Atyachari April: Funniest moments of April 2019 | #TheDeshBhakt Ep.81 | Akash Banerjee

Atyachari April: Funniest moments of April 2019 | #TheDeshBhakt Ep.81 | Akash Banerjee

Have you got a painkiller, my brain is throbbing with pain?! No, no painkiller. Give me anything please, anything that you’ve got. I can’t bear this headache! I don’t think I am gonna get past this. It is too hard to compile the politicians’ nuisances every month. I can’t do this anymore. Then do one thing, “Go to hell” Our politicians may not be good ministers but they are superb comedians! They can be the idols of cartoon show makers. Our leaders are no less than cartoons themselves. That is why we bring to you their monthly stupid utterances. Even these ‘Shinchan’, ‘Noddy’ get so many episodes then why not our ‘Netas’ get a series. So let’s start with our April compilation, ‘Atyachari April'(painful April). So let’s begin with the blessings of God! Modiji did an apolitical interview with Akshay Kumar. Many “difficult” questions have been answered such as, “Do you eat mangoes, if yes then how do you like to have it?” Modi answered all questions with grace. He also told about his friendship with
Barack Obama. “Obama and I are very informal with each other.” Exactly that is what we wanted to know about our PM. That’s what I have been thinking to use my RTI. That means when Obama calls Modi, the talk can either be like that between two leaders or, if you go with the PM, it would be like an informal chit-chat between two friends. Why not, it may also be possible that Obama knows Hindi! If Canadian Akshay can be awarded National Award, American President can also learn Hindi. The problem is with your libtard thoughts. Yes, Obama knows Hindi, Modi is right. Modiji answered the questions appropriately. The questions can be stupid, not his answers. “Does our PM like Mangoes, how does he like to have them?” All journalists must learn from Ms. Rubika, She knows what to question very well. “What is the secret of your stamina?” Well, the interview has not done well for Akshay Kumar. He had to admit that he is a Canadian citizen. Although, he also added that he never kept it a secret. “I am just an honorary citizen of Canada.” It seems that he forgot that we live in the times of the Internet. And his lie led to controversy. He also told the Economist magazine that he has dual citizenship which is not applicable in India. “Just leave it!” Next in line is someone who doesn’t speak much but what she does is entertaining enough. Presenting “Mr. Bean” of the political world. “Oh dear!” Hema Malini, ex-actress and present Mathura MP. Seems she got a bit too excited for the election campaign that, she went to the farms harvesting crop and drove tractors to please voters. But the question is what has she done for her constituency. For which she answered, “So many things, I’ve done, roads and so many things which I don’t recognize.” Very well! That’s how our ministers should be! “Go and see how much development has happened in the last few years..” “What has been done and what is left?” Seriously, what is left to see now?! It won’t even surprise me to now find Yogi to change Mathura’s name to Miami. Maybe not Miami though! Speaking of cartoon and campaign, how can we forget our in-house Doraemon, Sambit Patra! He argued so much on the temple issue that he became a priest for this election. He also entitled PM Modi as his ‘Supreme Leader’. “We are not fighting for ourselves but for our supreme leader, Narendra Modi.” It’s not just Mr. Patra, BJP has called for exclusive comedians for its publicity. If not the actual one, BJP has managed to find an Indian Eminem for elections. I am joking, see for yourself! “Kamal Kamal Kamal….” “Namo Namo Namo….” This is how great our politicians are, they do work sometimes but entertain us 24/7. “Don’t reveal our schemes out loud.” I wish every constituency can have such amiable candidates, we don’t want boring politicians. “For the last 50 years, Kanpur has not seen one amiable MP.” Although the left wing and right wing are always indulged in some argument, but recently, after a post by Air VIstara, they got into a heated debate. It was not anything important but since the pic featured G.D. Bakshi, it led to a controversy. The left wing got so infuriated that they campaigned for boycotting Air Vistara. Poor Air Vistara people had to delete their tweet. Now the right wing got angry and campaigned against Air Vistara. So that is how Air Vistara got into so much trouble for one tweet. Let’s come to TV news debates now. Since Sambit Patra has been busy with the election campaign, there has not been much happening on TV. “What are you doing?” So that’s fine, you can’t compare a water battle with Mr. Patra’s combats. This video can’t end without our next entry, Mr. Vivek Reddy. It is an accepted fact now that there is a farmer crisis in India. But according to Vivek Reddy, farmer’s income has increased by 50%. That means that farmers are dying of happiness and not distress. “I have a number, farmer’s income has definitely increased by 50%.” “By 50%? What?” “The purchasing power of farmers has also increased. After hearing this, WhatsApp University has promoted Vivek Reddy from professor to its Director. Seriously, this statement has created a lot of fuss on TV debates. Which reminds me of Sadhvi Pragya, whose curses lead to terror activities. Now she is claiming that cow helps to control blood pressure. “That is how the cow helps in controlling blood pressure.” I won’t be surprised if someday she claims that donkeys help in curing AIDS. Election season is still going on so there is a lot more to come from our politicians. For all those who are still connected, please comment your views below. Also, like, share, subscribe. We are sorry if we have missed anything that has happened this month. Please check out the DeshBhakt merchandise, the link is given in the description. If you like our show, please support us on Patreon, the link is given below. Subscribe to our channel. Press the bell icon for the latest updates. Thanks for watching! Stay connected for more videos by the DeshBhakt.

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  1. सारे मुल्ले और खलिस्तान की मांग करने वाले और भीमटे
    बस इनका ही सपोट है तेरे और तेरे चचेर ममेरे पे 🤣
    तेरा घर भी एसे ही चल रहा है मोदी मोदी से

  2. जितना उस नेता ने नमो नमो किया न् तेजी से
    उससे ज्यादा बार तेरे चैनल पर नमो नमो हो चुका है बे देख लिओ एक हजार बार तो तू ही बोल ही चुका होगा 🤣 बन्दर

  3. तमाम चूतियो के लिए तालियाँ जो इसके बैंक ग्राउंड को सही की लाईब्रेरी समझते है
    की बंदर ने बहोत पडाई की है
    🤣 दिखा रहा है कितनी पढाई करता है
    क्रोमा लगा कर 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. औसेही पुरे काटुँन भरे है बीजीपी में और कहते है हाम पुरा भारत सुध्दार देगे ये लोग भारतकी जनता की भलाई करेगे. हा… हा…. हा…

  5. 😄😅😂👏👍 aam kaise khate hai,aap kounsi Tonic🍺🍷🥂 peete hai 😂 very good que …acche sawal 🤔

  6. Tum chilly bhar Pani…… Haha ..he is joker . AATA hai apne relatives k Ghar hamare neighbours k yahan .. jokerrrr

  7. Last quote was great..
    K gadai ki pooch sai powder nikaal k kaha jayai gaa ki ies sai Aids ka treatment kiya jata hai…

  8. ভাইয়া আপনার সাহস আর সত্যতার জন্য সম্মান জানাচ্ছি।আপনাদের দেশের মতই আমাদের ও মোদির সরকার চলছে।স্বাধীন দেশের নাগরিক হয়েও আজ আমরা পরাধিন।বিভিন্ন ইস্যুতে সরকারী নেতাদের কথা শুনলে নিজের মাথায় বাড়ি দিতে ইচ্ছে হয়।

  9. Rahul gandhi ko miss kar geya tu..o to miss karega..rahul ko cartoon bolega to tuje to lath parega….chutiya insaan he..bjp le kar vadio banahe to tera asli maksat…chutiya sala..motherchod……

  10. Bhai kitni bhi burai Kar lo jita to modi h vo bhi 303. Yeh interview tha hi nahi normal baatcheet thi. Chutiya bana band karo

  11. Make a video on what modi did wrong bcz I watch news analyze them too much but I never found modi wrong as a human as well as a leader

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