25 thoughts on “Arnold Schwarzenegger: Politics 'sucks'

  1. I agree with Arnold except the woman in politics as a solution. We had a female president and she almost ruined our country for good.

  2. Maybe women will make things worse Arnie has gone soft your getting old john …..commando bullshit I think.its true

  3. I think that if I had just one wish, it would be that Democrats and Republicans stop seeing each other as the enemy. It's dumb. I'm pretty sure that there are like maybe 15% on each side that are so cemented on their beliefs, and the 70% of us in the middle are just like "shut up, we're sick of politics, get on with running the country already."

  4. Wrong,,, it's the feminist movement who screw it all.. Woman are nurturing by nature,, so they give and give to the point now that hard work success is seen has bad,, only losers and criminals illegal immigrants are now the examples and the chou chou of crazy leftists… No America as been an example of the success of hard work and accomplishments that have been destroyed by feminist movements.. The old saying still true,, When a leader is weak (Obama),, time is hard..

  5. Hahaha. How the problem solved if we always throw new problem? added new problem? hahaha. Ego, greedy, jealousy, anger, etc Thats real problem. and you must be honest, does the system already hacked uses by those things? if yes choose diffrent system. democracy perfect? see, its end with voting isnt? voting is about number, quantity not quality..someone will wins if they have lot voter. as logic know, truth is not depend on quantity. You know before lot people say earth is flat 😀 now also isnt? hahaha. We seek Truth, not quantity, but Quality

  6. Especially when it found out that you were BANGING the maid that had your LOVE Child Arnie….Schwarzenegger is a JOKE!

  7. all this climate change rhetoric… Arnold drives hummers, fly's privet jets… they are so phony…

  8. I'm not a conservative, but I really admire Arnold for being his own person and having his own opinions that don't fall in line with his "fellow" Republicans. He doesn't say climate change doesn't exist because it's the stance of the party.

  9. Political bias is not part of YouTube. It's a distraction and deceive alot people.

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