AOC calmly DESTROYS Trump in press conference

AOC calmly DESTROYS Trump in press conference

>>We’ll stay focused on our agenda. And we won’t get caught slipping.>>That’s Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
at a press conference just yesterday. Where the freshman Congresswomen got together
and not only discussed and condemned Trump’s racism and how he targeted them and told them
to go back to the countries they came from, even though three out of four were actually
born here in the United States. They used it as an opportunity to talk about
what their objectives are, what they plan on doing as progressive members of Congress. Let’s take a look.>>I am not surprised that he uses the rhetoric
that he does. But he violates international human rights,
and takes thousands of children away from their families. I am not surprised that he has turned our
public education system under the leadership of Betsy DeVos into a cash cow to enrich himself
and his friends. I’m not surprised when he corrupts via the
Secretary of Transportation. I’m not surprised at what he’s doing. But I also know that we’re focused on making
it better. Because we don’t leave the things that we
love. And when we love this country, what that means
is that we propose the solutions to fix it. We love all people in this country, and that’s
why we believe healthcare is a human right. We love all children in this country, and
because we do, that’s why we fight for education for all children, through college. And so we’ll stay focused on our agenda and
we won’t get caught slipping.>>So as you can see, she brought up a number
of policy issues that they’ve been working pretty hard on, including healthcare, Medicare
for all specifically, and education. Free college education. And doing something about student loan debt. So I love the fact that they used this as
an opportunity to talk about what really matters. And that is what their plan is to improve
the conditions under which Americans are living in today.>>I cried when I saw that, I mean, AOC starts
off talking about her dad. He talks about the Reflecting Pool, and it
brought back all the memories of when I saw Knock Down the House. It is so moving, it is so refreshing after
almost three years of this administration. To have never seen the kind of poised but
progressive leadership that you’re seeing from these four women and others, and finally,
we’re getting it. Trump has been calling the Democrats the opposition
party for so long. We haven’t acted like it. So whoever misses Pelosi, excuse me Freudian
slip. Whoever misses Pelosi and Schumer just standing
there sort of dead eyed as they’re like, we think this president, he’s bad. We’re beyond calling him racist. These four have known, and we’ve all known,
that Trump is a racist, he ran on a racist agenda in addition to a lot of other things. But now it’s time, and it’s been time to articulate
a vision cuz Trump has a vision. It is a dystopian nightmare of xenophobia
and concentration camps. But what is the counter vision? And these four are leading the way.>>I-
>>Yeah, no, no, yeah, go ahead.>>No, yeah, I thought that was nice. I thought that was powerful. My thought always kept going to, at what point,
they’re all, I wanted to be in the room when they’re having the conversations planning
this. This created, unfortunately it happened, and
created a moment where they could turn around and have an even bigger space and platform
for what they want to say. What they want people to hear from them. And it backfired on Trump a little bit.>>Yeah, I think it did backfire on Trump. Now keep in mind, his whole strategy is to
make these women the face of Democratic Party. And so the way that he’s kind of calculating
this. And it’s funny to say that Trump calculates
anything, but I would assume his advisers are calculating this as well. They’re extreme and if you attack them, maybe
there was some hope that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and establishment Democrats
would come out in support of these freshmen lawmakers. And honestly, to my surprise, they have come
out in support. Now, this all happened in the middle of Democratic
Party infighting, so I was uncertain whether or not Pelosi would be as straightforward,
as she has been, to give her credit, in defending these women. But in defending them, Trump is going to paint
the entire Democratic Party as extreme. And notice that they’ve shifted away from
calling these women socialists, and now they specifically refer to them as communists,
right? And I think that that’s an important thing
to point out, because socialist isn’t really a dirty word among young people in the electorate,
right? And I think even for some middle-aged individuals,
they don’t really think it’s that big of a deal either. So they wanna make it sound even more extreme
by using the word communist. Now, of course, these women are not communists. I mean, far from it. But nonetheless-
>>Break out the C-word whenever you’re in trouble, right?>>With both, right? Also, it’s great, it digs even deeper into
the age of Trump voters. Which, I don’t even know who those, I don’t
even know who Trump voters, or Trump’s base is anymore, I think we’re gonna get to that. But at this point, communist is just like
well, you know what? Let’s just break it out. Who knows? Let’s dust off this word that we haven’t used
against activists or organizers.>>You know what I’m saying.>>Yeah, yeah. So let’s go ahead and watch Representative
Ilhan Omar. She also had a portion of this press conference
that was really powerful especially the way that she compiled all the different examples
of the terrible things that Trump has either said or done.>>This is a president who has said, grab
women by the. This is the president who’s called black athletes
sons of bitches. This is a President who has called black people
who come from black and brown countries. This is a president who has equated neo Nazis
with those who protest against them in Charlottesville. This is a president who has openly violated
the very value our country aspires to uphold. Equality under the law, religious liberty,
equal protection, and protection from persecution. And to distract from that, he’s launching
a blatantly racist attack on four duly elected members of the United States of House of Representatives,
all of whom are women of color. This is the agenda of white nationalist. Whether it is happening in chat rooms, or
it’s happening on national TV, and now it’s reached the White House garden.>>So she’s pretty clear, and I love the fact
that she called Trump out by giving specific examples. Because what the right wing will typically
do is they’ll respond to accusations of racism by pretending as if there aren’t specific
examples. But there are so many when it comes to Trump,
so call it what it is. It’s racism, Trump is racist. That was the whole core of his entire presidential
campaign and now his administration.>>Something about Representative Omar is
just always going to be so powerful to me, just that piece right there, her accent, what
she’s wearing, her skin, just what she looks like. Just by being there, being who she is, is
so important. And it’s so anti Trump. Representation matters, so just by looking
like she looks and speaking, how she speaks, it’s a special type of importance for so many
people who look like her. But then for everyone just that represents,
she’s representing our country right now. And I think that’s amazing. And just speaking, being in that space I think,
that he hates that.>>Yeah, definitely.>>And calling it, I mean I think at this
point, I’m sort of tired of the word racism. I’m just kinda like, yeah, we know he’s racist. I think what we saw yesterday and the last
couple days, as we saw after Charlottesville, which is what Ilhan Omar is referring to,
is that he is a white nationalist. He has not renounced white nationalism. Okay, let’s say maybe he’s not. But he’s given every opportunity, whether
it’s David Duke supporting him via tweet, whether it’s the Charlottesville alt-right
protesters, Unite the Right protesters. Or whether it’s now, when he was explicitly
asked, what do you say to white nationalists who really love the tweet that you sent out
about calling these representatives, telling them to go back to their countries? Nothing on that. So we tee him up, and time again, he basically
is not giving us any evidence to the contrary, so it’s beyond racism. It’s, no, no, no, you believe in white nationalism,
and I think that, again, with Pelosi tweeting that Make America Great Again has always meant
Make America White Again. Good, hon, but you’re a little late to the
party. And to me, the right hates these four women
for this one particular reason, is because they fight back. They don’t care about pleasing Trump, they
don’t care about bipartisanship, they don’t care. They’re gonna agree to open the government
or keep whatever agreement, they don’t care that Trump quote unquote likes them, as Chuck
Schumer once said. They care about having a progressive agenda,
and they care about standing up to him.>>Exactly, so in response to this, House
Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy denied that there’s any issue with racism in the GOP,
particularly in Trump’s administration, and went after these freshmen Congresswomen even
more aggressively. Take a look.>>I understand when I listened to their press
conference yesterday, they talked more about impeachment than anything else. Even one of those individuals, this wasn’t
the first time they talked about impeachment. On the night of being sworn in, they brought
all their supporters together. And they spoke about impeachment in words
that I will not use here. This is more from their basis about politics.>>It is incredible how he’s making this big
to do about profanity, and he’s referencing Representative Tlaib, and how she said impeach
the mother-F-er, there was this whole brouhaha about that. I mean, you wanna talk about profanity, Trump
has used profanity over and over again, to the point where members of the GOP, I think
just members of Congress overall, are emboldened to use profanity when they wouldn’t have before.>>Sure.>>And they didn’t just talk about impeachment. I mean, that was a small portion of the press
conference. It’s interesting how he didn’t bring up their
policy proposals. He didn’t bring up the fact that they’re drawing
attention to student loan debt, or that they’re drawing attention to how our healthcare system
is broken. Republicans fought tooth and nail to repeal
the Affordable Care Act, they had how long to do that, since 2009? And have they provided any other replacement
strategy, or replacement for the Affordable Care Act? No, I mean, the one replacement that they
showed us was a disaster.>>So bad that members of their own party
voted against it.>>So anyway, I just think it’s interesting
how the GOP strategy is to deflect, and luckily we have at least four members of Congress
right now who are willing to fight back.>>His defense is that it’s about politics. When the President of the United States says
something racist, which, sure, by definition it’s about politics because he’s the President. Okay, let’s move on from that and they all,
I’ve heard a lot of it, this is about politics, this is politically, the President said it. Of course it’s about politics. There’s more to it, but of course it’s about
politics.>>Yeah, they do that to demonize anyone who
brings up a legitimate concern following any type of event, right? Whether it’s a mass shooting or it’s a hurricane
that you could trace back to extreme weather conditions caused by climate change. Now they’re making it political, they’re making
it political, because it is political, it is political.>>The President.>>Yeah.>>What?>>I mean, at least he said something right. It’s better than most, I think, Republicans
on this issue that at least responded. He said something, one thing, everyone else,
just radio silence. It’s an interesting tactic. I really wonder, and I think if Democratic
leadership is smart, they’ll see that the real leadership is coming from these new Congresspeople,
Congresswomen specifically. And they’ll run with it, because I think Trump
would love nothing more than to go up against a Biden, a Pelosi, a Schumer. You know what I’m saying, right?>>Definitely.>>He said it. He said, I look forward to seeing you on the
debate stage. I think if Democrats were smart, if they truly
want to win this thing In 2020, I think they will see with what grace all four of those
of women both did what Michelle Obama said to do, which was to go high, right. But at the same time, met Trump where he’s
at. And they even explicitly, Ayanna Pressley
starts out, don’t take the bait. I mean, Ayanna Pressley was amazing. I was so floored. But she said, don’t take the bait. We are gonna call this racist, because it
is, but we have bigger fish to fry.>>Yeah, we have work to do.>>But they didn’t at all meet Trump where
he’s at, at all, yeah.>>No, but they didn’t ignore, they didn’t
say->>They completely took the high road.>>Well, I’m not gonna, it was not about my
race>>It addressed what he said, yeah, I hear
what you’re saying, yeah.>>Exactly.

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