4 thoughts on “As Street Protests Unite Right and Left, Populists Eye 2019 European Elections

  1. Brussels is going to take a huge kicking from the electorate this time around. For decades people simply did not join the dots and understand their austerity and lowering of living standards came from edicts issued from Brussels.

    They do now, and its clear the people are now looking across to Brussels and expecting them to sort the mess they created out, or find themselves running for the hills.

  2. Isn't Macron guilty of everything does occurs, part come from the past and also all systems, financial, police can't truing grenades to civilians, that it's horribly, using another's methods if it's necessary and in someway part of the media as we'll. E.M must to carrying on with the cross of whatever's mistaken had and are committing. Every one must to helping to go true for positive corrections, not only him.

  3. Good on reporting on this VOA, the European elections do not only affect one country but all of Europe. Have another great year!

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