Asgardia Space Nation – The World First Floating Space Station Gets Ready For Satellite Launch

Asgardia Space Nation – The World First Floating Space Station Gets Ready For Satellite Launch

The worlds first space nation will attempt
a launch this year. Asgardia is planning to be the worlds first
independent nation in space. Citizens of Asgardia, are working on their
constitution and developing a government, while planning to launch their first satellite
into space. Asgardia is essentially a non-profit organization
led by Igor Ashurbeyli. The Russian scientist wants to form an independent
state in space. He has founded the ‘space nation’ Asgardia
as part of the plan and people are lining up to be on board. Over 200000 people have expressed interest
in becoming Asgardians. While Asgardia is still seeking approval from
the UN, it is working on its constitution that is in the process of being ratified. While they have big dreams, the Asgardians
are launching their space mission humbly. They are almost ready to launch their tin
Cube Sat satellite, called The Asgardia-1, that can hold 512GB of private data. The satellite is being built by Indiana-based
company, NearSpace Launch. Jeffrey Manber, CEO of satellite company NanoRacks
stated, “The first presence of the Asgardian nation, we can now say, will be in space this
year.” Launching a satellite comes with a fair amount
of legal red tape not to mention the expense. It isnt exactly clear how the Asgardian nation
plans to pay for this satellite, let alone the whole nation, but it is likely some funding
will come from Ashurbeylis Aerospace International Research. Without any kind of precedent, the ambitious
bunch will be facing some complex issues in the future. Not the least how they will build a space
station large enough to accommodate all the eager occupiers. One of the founding members Ram Jakhu had
previously stated, “We will start small and eventually people will be going there,
and working, and having their own rules and regulations. This facility will become an independent nation.” If the space lovers do make it to space the
citizens, would have a lot of work ahead of them, figuring out how to live in space for
long periods of time. Not even professional astronauts have the
inclination to spend huge amounts of time out there, hence why the International Space
Station limits periods of occupation. Apart from the obvious questions related to
food and power, the psychological limits of potential occupants would need intense monitoring. Strong leadership is a must. The Asgardians have a process in place for
a fair and democratic leadership election. Naturally, Asgardia has a lot of critics any
of whom assume the project wont last long due to lack of funding and resources. Jakhu has a message for all:
“Anyone who tries out-of-the-box things is initially ridiculed,” he said. “Everything thats amazing starts with a
crazy idea. After a while, science fiction becomes science
fact, and this is an idea which is just being initiated.”

59 thoughts on “Asgardia Space Nation – The World First Floating Space Station Gets Ready For Satellite Launch

  1. I just read headline news here in U.S. about Asgardia satellite successfully made it to the International Space Station. So I research Asgardia and just joined. I, along with 123,000 other people around the world, am an Asgardia citizen. 🙂 When there's 400,000 members my photo will be on the Asgardia satellite. This is their 1st step of many.

  2. It's about time that humans start going seriously to space. I'm not talking probes, or photoshoped pictures (Yeah we know…)

  3. This is a real bottoms up approach . with almost 400,000 people wanting to be government people and 4 that do the lifting . i just can not see this getting off the ground .

  4. What it's not enough they trashed Earth. now, where is all the trash and sewage and whatever else gonna go.??¿

  5. More FAKE bullshit !!!!! There is no space travel,no ISS, no satellites. Wake up please, to the grand deception from REALITY.

  6. No somos capaces de hacer diez lanzamientos seguidos sin meter la pata y vamos a montar una estación espacial….. ay dios mío….
    Me parece que los voluntarios se están presentando para ser encerrados de por vida.

  7. Is there is internet facilities. And can we just wear space suit there.and the important things is is there will be oxygen…..

  8. I can't believe a channel with a name like this is actually wasting time covering fake news like this instead of showing how WTC 1, 2 & 7 all fell at free fall speed, which proves controlled demolition. This channel should also be covering the fact that the earth is flat.

  9. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way….maybe alot of people just won't say it….but I am hoping everyday that we find intelligent extraterrestrials and I would join thus nation just for the chance to better my odds…. THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE SMART THO…i just want to be one if the first to tap me some alien ass!!!!

  10. NWO being jammed down our throats? Technology replaces culture? Constitution already in Wikipedia? New currency the Solar?

  11. Earth is Flat. All you know of space is a Lie. Asgardia = 33 In Pythagorean numerology. 33 as in 33rd degree freemason.

  12. That is a nice idea. I will stay in Florida. Across from Kennedy Space center is all the ''Space'' I need. Watch the big Rockets lift off from my backyard and have my feet on the ground.

  13. I want to sign up and get off this depressing planet. There is nothing left for me here on earth worthwhile. All I would take with me is my small dog and clothing.

  14. There were those who called Columbus crazy. Suggestion: proceed on the assumption that you will succeed. Take no council of your fears. Carry on, Pioneers!

  15. What ever people build im not going anywhere Living the earth. Everyone knows that one day the earth will end.and one day we have to one can stop from that

  16. Looks good
    But how stable is that ship? They're all be dead once the ship itself failed and tbey should have a gravity that can hold them as they're here on earth

  17. Destruction is within yourself, if you do not believe in one Creator,only GOD can perished this world,in HIS perfect time,

  18. These riches people on the earth have a plan to leave the earth,and to transfer in the outer space for to live,and that's the reason why why they will make this Asgardia nation in the outer space.Frangkly,speaking these riches people have had a plan to escape the coming judgement day of the Lord God Christ Jesus that he will conducted at the time of his second coming on the earth.However,they cannot escape from the judgement day of the Lord God at that time because the Lord God personally will bring them all down back to earth for facing the judgement day that he will conducted for all the living and the dead Amos 9:2-4.

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