. What happens when interest rates go to 17.5% like when I lost my modest house/loan. bang they are all dead. The Australian Government via the Banks has engineered the population to be unpaid gardeners and caretakers. Immigration has caused all this bullshit overburdend the medical system and practically has destroyed Australias future it was the largest con ever perpetrated on the Aussie public.

  19. Seriously eye opening video. It'd be great to see a follow up with suggestions on how Australians as individuals can prepare ourselves for a major economic downturn.

  20. Fake money=fake politicians, fake news, fake wars, fake house prices…. End the Federal Reserve and ALL Central Banks

  21. Australia (and the rest of the rich western countries) is in transition of becoming like a third world country; If people around the world are living on $2-5/day, Australia will soon follow.

  22. Nope no rescission in Australia,,, its filled with boons,with limited people living on it….gold,copper,rare metal,iron u name it they have it….

  23. Your property price has gone up from A$ 1 million to A$ 2 million. You are 1 million richer. You think you can use this 1 million to buy another house ? No ! It just inflated 1 million. Unless you sale your house and move to Somali, You can be a king of Somali pirates.

    You want more economic development from property market ? No problem. Open your borders . You can get as many population as you wish. Our property price will keep shooting up sky high. Eventually we will lose our backyard. That is what is happening in Australa mostly under the government of Liberal Party.

  24. China might be using less coal however it also has 45 nuclear power reactors and 15 under construction so this is why they will probably
    require less Australian coal, hardly going green.Australia is a super power when it comes to minerals/energy/healthy food production and
    the world still requires these commodities wave,wind and solar is a long way off yet.India, Korea and Japan are still major customers of
    our coal/minerals.We don’t make billions buy selling arms to foreign 3rd world countries or having extremely dangerous nuclear power
    plants (think Fukushima) etc.Coal is polluting and whilst 1st world countries still insist on using clothes dryers even on warm, breezy
    days when it could be hung out on the line (yes you know who you are) cheap energy will be coal or nuclear..for better or worse.

  25. Please explain how retail has a positive contribution to the Australian economy when probably 80% of retail goods are imported. Exports and income producing imports like machinery help our economy not Chinese trinkets.

  26. this is the information that should be airing on news channels people would be much more aware of what we should all be mindful of. instead they air celebrity storys and tv shows coming up has become a joke.

  27. Great insight! gonna focus on my finances hard this year. And just started my youtube channel, teaching people how to earn good $$

  28. I don't see the house price has dropped much unless it goes back to what it was 10 years ago. Besides, people still need to pay either mortgage or rent that they can't get out of either anyway.

  29. That's it gp misdiagnosis people then cover it up under code of conduct that's it medical froud and Australia gov let's this happen more so south Australia medical boards should be call Cover up department

  30. This all very probable, however there is also much to gain from downturn. Australia has been lazy along with ignorant… nothing like a jab with a sharp stick to jolt an economy back into life. Necessity shall pave the way for a smarter more industrious savvy Australia.

    We are primed to do great things we have a beautiful country. What we need is solid leadership we have not had such for quite a while.. the only advice I can give you is to reduce debt level reroute 35% of your cash for gold and silver and sit tight

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