44 thoughts on “Antifa Is Creating 'No-Go Zones' in US Cities: Andy Ngo on Sky News Australia

  1. They haven’t been on the receiving end of violence. It’s easy when you’re dissing it out. But they fold when it’s used against them.

  2. The only reason this is still happening. Is people are afraid of going to jail for kicking their butts. I don't care. If one of there ANTIFA thugs got in my face. I will take that as a threat to my person and lay them out. I wont play their games.

  3. They all have the posture of fear… They look ready to run at any moment 😂. Need to meet their shit with consistent and unrelenting force

  4. They are all weak snowflakes
    In no way scary alone or as a group
    It should be legal to club them like people have clubbed baby seals except nobody would be upset about these scum getting there heads caved in

  5. Yea, they should, and will eventually be chased out of town. Whether they leave on their own, or have to deal with the same aggression that they have displayed these past few years

  6. How long is this crap going to be tolerated???? Why are these mommy's-basement-dwelling soy boys being given the latitude to pull this crap off? Seriously. This is the United States, for crap's sake. We don't tolerate garbage like this. It's beyond time to end it….

  7. If you are not speaking out against "Antifa" (the most fascist organization in the country) then YOU are part of the problem.

  8. Antifa is a bunch of gays that are running around beating people that have different views and they are not brave they use their numbers to beat up whoever they can find alone.

  9. ANTIFA people are only dangerous when they are in large groups, but they are pretty docile when on their own. If allowed to go unchecked by the police then the citizens will step in and set those kids on the right track. 😉

  10. The police won't step in because they will not be supported by the city. Not sure why they even show up really. Those conservatives who get attacked or sprayed should just start kicking the shit out of whoever did it, im sure the police are hoping that happens, most police are conservative anyway. They won't step in. Hell most people with a career are conservative. I think all conservatives should stay as far away from any protests as they can. Liberals will continue to damage their reputation whether conservatives show up or not. Lets just wait them out, and vote them out.

  11. First, it’s Portland and the governor, not Oregon. Most of the state, size-wise, is conservative and condemns this terrorist organization.

  12. The real problem is that Communfornia will prosecute you if you defend yourself against ANTIFA. I could solve this problem very quickly if ANTIFA want to come to Oklahoma where we have THE CONSTITUTION. We will ship the carcasses back to their mom's houses on the Left Coast.

  13. You really are doing brave & important work. How much more of this do antifa's cheerleaders need to allow before they say the repeated acts of vandalism, assault & battery, theft, violently denying people their civil liberties and violent political disenfranchisement of anyone whose politics fall anywhere to the right of Leon Trotsky, that their cumulative acts of violence (they are collectivists after all) are equal to or greater than the single, tragic death in Charlottesville caused by alt-right. When will Charlottesville no longer be an excuse for leftists to cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war. Morality should be a categorical imperative and should not be binary position or zero-sum game

  14. If we don't start kicking the ass of these SNOWFLAKE LIBTARD assclowns. It will just keep getting worse! There is a reason you don't see these LIBTARDS in strong cities. First: The people will not TOLERATE them. Second: The police would remove them with EXTREME force. Third: People would kick the shit out of them.

  15. There will not be a political will to stop this. They want this. The same exact thing happened min Germany as Hitler was coming into power.

  16. DEATH TO ANTIFA!! They need to be MERCILESSLY RIPPED APART, up to & including the so-called 'elites' that motivate & protect them!!!

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