39 thoughts on “Are You Making These 3 Common Financial Mistakes?

  1. Who ever said you have to pay for your daughter's college? She can go to community college and work her way through it.

  2. So wait.. the lady in the audience is just now beginning to save for retirement in her 40's and now concerned about kids college. Give me a break. The kids will be fine.. let them work thru college. Oh and you should've started saving for retirement in your 20's.

  3. “Will be going to college soon…” wtf? Just assuming she’ll go to college or will need college to do what she wants to do. College is just another debt scam.

    Just paid off credit card and now I’m working on getting $1,000 in savings. A bit out of order, but is makes sense.

    I would use the app, but I’ve already set up a spreadsheet to work it all out for me. I’m pretty comfortable using this system and It has opened my eyes and my wife’s eyes to how much we were spending when we didn’t have to.

    We had so many things that needed to get bought and done that just got swept off to the sideline. Once we wrote them down, we got them all done, and now we feel like more of our money is free. Our savings doubled in one month.

  4. I shop Goodwill and have saved a lot of money by doing that. I don't go out to eat. I walk or ride a bike to where i need to go. Every little bit helps.

  5. I wish I had known Dave Ramsey in my early 20's before I made my money mistakes. Now I'm playing catch up. Car payments are killer because once you're underwater you are stuck for 5 years plus.

  6. [Generally speaking] I’ve always thought that “the mainstream media” have a way of making great information seem like something I don’t want to or shouldn’t follow – even when I’m already following “it”. The more DR speaks, the less #TheBabySteps becomes a “cuss-word” even to me!

  7. If interest = 3% and inflation is 5%, the 30 year mortgage actually saves you ~$30,000 in real purchasing power.

  8. 38 people refuse to think 5 seconds in front of their SAKS fifth avenue credit cards and their iCrone X's. Grow up kids. It's called being an adult. Do it.

  9. Started his plan in 2014. Paid off all debts 23 months later. Cashflowed a wedding for a year. Now in 2018, just two paychecks shy of completing baby step 3! It works if you put the effort in it.

  10. The most expensive car I've ever bought was $2,995, after title/registration/fees/taxes/etc.
    I was blessed with a 2001 Civic with few problems. I recommend an old Civic, Accord, Corolla, or Camry. My Civic has about 178,000 miles. That's practically brand new. I'm confident I'll get that to around 300,000 minimum.

  11. Yes to no car payment! I was blessed to have parents who bought me my first car and I'm so glad it wasn't from the dealer or else i'd be stuck with a car payment … no thanks!!

  12. Dave Ramsey…for dumb Americans that continuously spend more than they make. Nothing he writes or speaks on is new, yet people act like like its the wheel he's introducing.

  13. In my country nobody could afford a 15 year mortgage, its unheard of. We take 30 years or 35 years mortgage is what we do.

  14. Never heard of this guy until about 18 months ago. He has a lot of good pointers to help people financially. Don't agree with all the advice but its just advice. Take it or leave it.

  15. Parents shouldn't have to fund their kids educations. They pay your way up through high school. It teaches them financial responsibility and forces them to make better decisions as they will have the debt to pay back. Many people pick stupid degrees that don't pay well and sadly their parents paid for it. Go to a trade school, get a good paying job, and you did it all yourself.

  16. putting 20% down would be great but for most people that would take about 5 years to save 40k mean while home prices and interest rates are changing. I think Dave is out of touch.

  17. 200k house 843 for a 30 year or 1331 for a 15 year yea like that was a little difference in the payment that is a huge diff. but they did not factor in you would get a better rate for a 15 year but still waiting until you can afford a 15 year would probably keep you from ever buying a house.

  18. The problem with Dave's approach is that it doesn't work if everyone follows it, e.g., the people who make the nice cars and expensive clothes will be laid off.  The real problem is our debt based money system.

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