Artemisia visits Waltham Forest | National Gallery

Artemisia visits Waltham Forest | National Gallery

It just makes me
tingle to think that such an important piece
of work is here. We’re taking our star
painting to places a painting would
never normally go to. I feel very lucky and
I also feel quite moved. We’re here in Waltham Forest:
London Borough Of Culture 2019 at Wood Street Library for the fifth
and final stop of Artemisia Visits. So as the last stop on the tour we wanted to bring the
painting back to London but again not into
the centre of London. We know that there are a lot of
people who live in some of the outlying boroughs who never have
the opportunity to come into the centre of London
for many reasons and 2019 is the inaugural year of
the London Borough Of Culture which will be Waltham Forest. So it seemed a really natural fit to
team up with the mayor’s office and the London Borough of Culture to
place Artemisia in Waltham Forest. Hi everyone, thank you very
much for coming to this talk. So obviously today I’m going to be
talking to a distinguished visitor that’s come to the library today. As the first female leader of my
borough, to be in a position where a masterpiece by a hugely important
female artist, of a woman coming to the borough, just felt
absolutely extraordinary. And I also feel quite moved because
I know that there are children and young people and
older people in our borough who don’t feel empowered to go to
central London and walk into the
galleries. And so for them to be able to see
that work here in the borough in the heart of their community I actually think it will encourage
people to go into central London and feel as though that collection
is really their collection and it’s there for
them to enjoy as well. We’ve taken Artemisia on a
journey all across the UK but it’s wonderful to end up in
London as we know that Artemisia herself visited London. She came to London in the late 1630s
and that’s quite unusual for a woman to have travelled across Europe
on her own in the 17th century. So bringing Artemisia to a library
full of stories, it’s been fantastic to be able to share Artemisia’s story
with other people and new audiences including families and under fives. Just to come to a community space
with the art, it’s just really such a special experience. I’m really pleased that we could be
part of it. It was great. Well I just came in, just to
use the library as usual and I saw the painting this week. It’s really good to see quality art
like that here in the local area. There are a lot of children coming
from different areas to see this one. So I think it’s a very good and
amazing thing to see. For the final stop of the tour, it
seemed really fitting to bring her into the heart of a community where Artemisia’s story has been
inspiring people of all ages. People have just been
incredibly excited. They’ve been sharing images of the
work, they’ve been reflecting on it. They’re really excited
that it’s by a female artist. They’re thrilled that it’s in a local
building that they can walk to or get the bus to. So it is incredibly exciting.

6 thoughts on “Artemisia visits Waltham Forest | National Gallery

  1. I notice at the end of the video, you mention the insurance in the credits. Maybe you would consider doing a short video after Artemisia gets home about all of the logistics of this project — the transportation, security, insurance, planning, etc., as well as any plans for doing it again with other works from the collection. I think I wouldn't be the only one interested in all the work behind the scenes to pull off such an innovative idea.

  2. Such an amazing program. I really enjoyed following the Artemisia Visits. I hope you continue the visits using other important artworks from non-white males. I can see this being done with a lot of National Gallery's underrepresented artists. I can see this happening here in Chicago with the Institute of Art of Chicago. Great work to all that made this possible, very inspiring. Great video too.

  3. I love this project, it is amazing. And now that I am here, let me recommend you a novel, Artemisia, by Anna Banti. This is how I discovered Artemisia Gentileschi and it is a truly wonderful piece of great literature.

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