Apollo: Missions to the Moon – Trailer | National Geographic

Apollo: Missions to the Moon – Trailer | National Geographic

[music playing] INTERVIEWER 1: Would you
like to live on the moon? WOMAN: Yes, I would. INTERVIEWER 1: You would? You’d like to be one of
the first people to go? WOMAN: Yes. MAN 1: We have one of the most
challenging assignments that has ever been given
to modern man. MAN 2: The United States’
man in space program is at least eight months behind
that of the Soviet Union. Now it is time to take
longer strides, time for this nation to
take a clearly leading role in space achievement. MAN 3: It’s there. We’d be neglecting our
duties as people if we didn’t try to investigate it. ASTRONAUT 1: Oh, god, look
at that picture over there. There’s the Earth coming up. Wow, that’s pretty. INTERVIEWER 2: You well may
be the first man on the moon. How do you personally
feel about it? ASTRONAUT 2: Well, I
have the same desires as all the astronauts. We’d all like to make that trip. COUNTDOWN ANNOUNCER:
4, 3, 2, 1– [rockets firing] Liftoff. Roger, liftoff. ANNOUNCER: [inaudible]
has cleared the tower, and there she goes, on
her way to the moon. GROUND CONTROLLER: Houston,
you are go for landing, over. [inaudible] NEWS ANNOUNCER: They
should be within five miles of their landing point. How’s America looking, Bob? NEWS ANNOUNCER:
They’re going in. ASTRONAUT 3: 2,000 feet,
picking up some dust. Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed. GROUND CONTROLLER: We
copy you down, Eagle. [cheering] [static] ASTRONAUT 4: Uh, Houston,
we’ve had a problem. ASTRONAUT 5: We got
more than a problem. GROUND CONTROLLER:
OK, stand by, 13. We’re looking at it. ASTRONAUT 5: [inaudible] MAN 3: It’s a stepping
stone to deeper space. NEWS ANNOUNCER: It is no
longer a dream, but a reality. ASTRONAUT 6: Welcome
to the moon, Houston. GENE CERNAN: We leave as we
came, with peace and hope for all mankind.

100 thoughts on “Apollo: Missions to the Moon – Trailer | National Geographic

  1. Old computer can go to moon..
    Today computer more sophisticated cannot go to moon like go to fish market..
    Funny myths.. lol

  2. Wanderful achievement in that time when no smartphone no teach screen no minicomputers.. 😯unbelievable but true
    Hows is possible waiting for

  3. I do not believe that they ever went to the Moon let me tell you I was a real little girl and my brother was all excited and he tape recorded this so-called Apollo Mission and my uncle and my dad worked on this so-called Apollo ignition which I don't believe in I don't think they ever went to the moon I think it's been nothing but a lie

  4. I remember being a child watching this and my brother just so excited and tape recording it on a regular tape recorder you know that has nothing like what we have in today's society it just record it on reels and he was so excited and I was I was just a little girl I do not believe that they ever went to the moon I think it's been a lie and we have been made to be fools

  5. SUPPOSEDLY: they went to the moon with 1960s technology, but could not go there with 2000s or 2010s technology. Yeah. I BELIEVE.

  6. Im 12 years old and I've always wanted to be an astronaut, because after I sleep I always go out and see the stars because i dont like my window and goodnight guys its night in here in the Philippines,thx…🌃😪✋

  7. Nice COMBO of CGI and Hollywood movie sets + actors. They never show the real thing, because they don't have any real footage of neither the moon nor mars. Notice: everytime you only get to see computer graphics whenever there is a Mars mission propaganda.

  8. How would people think about who could be the first to land an unmanned probe on the dark side of the moon after Apollo achieved its goal? They probably wouldn't think about China that had been trashed severely during the Cultural Revolution. Salute to the Apollos! Humans shall continue our search into the space.

  9. I think this was a great trailer, my only problem is that it didn't show when it will air. When it does though I hope all the conspiracy theorist and flat earthers watch it.

  10. Seriously? Humankind?
    Why not say peoplekind like Trudeau while you're at it?
    Should have gone with mankind, as per what he said in there

  11. Now that China reached the moon, this kind of propaganda videos started again lol. Is clear they are scared when China find none of these missions landing on the moon.

  12. I watch PBS moon shot all the time and love how people keep remaking it in better and better resolution. I can't wait. Seriously.

  13. Really excited to see what detail these scans can bring out from the original film. Wish they did this for every 16MM film strip taken in the Gemini-Apollo-Skylab era, and they certainly could — but that would be beyond the budget and scope of this specific project. A11 gets all the glory, but 12-17 brought back some truly amazing footage too.

  14. It is a nice but fake dream… I'm tired to spill the proof here in comments and fight with libtards. Just do your research and ignore blind government's sheeps. Usually they are low minded and dumb hiding behind "smart" comments.

  15. I have a question, why nasa or any other space agencies never send any human to the moon again after successful Apollo Moon Mission?

  16. This is what has made America of the 60' and 70' truly great. Incredible scientific and engineering achievement that never fails to inspire.

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