Are DUTCH people PROUD?

Are DUTCH people PROUD?

If I were Dutch, I’d be proud. Yeah, I wouldn’t be here if they weren’t proud. Do you think Dutch people are proud of being Dutch? Oh, very much. They couldn’t be more proud. I think so yeah. Of course. Of course! Yes. Definitely… You can feel the spirit of nationalism. You just sense it. Yeah, they’re super proud of being Dutch. They can sing about that for the whole day if you let them… Especially if there is a beer involved! They are very proud, but I would be also very proud. Trots Trots! Trots Trots? That’s Dutch, right? Pride Pride, yeah. They are proud about their history. They celebrate the National days. It’s easy to see during King’s day, for example. So many people go to the street… OK, to a party… but because it’s the birthday of the king. Once a year when it’s King’s day, when it’s Koningsdag, there’s flags everywhere. Oh Jesus… the flags are everywhere! The little Dutch flag everywhere, on the houses. Whenever you celebrate something, you hang out the flag to celebrate. You go to the next level for education, so we always put the flag there with the bag. Everybody has orange. How about even the orange thing? Oh yeah, the orange thing! There’s a lot of pride behind that. I have the socks to prove it. ‘Ik ben een held’ (=I’m a hero) They’re humble individually, but their sense… …as a country…. Their national pride is really there. Especially at sporting events, Dutch fans are world famous for cheering on for all of their sports. In football matches when I watch and the orange all comes out or during the Olympics, I see a lot of pride. Speed skating. If the Dutch are skating, there will be Dutch fans dressed head-to-toe in orange, and there will be tubas and instruments, and they’re having a party, supporting their team. They’re very patriotic when it comes to their history with building dikes, building dams to hold back the North Sea. The famous dike, somewhere near Rotterdam; the water management system in the Netherlands has been accepted all over the world. An example of that is when New Orleans suffered Hurricane Katrina, the first thing the Louisiana government did was reach out to a Dutch expert to come and help them figure out how they can prevent that from happening again. I think they should definitely be proud of what they’ve achieved in terms of their inventions, how they’ve regained so much land from flooded areas. The Dutch are one of the most creative people in the world. The history speaks for itself. I mean the commitment to sustainability. Economic level. The economic level. It is a very rich country. In terms of the personality of characteristics of Dutch, everybody knows that Dutch are like… stingy and also the Dutch are quite proud of it. In different circumstances, they have self-mockery about that part. Even the way they use when you confront someone about being too direct, they say, I’m Dutch… almost proud of it. They are very open minded and everyone has an equal position and everyone is friendly. Everybody is reasonable and sensible. They have a pretty good society. The young kids have the same polite manners as the adults, as the middle aged, and the middle aged just as the adults. It’s all the way through, whereas in the US, it’s the exact opposite. The kids are a little rebellious. They feel that they’re better than their parents, and the parents feel they’re better than their grandparents, and so there’s like a competition but the Dutch seem to just fall in line. People try to celebrate their lives quite a lot as well. They are proud and they should be. It’s also a form of pride… like what sort of things you are doing that you feel comfortable doing. The way you make life worthwhile. Good quality of life. Yeah, it’s a reason to be proud, and you have the best beer! Of course, they do complain about the country and the bureaucracy and the government sometimes. They love their country, but they are spoiled, and sometimes they complain and complain, complain about the weather, the politicians, things that are not working… but perfectly work, but they think, oh, no, it’s one minute late … all the time, but if you foreigners say something, whoa. It’s a bit like families, where families argue and squabble amongst themselves, but if you then attack that family, then they’re united, and I think the Dutch are a bit similar. If a foreigner comes and complains about the country, then you’re going to hear an earful. I would say Dutch people are proud of their heritage, their culture, but they’re not hyperbolic about it. One of the things that I really liked about Dutch people and the Netherlands is they recognize that they’re a small country. Dutch people seem to achieve a lot for such a small place on the kind of world stage. It seems that Dutch people seem proud of that. We absolutely see pride in the country. What we don’t see is strident nationalism. When it’s a national holiday, when a child is graduating from high school and they hang their backpack out the window. There is pride in the country but you don’t always have to scream about it to be proud about it. I really, really appreciate that difference. They’re proud of their heritage but they don’t take it to the point that they think they are the best people in the world or aren’t so aggressive with that pride as in some countries. They have so much pride when you try to speak Dutch and then they have the pleasure to correct you. Oh yes. They are very proud. Well, sometimes I wish they were a little bit more because quite often, for instance, they too readily want to speak English with you and not sort of take pride in their own language and expect people to be speaking Dutch. Sometimes, I think: they should be a bit more Dutch and not so international. They’re very open to people from other countries, so I think they are proud of being Dutch. Yeah, it’s a great country and also a great nation.

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  1. With kingsday its not realy to celebrate the kings birthday… Its Just another excuse to party and get shit drunk (comming from a dutch man)

  2. I'm Dutch and I hate Netherlands. We're like a handicapped kid of the US and the poor people are keep poorer and the rich richer. Because of the parlement that we have

  3. 4.25. Dutch people are spoiled so they complain about the weather. Uhm yes we are dutch, we talk about the weather 24/7 and the weather is always terrible so yeah let us complain about it!

  4. Only Dutch people are allowed to complain against eachother about everything that is wrong with their country, the other Dutch people and the government. Foreigners however are NOT.

  5. Bart, bedankt! Het is bijzonder vermakelijk, hoor. Deze inkijk in onze cultuur door de ogen van een schattige collectie buitenstaanders is ontwapenend. En leerzaam!

  6. Pls stop hahaha nobody is proud of the king. Dutch are proud of their victories. Sports, education, music… that kind a stuff. But not the king. Only the parties that come with kingsday hahaha

  7. I'm not sure if I'm proud to be Dutch. I will definitely speak English to someone who isn't originally from this country, but I also speak English to my Dutch friends. This is simply because I can't stand the Dutch language, it just sounds horrible.
    I will agree that we complain about almost anything and everything. If there's nothing to complain about we'll find something to complain about. In winter we're like 'it's so coooold, I can't wait for summer!' and I'm just like 'yeah, and once it's summer you'll complain that it's too hot and you'll want winter again.'. Things are hardly ever perfect.
    We're a weird bunch, we are, but over all I'm happy to live here.

  8. 5:42 ‘‘they don't take it to the point that they think they're the best people in the world’’

    uhmm, yeah we do. And rightly so!

  9. Natuurlijk zijn we trots op ons land. Ik ben trots om Nederlands te zijn en zou het niet anders kiezen. 🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  10. i used to be a proud dutchman. yes. but now? no not anymore. absolutely not. nothing to be proud of with a left wing government that tells us how to live. fuck that. as a native i cant be proud anymore. wish we still had the VOC. than this country would be MUCH MUCH better. right wing party have no freedom to express them selfs. if you are not a leftwing you are completely fucked. this country is literally going to shit. because of all the immigrants and the muslims that are living here. fuck the system in the netherlands. its a complete fuck up. and thats a fact. o and fuck our monarchy. bunch of lying pieces of shit. that got NOTHING To do with the monarchy anymore. fuck those moral soldiers. all a bunch of fuktards. fuck the king.

  11. the only thing i am proud of is our history and sinterklaas. but unfortunately. thats all taken away from us by immigrants and leftwing fucktards. by black people and by muslims. we cant be proud of our own history anymore. if we are we are all being called racists. sick of this liberal bullshit that is going on in this country

  12. There are no real Dutch people. all are descendants of WWII soldiers and Jewish refugees from Eastern europe countries like Poland and Hongary and also refugees in the time of 5 centuries of immigration in the Netherlands.

  13. 2:46 We as Netherlands are small, East neighbours are Germans.. we can't fight Germany, we will loose, south we have Belguim, bordered by France, yes, we could probably take Belgium, but France wouldn't have it.. and like Germany, we can't fight and win France, so we got to fight the North Sea, which doesn't belong to any country, and we expand our country by stealing land from the Sea

  14. Dutch men aren't that proud actually. The only time they do something with the country theme is with kings day. And some people with sports, but that's all.

  15. God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.

    we reclaimed a third part of our country from the sea.
    I live 22 ft below sea level.

    Water is our bitch. 😄

    Hier heersen over het tij,
    De maan, de wind en wij. 🙂

  16. If anything, Dutch are not proud of their history. We barely have any national holidays based on history.. I mean, look at the USA, look at France if you wanna talk about pride and nationalism.

  17. Je moet ook trots zijn op je land. Vooral met onze successen en rijke geschiedenis. Anders mag je lekker het land uit. God zegende ons. En doet dat nog steeds.

  18. Nederlanders zijn totaal niet trots op hun land. Enige keer dat je een Nederlandse vlag ziet is met koningsdag en op een viskraam.

  19. I am proud to be DUTCH and to be living in a nice small AMAZING country. Dutch people are relaxt people. I love MY amazing country.

  20. Guess what folks, the Netherlands WON the EUROVISION CONTEST since 1975 (44 years ago ). Well done DUNCAN LAURENCE.

  21. Thank you for this nice video
    Success for you to learn Dutch
    Greetings from Holland 🇳🇱🌹❤️🇳🇱👍

  22. Am I the only Dutch person who isn't proud of our rich slavery history, our financial management which resulted in many financial instability worldwide and our lack of "spine" when it comes to our politics? Not to mention the process of losing out identity as a whole… But it is what it is and the only logic thing is to carry on and try our best… I guess.

  23. Wow, quite an informative series to watch as a Dutch citizen. Makes me appreciate things I took for granted. Thanks a lot!

  24. Football matches, I recall that time when they lost against Spain, so apt with "de konink van Hispaanie heb ik altijd geerd"

  25. My dear foreign people … the pride of the Dutch people is long gone …
    When I was young and on holiday I was proud to say that I was from Holland.
    Nowadays I'm almost ashamed to admit I'm Dutch.
    We've threw away almost all the culture that makes us Dutch … I'm very glad you still see us that way, but the Dutch are not the Dutch anymore. Believe me…….

  26. Wat een positiviteit, jammer. Ik kom hier om afgezeken te worden, maar al het negatieve knippen ze eruit, of ze liegen dat ze barsten.

  27. I think that most dutch peoples are not proud, and ashamed off their nationality and government. Also most are moslims and other species. Not many real original dutch peoples anymore over here.

  28. Het land waar niemand zich laat gaan, behalve als we winnen.
    Dan breekt acuut de passie los en blijft geen mens meer binnen.

  29. I think they confuse nationalism & pride with 'we really like parties'.
    I'm not particular proud of the Netherlands, I do like Dutch and I do like the Dutch mentality, but mostly because it's my home. But I think it's really a personal interpretation for 'outsiders', as you can see in the video; the opinions differ a lot.

  30. We think most of the rest of the world is just somewhat pathetic, because everything is well organized in the Netherlands. And it's true, compared to the rest of the world, many other countries (including European ones) look underdeveloped and 30 years or more behind. Just go to France, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, it's just not the same.

  31. Getting a bit homesick again (been abroad 15 years now…) Really nice and balanced ideas are expressed. Proud but not over the top…

  32. 3:35 sorry, but street language is much more dominant amongst the youth now. Sadly (the youth is really going to shit now.) “Why?” you may ask. Because other cultures (mostly Turkish, Moroccan, and stuff) reproduce twice as fast (literally. Moroccan for instance get maybe 5 children per household, meanwhile the Dutch get a maximum of 2 per household. These cultures also tend to be more violent, for example: my brother was attacked yesterday (he got punched, kicked and his shirt was torn apart. The whole shirt-show) and nothing could be done against it, because he’ll just play the racism card. They also tend to drop out of school more. And when they get paid less, it’s “Racism”. Another example: they’ve been changing “Sinterklaas”, because they think it’s racism, the helpers of Sinterklaas (saint Nicholas in English) are black, because they enter trough the chimney, just like Santa, and because Sinterklaas is white it automatically tied to slavery. So how do you ruin a holiday, you make other helpers like “Kaas Piet” (cheese Piet), because of course let’s bring up offensive Dutch stereotypes ,which aren’t even true. They appear to think we have to adapt to their culture, in stead of they adapting to ours. And you are probably thinking I’m the racist one here, but I’m not. I hate to see people generalise those cultures. They’ve already made a bad name for themselves, not every one of them are bad. Those who adapt can stay here, but those who don’t even try can leave this country immediately.

  33. Name me one better country? The netherlands is the best place in the cosmos. This is not chauvinisme. We dutch travel the world. We know its a fact that the lowcountries is the best place to live.

  34. Regarding the Dutch talking other languages and not Dutch: The Netherlands has a very long history of trade. We went to war for trade, we talk different tongues for trade and we've spread across the entire world building small trade colonies (we didn't conquer like Spain, Portugal, England or France, at least not untill very late) to mostly trade for exotic goods to bring home and sell at a hefty profit. Talking in English to English people is a flattering thing and builds a small temporary bridge to make more sales. We'll try other languages if we know some, we're always curious to learn on holidays etc, but not too far from our comfort zone. If you want to learn Dutch, you'll have to put in the effort and follow a course, get some books or audiobooks etc. and even then you need to practice with actual Dutch people. Now the kicker, there are many dialects in my little country and even a 2nd language, so even after learning proper Dutch, you still can get into trouble hitting language barriers 😀

  35. We love Holland so much, but we hate the politics. We love our king, but hate the islamisation. We love to burn anything of That is different, we hate multiculti. We love food from other countries, but we hate to have mess on the street!

  36. John Adams was de eerste Amerikaanse toerist in Nederland, kijk wat hij in zijn dagboek schreef.

  37. I wouldn't say spoiled. We're just never satisfied and have the drive to fix things. It's a drive to invest energy into making things take less energy.

  38. Daarom koos ik (een Amerikaanse vrouw) ervoor om in Nederland te wonen, mijn oma (aan mijn moeders kant) was Nederlands en mijn moeder (was Schots maar kwam in 73 naar Amerika). Hij koos ervoor terug te gaan naar Nederland omdat ik me voel alsof ik daar thuishoor. Ik weet niet waarom, maar ik denk dat, omdat ik veel Nederlandse persoonlijkheid heb, en ja, mijn oma heeft me Nederlands geleerd omdat ze dacht dat het op een dag nuttig voor me zou zijn en ze had gelijk!

  39. 04:24 Okay, we complain. It's true. But that's exactly the reason why a lot of systems and roads work here. Because when something isn't up to standard we complain and work towards something better.

  40. I am and there is NOTHING to be proud of. At Firts its a fucking kingdom when youre a little bit rightwing youre a racist. This people realy dont heve any idea where they talking about.

  41. It is kind of misleading because we are not complaining, in the Dutch wheater you can have rain, sun, it can suddenly drop from 30 degrees to 19 degrees which is very cold. Myself I don't know much about our politics but Geert Wilders is against moslims so he is racist and that's very annoying because he gives them the guilt of everything that they didn't do also he said a few years ago 'Meer of minder marokkanen' which means More or less people with a Moroccan heritage.

  42. The Dutch are the most kind people I have ever met in my life. They have gold hearts and I’m so proud to be in their country actually it’s I call my country to because my man must come from the Dutch family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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