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  1. This show would not last half a season today with the public being offended by every little thing now. Glad this show came out before times changed.

  2. liberal writers scripting 180° they're beliefs… Anti-Americans portraying True Americans Values…

  3. That is a good clip from All in the Family, but you should have kept it going and listened to what Mike says after Archie stops talking.

  4. Growing up in Philly you had segregated parts of the city the Italians the blacks the Jamaicans which considered themselves separate from blacks Puerto Ricans and the white ghettos and everybody got along we worked together and got along, but stay out of my hood I'll stay out of your hood.

  5. Lets not forget that Carol O' Connor was a left wing democrat, so much so that he made Rob Reiner look like a republican in comparison.

  6. To this Native Born New Yorker guy from back in the late 50's? ? as a teen when this show was on I saw a lot of men that age back then like Archie and George …and even met a few collage type guy's back in the good ol' 70's. ..or was it…to some accounts yes it was but in other ways looking back ??? maybe not…gas lines…high national unemployment rates but on the other hand we had shows on tv then like this …All in the Family. and Barney Miller…and for even more laughs ?? Three's Company and Mork and Mindy…and so on…things might of appeared to be better then but we had issues even then but our society over came a lot then and we were to an extent a more loving society then values and morals…sure they exist today , but ?? not as they did back then and even before then. Archie Bunker back then truly represented many , many men of that age then . And like noted in another coment here. A person could say what they wanted w/o the PC police trying to beat for saying the wrong statement. Those were the days.

  7. It's funny how so many people look to Archie Bunker as an example to express how they really feel. Archie was intentionally the butt of the joke to show the ignorance of people like him.. I love the show and always thought it was ahead of its time.

    The problem is that people in real life (commenters on YouTube) fail to realize how idiotic they look and sound when Archie is their symbol of how America used to be. it still is. the same middle class soft core, not so subtle bigotry still exists. the only difference now is that you've lost your position in line. it used to be the Archies of the USA was 2nd in line behind the rich. the factories and other companies took care of you when it came to getting and maintaining jobs. To you that's what made America great. now you can't compete because you missed the boat on the information age, and we're almost at the age of artificial intelligence. you've had your head in the sand for 3 decades fighting to keep your old jobs. the same one your father had and his father before him. your mad because some random guy from India or Pakistan can write code better faster and cheaper. Africans came here to start businesses rather than make excuses.
    America was always great for its welcoming, open doors. the problem is that the people that walked through those doors early wanted to shut it after they got in. it happened to the Italians, the Irish, and several other European countries. The Americans that were already here had a problem when they started coming. eventually they assimilated and all was well. easier when you can't really tell by eyesight. but when the immigrant looks different it's just that much harder.
    To all modern day Archies out there. where do you draw the line. how far back to you want to go to be satisfied that America is finally great again. is it when there were fewer or no Mexicans. what about before the African swarm of the 1980s and 90s? Perhaps the Irish or Italians were the beginning of the end.
    America is great because of all these groups of people coming together to make a beautiful mosiac that is America.. stop the madness and realize that you are indeed the butt of the joke and learn to code and study blockchain or you'll get left behind even more.. that's free advise from the son of an immigrant that just got her citizenship and is now a proud American.. America is great!!

  8. There are two types of people who listen this: those who believe Archie's position totally, and those who see him as the utter joke he really is. Carroll O'Connor, of course, saw the latter.

  9. Sometimes, I think gomers don’t realize that Carol O’Connor wrote Archie as the butt of the joke. But, some people want to emulate his idiocy.

  10. Idiots in Sweden don’t understand no-go zones. I heard about someone getting raped in one, but that is why it is called a no-go zone.

  11. What made America great were the wealthy & the inventive outsiders. The wealthy financed the inventive outsiders to develop ideas into practical inventions, bring them to the marketplace and do it at a price the public could afford. Americans became the leaders in progress for items that passed the test of market acceptance.

  12. The Statue of Liberty was never about that, that was propaganda added later, and until 1965, that was not the immigration policy as the nation was founded.

  13. That is what made America great. Hard working foreigners who wanted to become American citizens. Also segregation worked for all races and kept hatred to a bear minimal.
    Unfortunately foreigners coming here today want to ruin America by bringing their was here instead of leaving what they're fleeing from behind.

  14. that was back in the day when people did not give a dam if you were offended did not care one bit good days say one thing wrong now days people people will throw grandma off the cliff.

  15. ARCHIE: "Hey, listen up, Meathead! I don't care what Disney or Kathleen Kennedy thinks, you ain't bringing no copy of 'The Last Jedi' into this household! And that's that! Now, go right back to the DVD shop and get your full refund, ya hear?" MIKE: AW! Why do have to be this way? COME ON! I thought you loved Star Wars– ARCHIE: Ah… Ah! I do, I DO like Star Wars, Meathead… but not when the powers that be declare MY Star Wars Expanded Universe collection to be (snide and sardonic) "non-canon"! Now, go take The Last Jedi back the store, and start read the Expanded Universe books, now THOSE are classics." EDITH: "But those books aren't canon anymore, Archie. Now, they're called 'Legends'–" ARCHIE: Hey, shut up, Dingbat! Who asked for YOUR opinion?"

  16. The sad part is that there was way more honesty in 22 minutes of Archie Bunker than 24 hours of any of the major news networks today. The truth is often not pretty and never politically correct.

  17. It's funny how the show was basically arguing against multiculturalism here, by having Archie somehow unironically extoll its virtues.

  18. I actually said that very thing to a group of blacks, Latinos, philipinos, and whites, i almost got my ass kicked! I still can't figure out why!😕

  19. "Melting Pot" melt a little. The least immigrants could do as a houseguest. Not saying to abandoned your culture but try to be a part of the country you live in.

  20. That is what makes America Great. I like to keep all of them INFERIOR RACES in their own little camps where they don't bother us hard-working, high school educated, and english-speaking Truck Drivers. I don't like any them brown, black, and yellow colors.

  21. I grew up on Archie, and it made me understand why bigotry is wrong. My Dad was an EXACT REPLICA of Archie. Honestly, I could have seen my Dad saying 100's of things that Archie said, but my Dad believed them — not in a bigoted way — but just that was how it was way. And, I saw the problems of looking down on people who were a different color or a different race. So, yeah, I love Archie for teaching me to be a clear-thinking human.

  22. I got called a Klan member for quoting this

    My have the times changed.

    Racist? Eh, sure. I'll budge.

    Klan stuff? Grow the fuck up.

    Does quoting this or saying this make you a Racist?

    Depends on context. If someone says it ALL THE Time to the point it's irritating and they still do… they might be.

    But most importantly, GET OVER IT!!!!

  23. I grew up on this show and watched it all the time with my father, he loved Archie's unapologetic nature. At his core, Archie was as harmless as he was honest about how he felt about things. But, he was far from a "racist"… he just didn't know what he didn't know and was a product of his upbringing. This show helped people have difficult conversations but more importantly it taught people how to agree to disagree and be genuine about it. A lost art-form. RIP Carroll O'Connor.

  24. Yes it was the best, but I also love Last Man Standing love when he talks shit about Hillary & Obama good ole Conservative TV & it's coming back THANK THE LORD THE LIBS WILL BE POUNDED INTO DUST!!!

  25. I don’t think the public will be offended by this type of comedy today. It’s just Hollywood is so antiseptic. Look at the guy who hosts the tonight show, Jimmy Fallon.He’s on egg shells the entire hour hoping he doesn’t offend anyone. Next, he’s gonna walk out and during the monologue, he’s gonna apologize for being white. What’s funny to Hollywood isn’t funny to the country. That’s why most of the movies bomb. The country voted for Trump, Hollywood hates him. I think Hollywood hates us Americans. They don’t get it. They lack a sense of humor. Fallon just isn’t funny. Jerry Seinfeld said he hates doing his stand up at colleges. My God, we’re giving birth to a nation of wimps. Today, in a conventional war, the Russians could kick our ass. Not in 1945. What happened?? Where’s Clint Eastwood & the duke when ya need them to butch up these kids.

  26. Archie bunker is A Racist bit A True American .He followed the Constitution . Je showed hey im Racist an a Americsn Racist behaves like this .not like kkk or nazi or other hate groups .Archie was a Racist but a true American hero. He said lady liberty and thete all free to live here. Not send them back why he respects law. He diss u but wont violate ur rights

  27. I love Archie and this show but it's purpose is to make viewers, young ones especially side with Meat Head (Rob Reiner). Archie hit hard but the Libs were cool, hip, the way to be. I didn't see it then but it's so obvious now. Rob Reiner, figures. Search Wikipedia for "Cousin Liz"

  28. When Archie's interpretation of the statue's item is better than the current Immigration office's oligarchy style interpretation…

    Oh boy…

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