Are You Racist? (Test)

Are You Racist? (Test)

All white people are racist! Each and every one of them! (No? You are.) ♫ Ano kousaten de ♫
( What if everyone skipped down ) ♫ Min’na ga moshi SUKIPPU wo shite ♫
( Along the city streets that run all throughout the town ) ♫ Moshi ano machi no man’naka de ♫
( Imagine if we met up in the city’s heart ) ♫ Te wo tsunaide sora wo miagetara ♫
( And one by one we held hands and looked up the sky ) ♫ ( “PONPONPON” / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ) ♫ Let’s see how racist we are Today we’re gonna do a test it’s made, umm it’s a legit test …to see if you’re racist how many racism do you have you can do the test as well to see I hope I have zero racism I think I think I do at least I think I do but at the same time apparently fidget spinners are a Apparently, fidget spinners are a white supre- *mispronounces* white supremacist symbol… now so you know who knows this could go This could go either way, who kno- who knows? *laughs* Let’s do this which statement best describes you I strongly prefer okay well I’m kidding I’m kidding I like white and black people equally I like to think that’s what I think at least please rate how warm or cold you feel to warm the following group very warm very warm so far I feel like I’m doing pretty well in getting what you want it is sometimes necessary to use force against other group well I mean yeah shit I feel like I’m failing this god damn it only if they use force as well okay an eye for an eye am i right now okay great no one group should discriminate one group should dominate Society but this is some heavy heavy ask questions alright I haven’t thought about enough about this I feel like I wouldn’t say strongly agree but I feel like I moderately agree with that sometimes other groups must be kept in their place okay well now strongly disagree with that well then then again there’s Isis you know the way I don’t know if I could goddamn it yeah fuck I can’t I can’t honestly say I saw it I slightly agree why am i filming this we should strive to make incomes strongly agree our country needs a powerful leader in order to destroy the radical and immoral currents prevailing in society today I disagree I slightly disagree I don’t think a powerful leader is necessary facts show that we have to be harder against crime and sexual immorality okay fine is it better to accept bad literature than to censor it strongly agree just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean I should censor it that one that one is the only one I feel I can strongly actually put myself behind the rest of these I might want to adjust later okay many good people challenge the state criticize the church and ignore the normal way of living many good people ahh I agree it would be best if newspaper were censored so that people would not be able to get hold of destructive in this strongly disagree what the fuck okay here we go in the next tax task you will presented with a set of words okay black people faces of black people white people faces – white people again Oh what put your okay okay oh god do I have to guess who they are what the fuck is this test I think black I think white I think black I think white I think like I think like god damn it oh my god this is terrible why am I doing this white white white white white up like wow fuck oh my god did I do it see the evolved academies have changed all you trying to mind fuck of me we was good and bad okay fix the error by hitting V okay all right awful bad bad good good bad this is so weird oh my god I’m so nervous okay I think I did good wait what white people or black people good or bad you they want me to be racist why aren’t they putting white people will then okay it’s like they know it’s like they know some insecure white guys sitting here like please I hope I’m not racist I swear I’m not okay what black people isn’t it sort of racist to put black people with bad okay I think I’m doing okay good black good good I mean wow no bad bad good and white then I can’t upload this video Oh fuck I’m focused as fuck I don’t want to be racism fuck this test man how does he judge me from this I don’t understand bad good ah ah God you see what he’s doing there in my head oh my god okay notice above there are only two categories and they have switched positions okay oh my god so it’s opposite now okay okay easy not a problem I’m not racist white black black like black that’s the same image white black uh yeah why okay come on not racist white white white white black white black Oh psych hey or die I’m kidding I’m kidding god damn it ah I’m not doing well okay what I’m so nervous you guys yeah I’m legit in there okay okay so now white people are bad and black people are good fuck this is my fucking me it’s fucking mindful you get out of my head I feel like thought police made this game god damn it okay alright this Oh God No okay I’m this is easy because all I have to do is think that why people are bad fat bad bad bad I’m literally going in my head why people are bad why people are bad when we were what now shit fuck I am so nervous because I did not do very well I saw my god this is it this is the Wall Street Journal what they wouldn’t waiting for I’m a male does that matter does that matter – my racist I am all my stomach hurts I’m so nervous and my less racist if I’m from a different place in the world what the fuck am i okay that might pull it I guess I’m neutral as you do they have a youtuber here oh look they do no religion not at all I got a okay I got a graduate diploma in engineering okay Sweden oh my god come on Sweden come on Sweden here we go my result okay why are we still here just suffer every night I can feel my leg my arm fuck god damn it, your data suggests a moderate automatic preference for white people I’m racist godammit *laughter* fuck you don’t know that, about me okay… listen you don’t goddamn it fuck wall street polygons please shit uh it’s just it’s just a test the interpretation is described as automatic for white if you responded faster when faces of white people and good words were classified with the same key then when faces of black people in good words were classified that’s so stupid that doesn’t even make any sense well god damn it why did I do this why did I think this was a good idea I’ll let you guys know in the comments I really don’t think I am actually racist I know I can say that and this data is telling me I offer sit but you try it and see if you get I’m sure I’m sure we’re all racist we’re all racist a little bit okay aren’t we all racist it’s okay I’m trying to dig myself out I can’t do it help leave a like for racist I mean fuck ah I subtitles spinners i guess they were left/right

100 thoughts on “Are You Racist? (Test)

  1. Everyone: youtube, no.

    YouTube recommending me another old PewDiePie video: are you racist?????

  2. For all we know that guy from the beginning could have been on the video the entire time,Just with the opacity 0

  3. Once in like year 4 this dark skin boy sat next to me in class and every day he stinked so badly and it was such a bad smell and I didn't wanna hang out with him cuz of the smell and then I thought I was racist and I freaked out and decided to sit next to him and talk to him like all the time from that moment on so that I wouldn't be racist.

  4. I'm pretty sure it's been shown that people in general have an automatic preference for others of the same race. It sounds messed up but it's just a matter of being able to identify more quickly others who more closely resemble your own appearance.

  5. For the people saying that this test is racist because they don't include other races: Know that this is a very specific test for a very specific bias. There are other test that are specific to other races. That being said, I believe this test is kind of bs.

  6. Isn't saying all white people are racist racist because it is generally stereotyping a race by their skin color?

  7. I feel like this is like the sexism test where if you favor white people your racist and if you favor black people your not as racist

  8. i feel like this test is racist.. its all based on the skin colour and has nothing to do with individuals strenght and weakness. right?

  9. Since this video I trending now. Here's an eye opener, stop using the words racism, racist, and so on. Those words are racist by themselves since you're pretty much just insinuating that races exist and we that shouldn't discriminate other "races".

    Tl;dr. Calling somebody racist makes it sound like you believe in races and by that, you're a racist(by the publics definition of racism)

  10. You know… maybe if we stopped categorizing and glorifying race than racism would go away. If we stop acting like race makes us different or special than someone else than racism will go away. Both black and white need to stop accusing each other of racism all the damn time

  11. The test is bullshit. They first pit you against White/Good and Black/Bad so you get accustomed to the orientation then switch it around, and judge based on how much quicker you were at assigning good words with black people.

    The problem with this is that your muscle memory will remember bad/black being on the other side so you either get it wrong or take too long.

  12. The test teaches your brain to associate good words with white people then punishes you for having to retrain your brain to associate good words with black people. It’s super rigged and the methodology is flawed

  13. It’s not racism! It’s being human. Races will never integrate. Mulatos say they are black when many of them are more white than black. Blacks HATE whites! It’s the truth! If the had a way of doing away with whites they would! BLACK HATE EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH WHITES. Unless you are a white person that submits to what THEY want you to be. If you feel so guilty of being white give all your positions to the Native American who really deserve it. And bitch less… White love black who integrate and become white even though their black. No one group of people want to be absorbed. Blacks don’t want to lose their identity… no one really wants to lose their identity. As humans we’ve been separated by distance, geography and history for milenio… DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK YOU CAN JUST MELT THEM IN A POT? MULATOS, MESTIZOS DONT WANT TO BE MULATOS OR MESTIZOS. WHY? Because they don’t belong! I’ve her mulatos refer to black like “ there from Africa”. White mestizos say “look at those stupid Indians…” if blacks ruled the world they would have enslaved white people. Everyone would want to be black. That’s the way it is. Stop fooling yourself. Your either on the top, as a race, or bellow the top. And the humans on the top control everyone else. If you don’t like it, conquer the power. Nothing will change except the race on top.

  14. EVERYBODY prefers to be with people they have something in common with. this is the sort of logic I've heard used to some degree by black guys to get white women to date them. they guilt them into it.

  15. pewdiepie : says n word and also says "those crazy japs" in a doki doki literature club video
    also pewdiepie: i hope i'm not racist

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