18 thoughts on “Antischism – Foreign Policy

  1. Lyrics

    How many rivers of blood must spill?
    How many more people killed?
    I'm tired of hearing about politics
    I want to know when the killing will end
    Senseless killing for corporate profit that's their foreign policy
    Vile old men in a pentagon office
    Looking at the world through blood-stained glasses
    Lining their pockets with human flesh
    But all their money stinks of death
    Senseless killing for corporate profit that's their foreign policy
    These criminals are unknown
    You never hear their names
    They sit in their offices
    Playing multinational murder games
    It's worse than you can imagine
    Millions have already died
    But there are no laws in this game
    And no one pays for their crimes
    Endorsing apartheid in South Africa
    Pumping money into the hateful system
    As the CIA are playing chess games in Central America
    Instigating revolution and then counter-revolution
    Well its as if they had any right
    The madness it must be stopped

  2. this band is underrated af, i started listening to antischism about 5 years ago and im surprised at how underrated they still are, sooner or later these guys are gonna be flooded with bank. i was here at 24 k views and 227 likes!! im sure younger generations are gonna find a way to play this out though.. Mark my words!!

  3. Was this peace punk metal? Fuck maybe I shouldn't be lookin seemed like puppet on a string thrash metal new wave nonsense to me

  4. Hmmm the whole commie puppeteer act I guess you're just Thrash Metal 90s pretty Cool still into Hardcore?

  5. of course. whatever. you're ignorant, and unaware of it…..youre right….whatever. not my problem. i just feel sorry for you and punks in general because people like you still think they identify.

  6. yeah dude…and the fact that you have no idea why, just proves that youre not only a poser, but an ignorant one at that. racism and racial slurrs are two of the most disgusting things there are. fucking dumbass. thats something that dystopia is definitely speaking out against…more specifically just ignorant selfish humans.

  7. i cant seem to find any multi-facet since i heard them on "shit gets smashed" i think it was….

  8. are you trolling or something? i mean, im not a super fan or anything but dude fucking dystopia is super rad.

  9. More bands you might like:
    Ojorojo (east bay menace, not the shitty techno shit)
    Death Wish Kids
    El Dopa (aka 1332)

  10. If you like Antischism, check out:
    Initial State
    and some of their other bands… they're all good.

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