We chose to spend our Labor Day weekend exploring the incredibly strange and beautiful landscapes of Arches National Park. The park is secluded in eastern Utah and gets its name from its over 2,000 natural occurring sandstone arches. To get there we flew into Denver rented a car. I wouldn’t be discouraged about the 5-hour commute from Denver to arches. The rocky mountain drive along the Colorado River is a breathtaking adventure all in its own. And what a better way to see the Wild West than in a convertible Mustang. Entering arches is like landing on another planet with strange geologic formations straight out of looney tunes or The Flintstones. Many of the formations got their names by resembling something. Here’s one that kind of looks like Queen Nefertiti. Here’s one that looks like three dudes hanging out. here’s one that looks like… Yeah Moving on. We’ve been here all day and we’ve only knocked out two arches. Every ten steps, there’s a new encyclopedia of photograph opportunities just open up for you. We’ve been walking around this rock, on top of this rock, through it, underneath it and Same with the other one right over here. But we’re gonna have to start moving a little quicker and do a crash course in Arches National Park if we want to see this thing. You alive? For whatever reasons most people start leaving around sunset. But we recommend selecting a favorite location to not only watch the magic our colors change but to also kick back and stare at the multitude of stars. After dark, we had Double Arch all to ourselves. Cheap hotels at Moab are not cheap. You can spend $200 a night for a Motel 6 if you made a reservation. Or you could do like we did and drive 1.5 hours back to Grand Junction. We got a motel 6 there for 60 bucks a night. The next morning on the way back to arches we took a couple extra hours to explore the spectacular scenery along Highway 128. We highly recommend you do this too if you have the time. Hard to believe you can still experience scenic beauty like this with no one else around. Inside arches… parking is provided close to many of the sites and surprisingly we didn’t have to hike far before we were all alone. Then again, It was a hundred degrees. Here we’re pretending like we’re not wandering off and leaving our camera and tripod behind. To lighten the hiking load on this trip, we bought a cheap travel tripod for only 20 bucks. Here I’m trying to do a slow, smooth pan with a cheap $20 tripod. While out exploring we got an email from Spirit Airlines that our flight home was cancelled due to weather… That was non-existent. Rather than argue with them, we embraced having an extra day off work and decided to give Canyonlands National Park a whirl. We called Budget rental car and let them know we were keeping the Mustang an extra day. They said “No problem” and then charged us $260 for that extra day. Canyonlands is located right across from Arches. To see as much as possible with the little time we had, we drove the Grandview point road stopping at several jaw-dropping overlooks only a skip hop and jump from the pavement. One of the main attractions is Mesa Arch. Here we got to hang out with some Indians. The rest of the overlooks we stopped at had few people if any. Then again, it was a hundred degrees. it’s hot. He’s perspiring. Here I’m trying to do a slow smooth pan with a $20 tripod. The highlight for us at Canyonlands was the one-mile hike to Grandview Point overlook where we took in the panoramic evening scenery. Though you can see for miles and miles in all directions, there wasn’t another soul in sight. What are you doing right now? I’m being Simba the Lion King. Are you afraid of heights? I’m still shaking. What are you doing up here? Because you asked me to do it and I wanted to challenge myself. Is it steep down there? Yeah How steep how steep is it? You wanna take a peek? It’s pretty much straight down forever. Three days is hardly enough time to explore these extraordinary landscapes but it is enough time to have an unforgettable long weekend vacation. If you have never been to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks We strongly suggest you put them at the top of your list of places to visit. until next time friends happy trails.

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  2. We almost went but we went ahead and went to Rifle Mountain park and Maroon bells instead. I strongly recommend Maroon bells by the way. I'd say the best one to go into and my favorite is Rocky Mountain National Park.

  3. Superb cinematography Hank! I did a 1 week National Park and dark sky tour of Utah in December during the Geminids including arches and canyonlands. Hardly a soul around. Then again it was 23 degrees. Vlogged it all on my channel.

  4. Lol, was checking out your videos for the tornadoes and like the music. Then I looked up the band and found a familiar face. Nice Hank, nice.

  5. It's a dream of mine to go out in the middle of nowhere at night and watch the stars. This looks like a great candidate.

  6. I'm glad you were finally able to get some restful relaxation in! After storm-chasing this season, those long hours have got to be recovered somehow! XD Those shots were beautiful, despite the twenty dollar tripod, and screw budget car rental for charging you guys so much. XD But hey, at least you got to check out some gorgeous landscapes! That starfield was beautiful!
    Can't wait to see the next vids, mi amigo!

  7. when i was in moab doing arches and canyon lands i was lucky enough to be traveling with someone who had friends there. so instead of an expensive hotel i spent the weekend sleeping in a tree-net (made of climbing rope and parachord) about 30ft off the ground. its hot in the summer time but its dry hot. not like the muggy midwest summers…the southwest is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  8. Was there in last week of June. It was scorching 110 degrees. I would advise anyone going there try the winter time around Nov , less crowd , less heat and a more surreal view of the park.

  9. Loved this video…I too had just been to Arches National Park…I however had 4 ungrateful kids with me, it is beautiful!

  10. The wife + myself visited ANP many years ago, to this day we're still stunned from the majesty of this place!! I always tell folks that ask if they had 1 place to visit what would I suggest?? it always will be ANP it's the silence of this place that forever stunned me!!Carl Avon Park F

  11. NO WAYYY! I went there in July! The Gossips are my favourite (aka the three dudes) rocks and Mesa Arch (if thats the name I forgot) was amazing! The Canyon lands were beautiful, too. I couldn't stop taking pictures of both. We stayed in Moab and I have a shirt from there with the God guy on it (I forgot his name oops) Sorry for talking so much, I just feel special because I can actually say I've done something cool!
    (Ps I'm from Colorado. 45 minutes away from Denver. The drive wasn't too bad to Moab!)

  12. before I leave this world one day when I get too old…I want to see this. How is the cell reception out there while you were there?

  13. Utah is one of my favorite places to visit and hardest places to herp. How can you go wrong with some arches and a convertible?

  14. Thank you for showing us around that drop dead gorgeous landscape. Wow. You don't see deserts like that in Europe.

  15. Yaaaaay, someone else who had a terrible time with Budget Rental! I will never use them again after they almost point blank refused to rent to us at all, even though we pre-booked, when we got to Victoria BC on our honeymoon. At 2 in the morning thanks to flight delays (which is a whole other rant). On New Years Day, meaning no cabs or transport of any kind to get to our hotel. Just because we were from Alberta and they didn't recognize our GDL-7 liscences, even though when we pre-booked they said it was fine. And then finally relented, but charged us extra.

    Never again!!!

  16. Looks like an awesome trip. Total drag on the airline tickets and car rental, though. They've no shame, my friend-none whatsoever……

  17. Love you , great video BUT please whatever you do don't make one of these things for B.B. please please please. We need no more people in the park we have too many as is wearing down trails, running over animals, wondering where service is, trashing the place…etc. Industrial tourism is slowly killing our parks- and imo telling folks where/when quiet spots are does nothing but damage the experience we'll have in these parks in the future

  18. Beautiful. I have watched many travel shows and videos..but yours are so highly entertaining and surprisingly packed full of good tips! 😉

  19. I thought I was just going to be seeing Arches. What a pleasant surprise to see a bonus national park. Woohoo! spoiler free caption. Great video!

  20. Another place I would recommend is northern Arizona, more specifically the Grand canyon. You get some amazing scenery there and it's also pretty steep lol. There are some other places in northern Arizona that you can see pretty awesome red Rock formations.

  21. It figures that Pecos Hank would also get a lightning show from the plane on the way home! And once again, great video Hank!

  22. Such a great and calming video,want to go here in next trip in USA. Thanks for inspire. P.S. You are cute couple)

  23. I was around there a couple weeks before you! A truly beautiful place! What other National Parks have you been too? I've been to Volcano (Hawai'i), Everglades, Dry Tortugas, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands (National Monument), Bandelier, North Rim (Grand Canyon), Bryce Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Lake Mead, Sequoya & Kings Canyon, Yosemite, Great Basin, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Theodore Roosevelt, Mount Rushmore (National Monument), and Badlands. My family and I went on a huge 6 week trip in an RV around the country from our Ohio home.

  24. We had a rare tornado roll through Washington Terrace 2016. The tornado set down ripped up trees picked up went over my moms house sat back down and destroyed two blocks of houses. Then disappeared into thin air. Very very very rare because of the mountains.

  25. I just discovered your channel, and this is my current favorite channel to watch.

    You are a the best! Keep up the incredible work

  26. I'm going to Arches in March. This was extremely insightful. But also entertaining as hell. You're a hilarious human Lmao

  27. Beautiful scenery but how about showing the scenery and not your girlfriend so if you start filling it up with her I’m out

  28. Arches is awesome and Canyonlands can be a week long vacation coming in from the opposite side in a 4×4. However, you should have stopped at Dead Horse State Park which is right outside Canyonlands. Simply the best view in the area.

  29. Green River is closer than Grand Junction and there area couple decent motels there. The Sleepy Hollow is clean and inexpensive and has fast wifi. There was always coffee and homemade cookies in the lobby. Prices go up if there a big mountain biking event but it's usually $55-$65 for a double and only an hour back to the park. There are a couple good Mexican restaurants, a pizza place called the Chow Hound, and the Tamarisk, the locals place. Great burgers, cheese steaks and salads. Breakfast the the Green River Coffee Company is always good with a mice selection of breakfast sandwiches and pastries. There's a decent selection of motels and restaurants for a town of a thousand people.

    My parents used to live in Springdale, right at the entrance to Zion. I think I've been to just about every park and national monument in southern Utah. If you get back again, look up Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Bring a tent or just a sleeping bag in the summer since the chances of rain before the monsoon sets in is nil. I don't think there a light in 25 miles and the stars are fantastic. I miss Utah. I live in alabama now, and my friend lives on top of an 800 foot "mountain". Not quite the same. We are both Skywarn spotters and we do get some wild weather down here.

  30. Glad you had fun in my back yard. I ditched tornado alley for this place. That's why I watch your videos, to remember the part about living there that i miss. Wish i would have known that you were coming, could have let you in on some secrets. There's a lot more to see in Utah. There's even a lot more to see around Moab. There's even a lot more to see in Arches National Park. Wouldn't you like to be shown around by a fan? 😉

  31. Theres a lot of penis rocks in arches lol. In the cop scene in Thelma and Louise where the cop gets put in the trunk the big cock rock is in the background lol.

  32. Absolutely brilliant filming and commentary that has whetted my appetite for my planned trip to Montana, Wyoming and Utah in September. Thank you also for the tips about motels and the high cost near to the park while I will certainly take your advice to watch the sunset at the end of the day, often, like you say, the best time to fully appreciate your surroundings. Thank you again for the advice and inspiration.

  33. Hank manages to squeeze in storm footage into a video that isn’t even about storms. What a legend


  34. This is awesome! Can you stay in these two parks past sunset and stargaze all night or must you leave the park by a certain time? Also is there a fee to enter either park? I don’t think I heard you mention this.

  35. "Hank"; the 'stang sure beats your "titties", or whatever you call your stormchasing cars; too bad you're not able to keep it. You're like Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., when he drove his away, during the Closing Credits, on the old "The F.B.I." TV show. Sigh, oh well. I think you could scramble those rocks better, without the cowboy boots. Just looking at those tottery heels and slick soles, gave my ankles the willies, like I was going to twist them! The closest that I've come to Arches and Canyonlands, was Mesa Verde, but thanks to you, I've put A & C NP's on my Visit List–along with the San Rafael Swell. Now, you and your lady ought to try the summitting of Yosemite's Half Dome (Tissiak). My favorite way into the Park from the S.F. Bay Area, is on Cal SR-120, and you should do that, too. You'll love the Priest's Grade section of it; it seems that you will never leave that canyon. You and your loved ones must purchase Special Permits-by-Lottery–details on the YNP Website–plan on a year's out, for your summitting plans. I did it twice, more than 40-50 years ago when I was a comparative lad, before the overcrowding and hiker's traffic jams that necessitated the Park Service instituting the Permit Process. Promise us here, in YouTube Land; DO NOT DO IT, in your cowboy boots! You'll destroy your much-needed ankles, knees, hips, lower back, and more, if you don't use proper hiking boots–Marine Corps-issue Combat Boots are probably the best. To top off that hike, take 120 over Tioga Pass, go North on U.S. 395 to SR-108, and come West on Sonora Pass, and that eventually forms a complete loop with 120 once again, in the toes of the Sierra foothills

  36. Utah has so many beautiful places to visit! I live in central Utah and I think one of my favorites is Bryce Canyon. Unfortunately, I have never been to see Arches or Canyonlands. It’s amazing how many different formations there are and how different the world is! Awesome footage Pecos! ☺️

  37. Arches, Canyonlands (and you have to go to Dead Horse Point!), Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Staircase Escalante…
    You have to see them all, and you need at least two weeks!
    Just remember a lot of water and do not forget the blood sugar in the heat. The temperature was above 45°C every day!
    By the way, we got a cheap and nice hotel in Moab, without pre-ordering.

  38. I remember back when I was just a young'n, the Super 8 & the Motel 6 were 8 Bucks & 6 bucks! A NIGHT! the three I's Inflation, Income Tax, & interest! Ain't life a bitch? Gubment do take a bite don't she!

  39. I did put Arches and Canyonlands at the top of the list, along with Bryce Canyon and Zion and got to see them all.
    Utah is just amazing!
    When visiting Arches and Canyonlands, don't miss Dead Horse Point!

  40. Your next trip to Moab should the week of Thanksgiving, it's when all the BASE jumpers and highliners from around the world converge for a week of awesome jumping and video opportunities.

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