29 thoughts on “Aristotle – Politics – Full Unabridged Audiobook

  1. While audio books are handy and quite convenient, Google has made all Aristotle's literary work free on Google books. Very cool.

  2. Book 1 – 00:00:05
    Book 2 – 00:50:40
    Book 3 – 02:09:07
    Book 4 – 03:26:53
    Book 5 – 4:38:48
    Book 6 – 6:04:28
    Book 7 – 6:37:44

  3. its crazy how his views relate to the free market. The free market was the solution to have men work without being slaves.. ,but voluntary servants for pay…I wonder what Aristotle would have said in a time where men can choose to make a business.. and others who didn't want to put up the front effort to make a business or didn't.. inherit the business of their fathers , to choose to be a laborer… as todays times a laborer is in fact a voluntary servant.. the moral thing of this ofcourse is you have the free will to choose this . whats creepy about this is I thought Aristotle was a free will philosopher .. hes arguing that you were born to be great or born to be a servant .. the sad thing about this.. is this utterly appears to be in reality . geniuses build companies and lesser inteligence work for those companies.. and there is no way around this.. we tried this with communism and like 200million people died.. I guess the one thing man can't beat is their own nature even tho they can beat other nature itself… its ironic. sad and functional .. damn it Aristotle such a rationalist hits you hard with the truth deep in your core.. its fucking sad, but true.. wow.. atleast we ended slavery… but damn it the servant will always exist and the business owner too and ending those… is too much of a cost .

  4. History repeats THEY say. We should pay better attention to History to understand what was the Guide/ Sources THEY read/ saw and followed. Hints of Truth in the BrainWashing/ MindControl information. THEY really, really love EGYPT. Very important to THEM = areas to research.

  5. I'll be honest, I don't think Democracy works. Why? Because the 2 main goals over a democratic government can almost never be met: either you have Proportional representation, it gives an accurate representation of how the people voted but no Strong government. Or First-Past-The-Post, which delivers strong government but no accurate representation of how the people actually voted!

    With all this considered, I think it is necessary to maintain a democratic government, not because we want to, but because we have! Democracy is, in my opinion the best system of governing we have!

  6. Thanks a lot for posting this. Hope that more people in the world will become aware of what Political Philosophy is, and it will be included in the curriculums in education systems soon.

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