Bhakt Banerjee is back! I have Arvind Kejriwal with me. I will stump him with some tough questions. Mr. Kejriwal, thank you for your time. You criticize Modi a lot but I am an open-minded person. I want to ask a few questions. Do not get intimidated by my questions. I will ask some important nationalist questions to Arvind Kejriwal. I won’t be asking lengthy and boring questions. This is a rapid-fire round We need speed. This is digital India! Mr.Arvind Kejriwal. What comes to your mind when you listen to these words. 1. Democracy By the people, of the people, for the people. Not by ModiJi? -No. 2. Go to Pakistan. – BJP’s last resort. What do you mean? You forgot JNU students. 3. ModiJi Think before you speak. This is a sensitive one. -Modi should work towards unifying India, not dividing it. What rubbish! 4. L.G. Not the AC one. – We should scrap the post itself. What? He helps us a lot. 5. ‘Mandir wahi banayenge’ -But you won’t disclose the date Don’t act smart. Answer the next one. 6. Anna Hazare – He is my mentor. You seem to have forgotten him. – He will always be my mentor. 7. ‘Vikas’ -Modi seems to have forgotten that word. Do you remember Vikas? -We keep working for it 8. Amit Shah Ji I am scared of him. 9. Smart City I don’t see any smart city in India. 10.EVM -Tampered Baseless argument. 11. Electoral bonds. -Way to legalize corruption. Grapes are sour. 12. ‘Hindu Khatre mein Hai’ – They were not in danger under Britishers and Mughals but are in danger under Modi They were, but the realization has come under Modi. 13. ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ -Jail him if he is guilty. You mean he is not -No, he is. 14. GST -GST has destroyed livelihood. You are blabbering. 15. Demonetisation -It is the biggest scam ever. 16. ‘Acche Din’ May God save us from acche din 17. IT Cell -BJP’s IT cell is anti-national 18. Election Commission -Compromised 19. ‘Bhakti’ -We should worship Lord Rama, not Modi. I don’t believe you, I have risen to fame after worshipping Modi. Mr. Kejriwal is making sarcastic remarks He can say whatever he wants, “Aayega to Modi Hi’

100 thoughts on “ARVIND KEJRIWAL vs BHAKT BANERJEE | Rapidfire Round

  1. Agar m Modi ko support karu to m andhbhakt, ye Kya baat Hui. Kejriwal ko Delhi m iski party k alwa koi vote nhi dega bc khansi Wala kutta…

  2. Ek bat ye h isne isko interviwe kyo diya …ye kya C.M H koi faltu aadmi nhi ….me to ek bat janta hu Agar koi acha kam krega to log use vote jarur kerenge che bjp ,congress ,aap ya fir other partis lakin present time sabhi partiyo ne majak bna rkha d is desh …kuch bi

  3. Bhagwan na kre aise acche din dubare aye.. Mere kai hindu dost hai.. Unhe kbhi nhi lga k unka hindutva khatre me hai na…

  4. Hahaha…kuch bhi chudiyapa sab ko galat bta diya balki ye pehle congress ke khilaf khud charstachar ke aarop laga rha tha or unhi ke sath thaggbhandhan karne ki taiyar hai…arey deshdirohio

  5. Andhbakto ki gaand jal gyi..😁😁 saalo dislike dabba k gussa uttar rahe hai..Chutiya bhakt 😀

  6. Kejri babu bhi poore fun loving hain….CM SAHAB hain wo b desh ki Capital ke….mgr down to earth hain….

  7. Ek chaiwaale k haath m desh ki jimedari dene se achhaa me ek ias officer kai hath m desh dekhna chahta huu…….😊😋😎

  8. Watch "The Sham Sharma show" exposing Akash Banerjee regarding this interview… दूध का धुला कोई नहीं।

  9. Not a single fuckin relevant Q asked!! a CM sitting with a joker trolling PM.. without pointing the actual issues shows their mentality & credibility.

    Kejriwal don't deserve to be a CM.

  10. In last 5 years, BJP got crushed in Delhi and Bihar, lost Karnatak despite looking like winning it half way through counting, lost Rajasthan, got decimated in Chattisgarh, lost MP despite getting more votes.
    Number of times they blamed EVMs- ZERO.

  11. Everyone criticised modi jee.. But aagae modi ji.. next time development ke baat karna instead of criticising opposition.. opps ye log yo opposition kehlane k lie bhe eligible ni hai

  12. 2 mins of silence..for all Banerjee supporters and Banerjee himself …on election results. 😂 Banerjee to chud gya .

  13. Sirf modi ko support karne wale ko bhakt bolte hain baki party ko support karne wale kya UPSC exam clear karke aaye hain….

  14. Two minute silence for those who watched this video with lots of excitement and shaw a day dream of kejari becoming the pm of India…what dumb joke…I don't know I m a andh bhakt or these people are andh lund , andh liberandu,and pseudo secular, andh islamic kattarpanth, andh naksalwadi,and maowadi….a tight slap on faces of all those fucking assholes who thought modi wave has gone…
    And I feel very bad for too hardworking, giving their ass people like kunal kamra Dhruv Rathee akash banarjee…its ok…you keep doing ur propaganda next election 2024 modi will get 400+ seats…till then good bye liberandus. ..😂😂

  15. Guys, you see there is a brilliance shown by akash bannerjee. He has thrown questions at the cm, which are against the cm but the cm is thinking that he is bhakt of bjp, so he is not getting angry. Good job!

  16. Ab jab haq se puchenge,ask everything, hona tha jab akash banerjee ne hag diya😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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