Anton Black to Nigel Farage:” Who Do You Think You Are?”

Anton Black to Nigel Farage:” Who Do You Think You Are?”

okay today um I’ve received a video
which is a collage of someone I find quite entertaining actually very
entertaining what we’re gonna do we’re gonna watch the video together because I
watched already part of it and I think it’s it’s worth commenting it together
and yeah just get out yeah thank you very much mr. Faraj now on behalf of the
FTD group thank you well I can see that you’re all very upset here this
afternoon and I’ve no doubt that the events in the USA over the last few
weeks have been a very profound shock to you perhaps you’re right you see what
has happened here if somebody has stood on a manifesto for election got into
office and within one week said that he will hold faith with his own electorate
it is called genuine democracy unlike the system we have in the
European Union where the unelected commissioners like mogherini here have
the sole right to propose legislation so I’m sure that it’s a great shock to you
to see that a genuinely elected Democrat is doing what he was put in to do and it
must be it must be I would think today in Washington sorry the Questor
Parliament or if the lafoon Shan institution this Parliament has
institutional functions as does the Commission out of institutional respect
to the Commission but also as a result of the commissioners president we need
to be polite please so thank you I of institutional respect president to
the truth perhaps you will understand and agree with me that within the
european form of lawmaking it is the unelected Commission that have the sole
right to propose legislation if I’m wrong in saying that you can throw me
out of this Solomon right here right now the dolphin omits
Nouriel in fact mr. faroush he talks about I am just asking you to be a
little bit more respectful please thank you it’s just a while be respectful all
right then perhaps you will be too for the right of the leader of a
political party that won the European elections in the United Kingdom in 2014 now it seems to me that actually with
all the anti-trump rhetoric that is coming from everywhere actually what
we’re hearing is the true nature of the European project which is genuine
anti-americanism Trump is motivated by protecting the United States of America
from Islamic terrorism whereas what has happened in this room
had in government lease a nice is that the reason why he went to southern India
in Seoul to 350 million of billions of weapons to fight welcome these people
into your own homes but can we please just for a moment look at the facts
amongst all the hyperbole and the hysteria all that Donald Trump has done
is taken seven countries that were identified by President Obama as posing
a risk to the USA Obama already had put in place extreme betting what Trump has
done is for 90 days to say let’s examine that vetting and see whether it’s good
enough but I want to ask you mr. hofstadt and all the others with your
faux outrage today where were you when Obama in 2011 banned any Iraqi from
going into the country for six months why do I hear no criticism in this
chamber or from the commission of Saudi Arabia Kuwait Bahrain and others who
refuse to take a single not one refugee or displaced person from Syria and how
can it be how could it be that on Holocaust day last Friday not a single
one of you criticized the 16 countries in the world that ban Israeli Jews from
even coming to their country on holiday what is this hypocrisy so perhaps what
we need to do mr. president and through you to the members perhaps what we need
to do is to be a little bit more constructive all of us here say we’re
Democrats well here’s the chance to prove it let us invite President Trump
to come here to this European Parliament I’m sure as Democrats you’d all agree
that what we need to do is to have an open dialogue with a newly elected most
powerful man in the world and if you throw that rejection back in
my face then you prove yourself to be the anti-democratic zealots but I’ve
always thought you way we continue to strongly admire the United States what
they’ve been historically and what they are today but it’s precisely because of
that that it’s so painful to note these proposals these measures that are being
taken by Trump these are an attack on the European live legal civilization
let’s say things as they are Manfred this travel ban aimed at the
citizens of just a few Muslim countries has nothing to do with border management
and fighting terrorism this is a populist lie some people are being
banned others aren’t it basically depends on who Trump does business with
let’s say things as they are because our citizens need clear words on this this
is an attack on the right to asylum and attack on the rule of law this is an
attack together with other things the wall on the border with Mexico I mean this isn’t an international country
that’s going to damage its relations with Mexico the Latin America the whole
world’s being affected by this virus that’s being sown airlines don’t refuse
to take people from these countries on your planes don’t stop them traveling
Joline ins right here as is Manfred Weber when they say well if this
ambassador were appointed well then he wouldn’t be welcome because I can’t
welcome someone who even before their appointed says I’m going there to
destroy the European Union let me say to mrs. may to the UK government do not
play the Trojan horse to destroy the European Union don’t take on that role it would be good for member states to
call their ambassadors for consultations with regard to what’s going on in the
United States that’d be a symbolic act it would also be a good thing it would be a good thing also not to see
Trump invited to Europe until this issue is resolved
let me conclude by saying like mrs. mogherini I’m in favor of cooperation
but until Trump changes his line the door of the doors of Europe need to be
closed in his face thank you but we have to accept it because he is elected no it
is not because he is elected that he can go against human values and the values
of the new United States of America even an elected president with the majority
in he has no majority of the popular vote in the US have to listen to the
American Constitution has to listen to the American judiciary and that is my
start of my intervention in fact people are saying well some people are saying
in u.s. yeah it helps security while it’s nonsense you have given the get the
figures since 1975 all terrorists in the u.s. came from three countries Egypt
Saudi Arabia and Lebanon none on them is on the list it are seven countries and
nobody came from that country since 1975 as a terrorist so it’s pure
discrimination and pure discrimination in a more broader approach but because
it’s not only about this religious ban it’s about yeah fueling populism and
nationalism for the moment but the Trump administration is doing and that’s not
only by appointing mr. ferocity spokesman here in the plenary but it’s
also by having the ID to designate just Malik as the ambassador and more
important let’s be aware of that Steve Bernal member now of the National
Security Council of the United States of America a man who is openly say we want
worldwide right-wing movement to get rid of the European Union to get done with
the European Union and they are real sitting here it’s your fifth color
the fifth column because mr. Faraj is working with mr. Barra he sees him up a
regular basis to in fact one thing that’s to see how the European
Union can be destroyed in the coming years not no thinking no thinking dear
colleagues on one thing it’s a big risk to bid on nationalism and populism in
Europe we got it already in the past we got already in the twentieth century
people who talk that nationalism and populism
was the solution for our continent and they have created the global atrocities
we have never seen 20 million that’s mr. Forrest’s have nationalism ghosts in
Europe and there is no family in the European Union who have not a
grandfather of a grandmother or a son of a of a daughter who was not victim of
that nationalism and of that populism and that’s the reason why we have
created the European Union to overcome them to make a continent of peace and I
think what I see for the moment that is an American president normally what
doesn’t do an American president take Roosevelt for example he wanted to be
the leader of the free world I’m now seeing an American president who wants
to be the leader of the fight against the free world against solidarity and
against tolerance and I think we have it is an existential moment mr. president
for for the European Union we can only take one decision we have the autocrat
Putin we want to defy Europe we have a president Trump we have a populist
nationalist view I want to disintegrate us we have the threat of the radical
Islamist in the south and we have for a bunch of people he will want to destroy
inside European Union we can do one thing that is unites us
well now you claim to be a good Democrat it’s a very twisted form of democracy
when you say that all of those political parties that get votes with whom you
don’t agree are not relevant it’s a pretty obscene definition of democracy
did he say this when did he say this that all done then it just can’t be the
other day take the guys here some look who is that
is exactly the message I brought you today a message of working with our
countries yes but not for the sake of nationalism
precisely during the battle against the Nationalists are the extremists to ever
Democratic Federation of countries of course a federation of citizens a union
for the citizens of Europe and this is the message I brought you today and this
is the only way to go forward if you want to achieve results so it’s not easy
there will not be a magic solution it will require time determination
persistence coherence I know that’s populist populist they manipulate
feeling and anger they can give a very simple as solutions which means no to
say no is easy single Europe is easy difficult and that requires leadership
is to say yes but to say how we can move forward and that is why I’m asking you
to bring the conditions for a true European debate with a true European
democracy and I’m making the signal for the next European elections because I
believe in democracy I was elected since I was 29 years of age in my Parliament
mr. Forrest’s don’t look at me like that because in fact I really have a great
admiration for the wisdom of the British people every time you’ve tried to be
elected in Britain you are rejected that’s why you came here
it shows that the British people know that it’s much better to keep you away
from your own system and every time I was running for
elections my country got elected I was little of a position I was Prime
Minister and to be present of commission I received the support of this European
Parliament but it is why at European level we need also a European democracy
and European democracy set is not built against our national democracies but as
a complement to them as a coordination and death basis for European democracy
is precisely this Parliament and that’s what I’m telling you and that I’m
telling you that the Commission is ready to engage in this Parliament and that we
are going to put proposals before the next European elections know that there
can have a real European debate where the political forces are for Europe well
can say why there are for Europe and those they are against they should also
say why they are against Europe and what annoys me today to be very open with you
and that we have to recognize is that in many of our countries those who are
taking the lead in European debate are Europeans we have to provoke if
necessary to Sweden positive constructive hug to European forces to
ask them something and say ok let me go back and see if we can listen to this
well now you claim to be a good Democrat it’s a very twisted form of democracy
when you say that all of those political parties that get those agreements it’s a
pretty obscene definition of democracy to decry those of us that believe in
national democracy see European cooperation you call us
populist extremist xenophobic and nationalistic surely mr. Barroso the
point about democracy is you engage in debate you listen to what the other
person has to say you put it to the public and you accept the result that is
what real genuine parliamentary democracy is about and you seem to
actually despise and everything that those of us that
stand for national democracy believe in and to tell me that you’re in this
position because this Parliament voted for you we were given the chance and one
candidate is that your new model of European democracy the British Prime
Minister it’s incredible it’s taken from the floor of the House of Commons in
fact nearly the entire British government our elected members of the
floor of that House of Commons and that is the government of the United Kingdom
the fundamental difference between that and the European Union this College of
criminals that you see over here this will do it’s right Europeans not in the
European sense to me not one of them has been voted for by anybody in Europe and
therefore they cannot be removed and that is why the European that is why
the European system isn’t just undemocratic it is anti-democratic colleagues please do listen for a moment
yeah removes automatically I think we need to clarify once again four years
gets a distinct democratic legitimacy from this house there is no national
government in which ministers have such a subjected to such strong scrutiny as
the commissioners are in their hearings in this house and there is no more
transparent arrangement than the than that of the council but the commission
of the council but with counselors we know mirages the institution you want to
strengthen now if you think that the Commission is so undemocratic and the
parliaments they are already sitting here yeah Mr Farage it is
Michael sorry mr. mr. president under the rules of procedure of this
Parliament if you as the president wish to enter into a debate that is fine you
are allowed to do so but you first have to leave the chair and I would suggest
what you just did was enter into that debate from the chair and that is not
the way this or any other chamber didn’t intervene in the debate mr. Burrage
I just wish to take up your questioning of the legitimacy the Democratic
legitimate this house and reject that that’s all I was doing mr. Van Rompuy
you’ve been in office for one year and in that time the whole edifice is
beginning to crumble this chaos the money’s running out I should thank you
you should perhaps be the pin-up boy of the Euroskeptic movement but just look
around this chamber this morning just look at these faces look at the fear
look at the anger Paul Barroso here looks like he’s seen a ghost
you know they’re beginning to understand that the game is up and yet in their
desperation to preserve their dream they want to remove any remaining traces of
democracy from the system yeah and it’s pretty clear that none of you have
learned anything you know when you yourself mr. Van Rompuy did he say that
the Euro brought us stability I suppose and I could applaud you mentality you
know your fanaticism is out in the open you talked about the fact that it was a
lie to believe that the nation-state could exist in a 21st century global
eyes world well that may be true in the case of Belgium who have another
government for six months but for the rest of us right across every member
state in this union perhaps this is why we see the fear in the faces
increasingly people are saying we don’t want that flag we don’t want the anthem
we don’t want this political class we want the whole thing consigned to the
dustbin of history and we had the Greek tragedy earlier on this year and now we
have the situation in Ireland now I know that the stupidity
and greed of Irish politicians has a lot to do with this they should never ever
have joined the euro they suffered with low interest rates a false boom and a
massive bust but look at your response to them what they’re being told as their
governments collapsing is that it would be inappropriate for them to have a
general election in fact Commissioner Rehn here said they had to agree their
budget first before they’d be allowed to have a general election just who the
hell do you think you people are you are very very dangerous people indeed your
obsession with creating this euro state means that you’re happy to destroy
democracy you appear to be happy for millions and millions of people to be
unemployed and to be poor untold millions must suffer so that your euro
dream could continue what it won’t work dream for because it’s Portugal next
with their debt levels of three hundred and twenty five percent of GDP they’re
the next ones on the list and after that I suspect it’ll miss mein it would be
seven times the size of Ireland and at that moment all of the bailout money has
gone there won’t be any more but it’s even more serious than economics because
if you rob people of their identities you robbed them of their democracy then
all they are left with is nationalism and violence I can only hope and pray
that the Euro project is destroyed by the markets before that really happens thank you
three years down the line if the economy of the UK and we suffer as a result as a
direct result of a 16 you are you prepared to apologize to this country
and leave the politics altogether well there isn’t much of a tradition here is
there because Alastair Campbell you out with today is yet to apologize for dodgy
dossier or taking us into a war that cost us much gold and blood and did more
harm than good and I haven’t noticed Gordon Brown apologizing for selling off
nearly 400 metric tonnes of gold below 300 bucks an ounce and I haven’t noticed
joining the euro saying I’m really really sorry we were leading even though
and those that signed us up to the erm and Soros squander our reserves I see
hardly anybody resigning hardly anybody apologizing it breaks in the disaster I
will go and live abroad I’ll go and live somewhere else but you know what Tony wait wait wait wait I need to get this
again is he drinking me he’s taking gold below 300 bucks an ounce and I haven’t
noticed anybody that supported us joining the euro saying I’m really
really sorry we were leading you in the hall and those that signed us up to the
erm and Soros squander our reserves I see
hardly anybody resigning hardly anybody apologizing only it breaks at the
disaster I will go and live abroad I’ll go and
live somewhere else but you know what Tony genève breaks at the disaster I
will go and live abroad I’ll go and live somewhere else
nationalists poked off even Titanic does not work Tony it’s failing it’s
failing I’m just dizzy shock completely completely shock nature who the hell do
you think you are

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  1. Nigel Farage has been telling lies all the way.., now that he sees things not going the way he wanted .., he is leaving the country… well done !

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