28 thoughts on “Anti-Fascists, Storm Alliance Face Off At Quebec/US Border

  1. Antifa is neither "right" or "left". They're fanatics, violent, against nations, against states, pro-chaos. In other words, under an "antifa society" or "regime", for instance, there would be no cops at that demonstration (think for a moment), Antifas have been known the world over for years to shout : "Tout le monde déteste la police." They're crazies. Agents provocateurs. Think .. Any violent reaction against them would be the only violence that could be understandable. Storm Alliance and all the other groups opposing chaotic and deluded official migration policies, like La Meute, are highly commendable in the circumstances. Highly. They show real strenght and common sense. Antifas are dangerous buffoons.

  2. Canadians are such warm loving people these refugee,immigrant or illegal aliens will be so happy up there
    I hear that Canada will give each refugee,immigrant or illegal alien $2250.00 Canadian dollars every month and a free 2 bedroom apartment with free heat, A/C and free cable TV
    Got kids? you'll get a extra 150.00 bucks a month for each one of them plus a $500.00 clothing allowance every year …. God Bless you people up there

  3. Antifa is a bunch of young dumbasses who doesn't work and want to be very generous with other's money !! La grande menace déguisée est le projet d'islamisation de notre Canada et c'est commencé avec le motion M-103 . Ça, c'est la sharia et c'est totalement INACCEPTABLE au Canada ! BTW …..Traiter tout l'monde de raciste parce qu'ils ne partagent pas vos idées, c'est totalement l'agenda libéral et c'est du mensonge pure et simple pour foutre le chaos !! Le racisme est très rare au Canada et tout d'un coup, on est tous rendus racistes !! I call it BULLSHIT bande d'imbéciles finis !! Fuck Trudeau, Soros et tous les autres bâtards qui détruisent notre pays pour leur seul profit !!

  4. The spread of Islam to unsuspecting nieve country's. Islam is an oppressing religion look at the rape epidemic acid attacks, child sexual assaulted, and the destruction of the country's in E.U., Germany ,Italy U.K. they are being told not to assimilate. And try to change laws like implementing sharia law.

  5. The fascist group named antifa is like Nazis calling theirselves pro-jews. They have nothing but 2 words wich don't apply… racist, fascist. They only insult with huge words but are violent, stupid and empty.

  6. Not that I disagree with this group but the name "Storm Alliance" sounds a little white supremacist. Even their font on their coats looks the part. If you're for not racist, stay away from "storm" anything.

  7. So its not hypocritical to be welcoming towards all ppl who aint canadian or left wing canadian but not welcoming towards ppl from canada just because they have another political view, and if the left try to stop the right the left becomes the fascists they say they hate so much then they should start killing themselves.

  8. When they talk about feeling safe in a solidary city, who exactly are they referring to?  Following certain events I personally witnessed, I no longer feel safe in Québec, let alone all of Canada.  I  saw a lot of violence and it wasn't commited by non-immigrants.  We are not a violent country, but if push comes to shove, we will defend ourselves…

  9. Même la SQ est de notre bord. Fuck les antifacist qui agisse comme les soldat Nazi SS. Il tappe le monde sans raison il ne sont pas capable d'entendre les opinions différentes de leurs opinions. Personne ne vous aiment.

  10. "LOL: Don Jr. Just Fried Up Trudeau Like a Pound of (Canadian) Bacon" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xWNdBt-8Hk

  11. What kinds of morons are these people. I guess they don't lock their doors at night. I need some new shit, where do they live, I could use a new TV and sofa, I doubt they have a problem if I just show up at there houses and take it.

  12. Bunch of Soros NGOs working with Trudeau Liberals to destabilize Canada and destroy its national identity. Horrible nation distroyers.

  13. These left-wing cocksuckers from America are weak & pathetic that need too have there ass sent home with a message. America is turning into a psychopathic fuck fest of radical socialism. We do not want American's trash. Fuck off to California where the rest of the freaks live. What do you do with tresspassers, you give them a warning to scare them off.

  14. If the antifa menbers dont pay full taxes from full time jobs, that means at least 40 hours work every week they should not have a vote on what taxpayer money should be used on.

  15. Where can I get more information about Storm Alliance, they seemed very vague about what they believe in.

  16. antifa they are nothing but globalist working for a Slave one world government… Stop Believing in the shame on you racist propaganda… it is a shut your mouth policy… Stop Believing in that b***** and I believe that Yemen India and Africa are very racist they need more multiculturalism and diversity a n t i f a that is your next Target area and let's not forget the country of Iran…

  17. Hre's trying to explain why he's so sorry about protecting his race! What a bunch of losers! That retarded nazi that claim illegal immigration is good, well then, why doesn't he pay for it all?

  18. Hello,

    My name is Frances Bekking and I am a student at Humber College in the Film & Television Program. Currently, I am in the midst of producing a documentary about the current political climate in Canada and we are looking for varying point of views.
    I came across this video and I was hoping to get permission for use in my documentary. We will give you full credit for your video.

    Thank you!
    Frances Bekking

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