AOC slams GOP ad showing her FACE on fire after the Democratic debates

AOC slams GOP ad showing her FACE on fire after the Democratic debates

Republicans aired a shocking new attack ad branding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘the face of socialism’ and showing her face burning, during Thursday’s the Democratic debate  The 30-second spot, as narrated by aspiring Asian-American lawmaker Elizabeth Heng, also featured images of skulls from the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia to show the ‘horrors’ of ‘forced obedience’ AOC slammed the advert as a poor attempt by the Republican Party to convince voters ‘they aren’t racist’ ‘What you just watched was a love letter to the GOP’s white supremacist case,’ she tweeted ‘ Republicans are running TV ads setting pictures of me on fire to convince people they aren’t racist  ‘Know that this wasn’t an ad for young conservatives of color – that was the pretense,’ she added in an additional tweet ‘What you just watched was a love letter to the GOP’s white supremacist base.’The spot, which aired at the end of the latest Democratic debate on ABC, showed a photo of AOC’s face being burned ‘This is the face of socialism and ignorance,’ says Heng, who recently lost her seat, in a voiceover  ‘Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know the horror of socialism?’Scroll down for video  The 30-second spot referred to AOC as ‘the face of socialism’ while showing a picture of her face burning RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Trump mocks Democrats during their debate in speech to GOP Man Donald Trump called ‘my African American’ quits the. Share this article Share ‘My father was minutes from death in Cambodia before a forced marriage saved his life,’ the narrator continues ‘THAT’S socialism – forced obedience, starvation.’ The ad cycles through a montage of black and white images showing skulls, malnourished Asian children, and later dead bodies The word ‘socialism’ appears on the screen ahead of Weng’s face. ‘Mine is a face of freedom,’ Weng continues ‘My skin is not white. I’m not outrageous, racist, or socialist. I’m a Republican ‘  The ad cycles through a montage of black and white images showing skulls and malnourished Asian children and later dead bodies The word ‘socialism’ appears on the screen The ad was narrated by aspiring Asian-American lawmaker Elizabeth Heng who said, ‘My skin is not white I’m not outrageous, racist, or socialist. I’m a Republican’  AOC said the ad was ‘a love letter to the GOP’s white supremacist [base]’

20 thoughts on “AOC slams GOP ad showing her FACE on fire after the Democratic debates

  1. So far the DemoKkkratic party has brought Socialism & Fascism to the table. How far is Communism from their ranks? Their Party has a long, vile & horrid history, has anything changed? One of their leaders 'Mad Maxine' says anyone not a DemoKkkrat must not ever shop & eat in the same places as DemoKkkrats, that they must ride in the back of the bus! If you don't do what they tell you to do, then your deemed a Racist, Sexist or even more vile labels. ANTIFA spreads the Demon-rats message with pitchforks, knives & Hate! History repeating itself once again!

  2. So, this is the new America? Hate, childish name-calling, ignorance, clawing at one another, labeling each other to define our hate, minds closed up like a rectum and all the while pitifully failing to realize that ALL these politicians; Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Independents; they are all feeding from the same public trough. They "earn' (if you want to call it that) a minimum of $174,000 a year, which, once vested, they will continue to receive for the rest of their lives, EVEN AFTER THEY LEAVE CONGRESS, and when they die their spouse will receive it until they die. A very nice retirement package they don't pay a single dime for. They get healthcare with no deductible, no copay, can see any doctor they like and they pay only a few hundred dollars a year in premiums (and I bet 99% of you didn't know that 'We The People' pay 72% of their premiums) They are required by law to purchase their healthcare through Exchanges under ACA, but gues what? Even if ACA is repealed, they still get to keep their ACA-based plan! Nice, huh? They also get other perks too numerous to even list here. And for what? For doing little more than keeping people bickering with each other usually having no idea what they're even talking about.
    But hey, let's keep on hating, calling each other names, drinking the party KoolAid and blaming the 'other side' for everything we see as wrong with America. Alas, for most people, that's all they have after all.

  3. funny Democrats are the party of old time racism (George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, LBJ) and Republicans were the ones that set the slaves free (Abraham Lincoln)… Now the Socialist Dems want to try and pretend it's the other way around..

  4. First guys, you need to copy/paste better so you're not including ads for other articles from whatever site you're clipping the article from.

    As for the tweet itself, note how Alex Occasionally-Coherent can't actually discuss the matter at hand. She's freaking out over a photo of her face burning. This woman is the most special of the special snowflakes.

  5. Hello all, I'm a person of color, (Hispanic) and I'm appalled at what the Democrats have done and continue to do. They have used every Democratic Judge, Mayor and Governor they control to attack the Office of the President. They have America believing blindly that it's just an attack on President Trump, but come on people, they have showed that it could be anyone in office. Anyone who beats their candidate for President, or anyone they don't agree with or isn't under their control! Prime example: They couldn't get President Trump's tax returns so what did they do? They used a Democratic Governor in New York (Cuomo) to sign a bill into law in New York allowing our once confidential tax returns to be given to Congress at their request. Really!? Come on people, WAKE UP! Look at what they are doing. We're talking about the highest office in our land being attacked here. Every move our President has made, good or bad has been stymied by these people. So I ask you; who is the real threat to our country?. An old cantankerous President set in his ways, or these Democrats that continue to give away our country and more importantly, the people that have reduced the highest office in our land, The Office of the President of the United States of America into nothing. Yes I agree, it hurts to be an American today.

  6. Any and everything that aoc disagree's on is about racism. WHY?? Because it's the argument of the incompetent or should I say it is the incompetent's method of hiding their lack of
    intelligence on any given subject. Kinda like a kid bullshitting their way through a oral book report ,in class, on a book they didn't read.

  7. Ah does it bother her that Americans actually hate her? She is now saying she will have to get more security and we have to pay for it because of this truthful ad! It's worth it. She doesn't dispute the facts, just whines about how much she is hated. She made herself that way. This entire year that is almost over only 10 people in her whole district donated to her re election fund. Lol

  8. boo hoo…looks like 'some people did something' right C? but hey at least it's not Kathy griffen holding a bloody head or snoop dog shooting a guy on an album cover, right? but that's ok with you ass hole libs.

  9. The woman who produced the ad is Elizabeth Heng. The child of Cambodian refugees. In AOC's mind this conservative "woman of color" is a racist white supremacist for daring to criticize this socialist idiot clown.

  10. AOC is just too stupid to realize the truth in the ad.
    She's so blinded by her absurd relativistic /Social Justice Warrior mindset, that she doesn't know the truth when it slaps her in the face.
    And some call her "leader"

  11. Classic case of the party of the Joseph Goebells, spreading lies and fear mongering while pretending to be Christians and taking to Assault weapons in the name of 2nd amendment , how much has gone into social development, infrastructure and to put up the crumbling bridges that cause accidents and investments in the society- none. Why, hey it’s socialism, the low incomes be it white, black or brown are left to fend for themselves, just attacking AOC is the latest symptom of the right wing weakness and fear it is losing the electorate. The rich executives go jet setting and taking vacation in all the socialistic countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway and have all sorts of business deals across the globes while the hard working Americans have to fight for meaningful decent wages which is still a far cry. Who said the Democrats are holy particularly those in the pocket books of big pharma, NRA and MNCs. But people have seen through it having difficulty coping with costly medical bills. And common sense reforms in these areas including immigration are required to care more the people here at home, and time to call off our overseas military involvement and astronomical defense budgets that is ruining our economy and the lives of Americans.

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