Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)

Are All Religions Equal (Responding To Amazon Synod: Catholic Salvation)

(gentle, stirring music) – Are all religions equal? There are many Catholics who believe that all religions are equal, and that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. That it doesn’t matter
what we really believe, as long as we seek god, try to do the right thing, be a nice person. They say the plurality or diversity of religion is good, and something god actively willed. Is it true? Do we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and are all religion equal? Well, it’s called Universalism, and according to 2,000 years of Catholic tradition, no. I mean, the church teaches that Jesus Christ is
mankind’s only savior, and that he instituted a church for the salvation of the world, and that his church has the full means of salvation subsisting within it. I realize this is not
a popular thing to say. There are many Catholics confused about the necessity of Christ, and his church for salvation. This confusion is compounded by the way some bishops or priests or lay people within the church try and communicate the teaching of Jesus to sound more inclusive and more pastoral. But it’s not pastoral if it’s not true. Now the Catholic church does teach, that a person, by no fault of their own, who has not heard of the gospel, they can be saved. But saying somebody can be saved, is an entirely different thing than saying we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and that all roads are equal that, you
know, leading to heaven. So what I’d like to do is consider this: look at the holy men
and women of the church: the saints. And look at what did they believe? And then look at what they did. Because when you examine
what they believed and what they did, you get a pretty clear picture of the
teaching of Jesus Christ. Because nobody became holy by believing a bunch lies. Let me repeat that: nobody became holy by believing a bunch of lies. So is it true that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved? And is it true that all
religions lead to heaven? Well, if it’s true, then you should see those marks in the belief and actions of the saints because their lives communicate to us, truth. Jesus said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make
disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Now consider this: why would Jesus tell him apostles to go make disciples of him, like other followers of Christ, if we had a reasonable hope, that everyone was saved? And why would he instruct his apostles to teach others everything
he had commanded, unless everything he had
commanded actually mattered? He didn’t say, “Guys, I’m about to ascend into heaven, go therefor
and be nice to everyone. Don’t preach in a way
that takes people away from the local traditions
and indigenous beliefs, be nice. Get along. And don’t worry, because all roads lead up. You now have a reasonable hope that all are saved.” God who revealed Jesus as savior, would not then actively will other religions that deny Jesus as savior. I mean, this, this would
be a contradiction. Now, can we hope that all are saved? Yes, but we should hope, we should want, everyone to be saved. Is it reasonable that all are saved? Well, you can hope for things that aren’t reasonable. For example: a lottery ticket. You can hope to win, but
is it reasonable to win? No, probably not. If the apostles understood
the teaching of Jesus to mean that all roads lead to heaven, that god actively wills
religious diversity, then there’s no need to be radically committed to making disciples. They would have responded as though, “Well, it just really doesn’t matter what one believes, because in the end, everyone’s going to
the same place anyway.” But you see, the apostles had a tremendous urgency in their evangelization. Because they believed Jesus Christ was god’s revealed savior to the world, and it actually did
matter what one believed. And you can see that the
apostles believed this, by how they lived their life. Saint Peter was crucified upside down. Saint Andrew was crucified. Saint James was beheaded. Saint Simon, he was crucified as well. Saint Jude was clubbed to death. So was Saint James the Lesser. Saint Philip was crucified upside down. Saint Bartholomew was skinned alive. Legend has it, Saint Matthew was killed while offering Mass. Saint Thomas was stabbed
to death in India. Saint Matthias, tradition has it, was either hacked to death, or crucified. Now my friends, does this sound like a bunch of men who believed that all are saved, or that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, and that all religions kind of end
up in the same place? If that’s actually what they believed, then the twelve apostles
were absolute fools. They gave their life for nothing, because in the end, after all everyone ends up in the same place. And if that’s actually what they believed, and actually the teaching of Jesus Christ, well then, they don’t deserve the ST dot at the beginning of their name, because they sacrificed
themself for nothing. The Sacrifice of the
Martyrs: What did they do? For example: Saint Sebastian,
third century saint. He was sentenced to death after converting his fellow soldiers. He was tied to a tree
and shot with arrows. He was thought to be dead. He was found and nursed back to life. Then, he went before Diaclasis again, but was clubbed to death. Does he sound like a man who believed we have a reasonable
hope that all are saved? I mean, if so, why would he risk his life two times, two times, if after all, all roads lead to heaven? I mean, this is clearly not what Saint Sebastian believed, or the early church martyrs. Well, what about martyrs of later on in the church? Take for example, the Canadian Martyrs. Jesuit missionaries who came to Canada for the evangelization of the first nation’s people in the mid-17th century. They came knowing they were putting their lives in danger,
yet they came anyway. They were ritually tortured and killed. Now here’s a question for you: did the Canadian martyrs think that the indigenous beliefs and spiritualties were effective at working out salvation? Did they believe that they were on a road to heaven? Well the answer is no! They wouldn’t have given their own life if they had, right? Now this is what really bothers me about this whole thing, when we have church leaders who say that god actively wills the diversity of all religions, or that we have a reasonable hope that all are saved. It is a complete mockery of the saints, the martyrs who game their life, proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet here we have church leaders who call upon the
intersession of the martyrs, yet they reject the fundamental reason why they are saints. Because they gave their life believing that Jesus Christ was mankind’s only savior, and that he instituted a church that offers the full means
of salvation to the world. So do we have a reasonable hope that all are saved, that the
diversity of religions is actively ruled by god? No. No, that’s, this is not
what the church teaches. Finally, what this catechism says, “Basing itself on Scripture and Tradition, the Council teaches that the Church, a pilgrim now on earth, is necessary for salvation. He himself explicitly
asserted the necessity of faith and Baptism, and there thereby affirmed at the same time the necessity of the Church, which men enter through baptism as a door. Hence, they could not be saved,” I’ll repeat that, “hence,
they could not be saved, who, knowing that the Catholic Church was founded as necessary
by god through Christ, would refuse either to enter it, or to remain in it.” And my name is Ken Yasinski, from Thank you for watching.

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  1. Listen to the indigenous people. OK, the ones living in the forest only sometimes eat every four days. They have no clothes. They want clothes, they steal them. They have no metal tools, no plates or cooking pots. They steal them. They can't sleep at night watching over their families. Let them assimilate, they want to assimilate. Pope Francis should be ashamed promoting the brutal, short, murderous forest way of life. And trying to foist it on us. Nice try.

  2. Amen. I'm relatively new to the Catholic Church but have felt quite strongly that this is a message that many Catholics need to be reminded of, or given clarity about; and one that needs to be stated by those in authority – clearly and without confusion. It's not a popular message in the West, with the prevalence of relativism and pluralism, but as your video showed, it's never been a popular message. Thank you for not shying away from speaking it. You did so with love and grace.

  3. I only know my religion Holy Roman Catholic Religion and honestly i do not know the teachings of any other Religion.The only Religion that has been instilled by my ancestors from the time that I was born IS THE RELIGION BASED ON FAITH OF THE HOLY TRINITY OF GOD THE FATHER,THE SON JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.THE BEST RELIGION FOR ME.

  4. Great work. You are preaching the truth. Strange times when the laity are preaching the Catholic faith more clearly than the bishops and Pope.

  5. Thank you Ken Yasinski. I wasn't even aware of this issue taking place. Every now and then a reference to the Amazon Synod would pop up on youtube but I never felt a need to listen to it. There are so many other pressing issues to consider as well but this sounds like a priority and is definitely going to the top of the list.

  6. Don’t believe what anyone says about the Bible until you have read it yourself. Not just a few verses, but cover to cover. Start reading and never stop. “Narrow is the way that leads to heaven and few are those that find it.” The majority of people in any religion, if not all, will not be saved from eternal destruction. Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father (God) but by me (Jesus Christ)”. If you do not follow the teachings of the Holy Scripture (the Bible) then you will always be deceived, and will ultimately be lost.

  7. Somehow I feel a great compassion over those who were born outside the church. I pray hard for them to know Jesus and how much He loves them. But at the same time, if I, a mere mortal, a nobody, could feel compassion for them and feel like they deserve a place in Heaven, how much more for God? He who is all-knowing, all-merciful, all-loving. I just believe that if we sinful humans could feel compassion for them, then God’s love and mercy for them must be more than we can imagine. There are those who are genuinely good people who are born of other religion and die that way. I trust God’s mercy and love so much, I believe that He will still care for them in a way that our human brains could not understand now. Though I still wish all of them get to know Jesus but for those who did not or could not, He loves all His children equally regardless of race and religion. I know God will find a way for all of them.

  8. Amen! Amen Amen!
    Catholicism is solid in the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus Christ His son and the Holy Spirit!
    The fact that God our Father saved our Salvation with the life, body and blood of His ONLY begotten son Jesus for our redemption if we repent rebuke and renounce the enemy of God Satan, and follow God's will living our lives as the teachings of Jesus in the bible teach us!

    Lord God is Not a God of confusion.

    We Must pray for Francis's the Pope and his conversion and conviction🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Of course not. But that only shows that Papism isn't Catholic, Roman or a Church. Become Orthodox.

  10. How wonderful. Maybe we could send this to our Holy Father Pope Francis. Let us all pray pray pray for him. THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH.

  11. Wonderful video Ken. I really appreciate you taking the time to address this topic with so many examples of the martyrs. I pray that all of us during this time can be brave and courageous in living out the full teaching of our Catholic faith and to share that with others both in our church pews and outside the church. Keep those beads rolling as we need to continue to pray the rosary and offer penance for the church and for souls to be saved.

  12. Well said and now, hopefully the message will sink into the hearts of everyone, especially those Catholics who believe in that lie.

  13. Thank you for the absolute clarity on what we should believe as Catholics. May God bless you abundantly in your apostolate.

  14. THANK YOU! I'm a revert…originally a convert. I've been exposed to ALL sorts of theological ideas throughout my life and it's been getting really, really difficult to hammer down what is actual Catholic teaching on salvation of late. Even pastoral staff in my own parish seem to think it's not necessary to catechize or baptize youth who are interested in the Catholic faith, but their parents aren't Catholic. "We have to trust in the Mercy of God that they will be saved." Huh? What about "Go into all of the world, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit." This propensity to avoid spreading the gospel is disturbing

  15. Ken, The belief you have in this video is so powerful! It is seen in your eyes, heard in your voice, and truly spoken from your heart. You tell it like it is without sugar coating it and this is what we all need to hear, as Catholics, in this day and age. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and there is NO other! Thank you for sharing from your heart without reserve. God bless you, your wife and your entire family! amen, amen, alleluia!

  16. Well said. There is so much disinformation and confusion being put out there by some priests , Bishops and even the Pope. They need our prayers for Humility and to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

  17. For me in Jesus Christ name in his heart and eyes when having a faith to him we are all equal,,. but to comment on institution by religion a place of worship and the documents written Catholic is authentic,,. Amen🙏🙇🙏.

  18. "P.S Blessed Mother Mary, Joseph and thy Holy Saints are written for our daily lives on earth for our spirits salvation in the future heavens amen🙏🙇🙏"

  19. The ridiculous statement of Pope Francis that all religions are willed by God – what nonsense! The pope is creating nothing but confusion. He should be transparent and state his real intentions for the Church. Love your teaching. God bless.

  20. Having watched hundreds of Near Death Experience accounts I have yet to hear one Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu Jewish or atheist account – however I have heard Atheist, Moslem, Jewish people speak of their Christian N.D.E. which has then led to their conversion.

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