Another Court Tells Trump To Give Up Tax Returns Because He’s Not Above The Law

Another Court Tells Trump To Give Up Tax Returns Because He’s Not Above The Law

Yesterday, a unanimous panel from the second
circuit court of appeals ruled that Donald Trump is not, in fact immune from investigation.
He is not above the law and he therefore must turn over his tax returns. Eight years of
them to Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance, who is investigating Donald Trump and
the Trump organization to find out what exactly happened with those hush money payments. Now,
Donald Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, has announced that they will in fact be appealing this to
the Supreme court. So that’s the next step for this case. However, legal analyst sorority
out there saying the Supreme court really can’t do too much with this because the second
circuit was smart and the second circuit wrote their opinion in such broad sweeping language
that the Supreme court’s gonna have a tough time trying to say that no, this is wrong.
And here in a very tiny nutshell is what the second circuit said. While the president may
be immune from prosecution, he is not immune from turning over evidence that could be part
of a criminal investigation even if that investigation ends up wrapping himself into it. Again, that’s
the nutshell. The ruling was dozens of pages. If you want to go through and see the whole
thing, feel free to do that. And I do encourage people to do that if you have the time, but
they preserve the part of, wow, the president may not be able to be prosecuted if he’s got
evidence that’s relevant to a criminal investigation. He, he asked to turn that over. So here are
the three options that the Supreme court has. The first and most likely is that they don’t
take the case at all. They say, Nope, we’re not going to hear it. So the second circuit’s
decision will stand. Trump has nowhere to go. He has to turn over the tax returns or
LT does get arrested. Option number two, they hear the case and by some miracle you get
enough conservatives on that court to vote with the liberal justices and they say, you
know what? Yes, you have to turn over your tax returns. The second circuit’s ruling was
sound was logical. You have to do this. Now this is actually not that far fetched one
because the Supreme court owes nothing to Donald Trump. Even the people he put on there.
We have seen chief justice John Roberts break with conservatives on several shocking occasions.
He’s also been a very staunch conservative on other occasions, so we can’t count on anything,
but they’ve got their appointment for life. They’re set, they don’t owe anybody anything
else any more. They can’t be touched basically. So yeah, they can do whatever they want now.
I think it’s stupid to bank on that, but it’s a real thing with real possibilities. Also,
they understand that if they give this broad sweeping immunity to the president of the
United States, it doesn’t just stay with Donald Trump, it goes to the next president and the
next one and every other one after that. And eventually you’re going to get a Democrat
in office who’s going to do something really bad. I mean, statistically, yes, it’s eventually
going to happen. And then you’re kind of stuck because the Republicans, you can’t remove
that guy because of the Trump decision. And the court knows that and they don’t want to
screw the country down the road or what they think would screw the country down the road.
So there’s a good chance they would say, no, I’m sorry. You got to turn off the tax turns.
Third option, obviously they hear the case and they say, no, Trump doesn’t have to turn
over his tax returns. Then we enter a new era of fascist dictatorship here in the United
States. Also a very real possibility, but, and this is the most important thing that
I want any Trump supporter watching this to take away with them. The president is trying
to hide something and he’s tried to hide it now through several different court rulings,
all of which have gone against him, and if he had nothing to hide, he wouldn’t be hiding.
And what they’re trying to hide here, what Cy Vanson a a Manhattan is trying to find
out is how they wrote off those payments to Michael Cohen who then paid off the women
who Donald Trump’s swears he didn’t have affairs with yet. He still paid them 130 and 150,000
each. That’s a lot of money to not have sex with Donald Trump, but I’m sure there’s lots
of people who would be willing to take that sum to not have to have sex with Donald Trump.
Nonetheless, they want to know how he wrote it off because evidence suggests that they
wrote it off as a standard legal fee, when in fact it was a bribe, hush money payment,
and that would be illegal. That would be tax fraud. And then the president’s in some serious
trouble, and again, he wouldn’t be trying to hide eight years worth of his tax returns
if there was nothing in there worth hiding.

100 thoughts on “Another Court Tells Trump To Give Up Tax Returns Because He’s Not Above The Law

  1. Farron, here is something for you and your pundits:
    IF King Donald is impeached, AND removed from office, what happens if he wins the election in 2020?
    iF King Donald RESIGNS, what happens if he wins the election in 2020?
    IF either of the first two happens, AND he is elected in 2020, can he run in 2024, because he has not served two full terms?

    Inquiring minds want to know. LOL

  2. traitor-trump is a total FRAUD, and obviously, a traitor, cheat, thief, philandering scumbag too? No surprise here.

  3. Their gunna show his taxes before he leaves office, it shows when in office but dose that mean before he was in office those illegal money tails don’t get look at

  4. getting paid for not having sex with you is an insult, and yet he was willing to pay. a fool and his money are soon parted/

  5. it seems Donald Trump has lawyers that really don't understand precedence or his happiness supersedes all logical legal advice.

  6. If TRUMP wasn't so arrogant and DUMB, he would resign before the election do PENCE could pardon him and his crime partners. Granted, this won't save him from New York State prosecution but at least it would from the gang if time he would be facing in the inevitable federal cases. #LW

  7. First and foremost, the mushroom dick, racist sexist orange orangutan is what you find when you lift up a steaming pile of shit. The walking, talking, monkey man is guilty of practically if not every crime there is. That being said, you should be better than a government stooge. "If you have nothing to hide, you should turn over_____ to the government" Both the Republicunts and the Democraps, but especially the Republicunts are corrupt. Neither does anything about the Trillion dollar defence budgets that are given to the military, every year. Not to mention all the back door deals that go on all the time. Plus the fact that the job of prez -e – dent pays a little over 400k yet every president leaves office a millionaire, even after one term ? WTF ?????
    Even if both parties, not to mention, the whole political system wasn't corrupt. I wouldn't just "Turn over" anything of mine just because some government official or judge or anyone said I should, at least not without a very good god damned reason, and yes, even though I agree that in this case, Trumpturd should release whatever extra information he has but the "If you have nothing to hide" argument is a BS argument that Republicunt weak minded ass holes use, and I thought you sir were above that kind of stupidity or at least you should be. You should know that, the "If you have nothing to hide" argument is a lame attempt by governments and greedy corporations to get information from you when they have no reason to be asking for said information.
    As I said. Trumptard should release whatever other info they request but why is the government demanding something they already have ? Doesn't the IRS have copies of his filed tax returns ? Again, the orange orangutan is a corrupt POS but even I wouldn't turn over any information to anyone without a court order and they better have a good fucking reason for demanding said information and in his case they do. This is all about the shit show, proving what I said earlier about both sides being corrupt. If you have reason to request whatever information, you ask the individual to produce said information, if they refuse, you petition the court to have, in this case, the IRS release his tax returns. Like I said they have copies of them, get a court order and have the IRS release them and this should have been done, year one or at the very least when enough evidence presented itself that showed that there might be some criminal doings, going on and that was year two if not year one of his presidency. Why the shit show every week on TV, "Give us your taxes, why won't you release your taxes ?"

    You ask once, if he says no, you build a case as to why he should release them, when you have enough evidence that warrants getting a court order demanding he release them and get it and present it to him and his scumbag layer Julie-anny and if both refuse the court order, you send the fucking cops to drag them away in cuffs if not chains but they won't do that because just as you said in this video about the SC giving not only Trumpturd this power but every president after him. If the Democraps get a court order to have whatever information released it could happen to them in the future and their corrupt senator congressman or president would be forced to do the same or face being dragged away in cuffs or more likely in chains if the Republicunts have anything to do with it cause they would love nothing more than to have a Democrap president being dragged away in chains on Fox News.

  8. This will be the dead end of this, and Trump, spending a lot of our money, to tell him sorry, your a criminal, and your done.

  9. trump can't pay his contractors or for his rallies or parades that are legitimate expenses but he can pay off women. trump is the lowest form of life on the planet

  10. SCOTUS won't touch the case. I doubt they want to scar their legacy with breeding dictatorial rule in the U.S. by rolling over for Trump.

  11. “He wouldn’t be trying to hide 8 years worth of his tax returns if there was nothing in there worth hiding.”.
    Exactly, the truth never needs to be hidden. Only lies need to be protected from the glare of daylight. Most people will tell a lie at some point in their, but to construct your entire life around lies must rot the soul.

  12. Repubes keep insisting Drumpf IS above the law. He is only because they choose to ignore the Constitution & existing laws. Hopefully they will reap the fruits of their spineless inaction with upcoming elections.

  13. Trump must have something very bad to hide to put up such a fight about not showing his tax returns.
    Why don’t the court just tell the IRS to show his returns.

  14. the trumptardos lackies and himself included cant think that far ahead. the Republictards cant grasp such a simple concept.

  15. That's right! People rarely take the pains to protect something of no value to them. He's go to be hiding something of value.

  16. Trump isn't under investigation here, his accounting firm is. If the SCOTUS decides these tax returns don't have to be turned over it means no tax returns will ever have to be turned over, not just the president's. Think about that, Al Capone was only caught because his tax returns didn't match his wealth, how much power would we be giving the Cartels and other criminal organizations with this? I know I for one would start a criminal enterprise just to avoid paying my taxes if this were to get through the Supreme Court.

  17. Executive privilege and immunity is a fiction created by the Executive Branch unsupported by the text of the US Constitution when the Founders placed immunities in Article 1 for members of Congress from criminal and civil liability but chose not to expressly grant such immunity to the President. To support POTUS argument that s/he is immune from Congressional or criminal investigations would nullify Congress’ express power of Impeachment and removal. This is something that strict constructionists on SCOTUS cannot do without losing all legal credibility and the POTUS is essentially an absolute Louis XIV monarch limited to a 4 year terms was unanimously rejected in US v. Nixon

  18. They're saying Ginsburgh is the person who will be the one to decide if it does go to the Supreme Court…I'm loving it!

  19. As far as I know, Trump has nothing to do, it is the Accounting firm the one compelled to turn in the returns. Since this will not interfere with Trump's time for work (if any), it cannot be invoked that a president's time cannot be derailed and the Supreme Court will be left without any valid argument to override the lower court. So SCOTUS won't take the case.

  20. Sadly, no matter what the Supreme Court does, Trump will continue to refuse to comply.
    If the SC reuses to take the case, or rules against it, we will have to start arresting Trump's accountants until they turn over his taxes.

  21. I think you've misinterpreted the ruling. They said that it has to be turned over because the ACCOUNTING FIRM has been subpoenaed, and not Trump himself. That isolation is key to the ruling.

  22. ONLY!!! Racist, I’ll-informed Republicans are that STUPID AF to believe that Trumps Fat Ass is above the Law🙄 #LockHimUp

    🇺🇸Trump Pence 4 Prison 2019🇺🇸

  23. What is Trumps problem, his resistance to releasing his Tax returns just makes the guy look like he is afraid of Americans learning the truth about him?

  24. Funny how people are afraid of Socialism but we have an Orange Dictator in office right now. One thing I do know is that they aren't for people being armed. You had a group of people come here and take over an entire city because they trusted a so-called Revolutionary. Miami will never be the same and ironically leads the nation in Corruption.

  25. In my opinion the USA public could not complain about Obama ….if anyone did they were a rascist.
    Obama’s approach to the dope smoking Gentle Mike who robbed a local store and then attacked a policeman was made a hero……..justice was not upheld . Gentle Mike was proclaimed to be a college student ….that had a unbemished reputation in his hometown ……our fake news media failed to report the facts

    Obama’s handling of the Army deserter Bergdahl was a
    impeachable offense.
    Bergdahl was a deserter he should have been shot or hanged…..Obama should have been impeached

  26. By now. Anyone supporting this fool is doing it for two reasons.

    1. Don't want to admit they shit their pants with their 2016 vote.
    2. Are making money on some scheme that Republicans are in on.

  27. We are going to see Trump has connections to Saudi's and Russia. He's got a fight on two or three fronts now which was Hitlers downfall in WWII in regards to Europe , Russia and Africa

  28. Trump wants to take this to the Supreme Court, where he thinks he'll win. But Roberts has shown that while he sides mostly with Republican initiatives, he's not willing to go sycophant route because he doesn't want to tarnish his "reputation" by seeming too out of touch. Even Kavanaugh, a truly horrible Justice, has once or twice gone against something Trump wanted. Now, not because he didn't want to do so, but because he knew full well that is was so sycophantic, so stupid legally that there was just no way to justify it.

    That's not to say that still wouldn't vote in Trump's favor, but the certainty that Trump thinks he'll get isn't something he should rely on.

  29. sorry but they shouldn't request it …they have asked for it in the past. They should just get agents to go to trumps place and collect those tax returns

  30. Republicans always used to love to use the phrase "nothing to hide, nothing to fear". Haven't heard that in a few years, I wonder why?!? 🤣🤣🤣

  31. Good, but you didn't go far enough. Trump would not be working so hard to hide his tax returns just about Daniels and McDougall. He's been hiding the returns since long before those 2 payoffs. He knows there's MUCH worse in there: real estate tax fraud, perjury to banks, big loans from Russians etc, & proof he's nowhere near a billionaire.

  32. You completely brushed off a very real possibility. The court rules he has to turn in his tax returns, and he refuses. You stated that he would then be arrested. I think not. The current GOP narrative is that a sitting president can not be indicted, nor investigated for a crime. No matter what. So… he could refuse and then spin the courts as being influenced by 'The deep state' or Lizard people perhaps.

  33. Watch Trump shut down the Feds again – it's going to happen right before Thanksgiving. He is running out of options in his playbook. The 'stall and run the clock out' play in all the courts, the 'executive privilege' claim on anyone willing to testify before Congress. And of course his tiresome tweet-O-rants along with his comedy act he performs at rallies. Funding legislation is around the corner for the Feds. To slow down the House Impeachment Inquiry, he will shut it down. He doesn't care about anyone or anybody, but his bottom line on his businesses.


  35. The idea GOP members of the court or legislative branches can't vote one way for Republicans and differently for Democrats is flawed. I would direct you bush v gore. Where GOP judges said the Supreme Court could decide to rule on local elections in favor of bush. Then the gop judges said the Supreme Court could not decide to rule on local elections to stop gerrymandering to allow the GOP to steal seats.

    Also, look at Senator Graham comments on impeachment for a blowjob vs what he is saying now.

  36. This criminal obviously has something huge to hide why is fighting so hard is he afraid of what America would do to him if they know the truth?😒👍💩🍄


  38. Another possibility: SCOTUS decides against hearing the case. They only take a small percentage of cases submitted to them.

  39. Trump wouldn't be personally responsible for non-compliance with this particular subpoena because it wasn't issued to him it was issued to his accounting firm

  40. After Trump hands over his taxes, but before they show multiple instances of tax fraud and who knows what else, he'll announce to the world, "Just like I said– I'll be remembered as the most transparent President ever." HaHaHaHaHa.

  41. Surely there's more than one copy of Trump's tax returns in existence. People are actually falling for this 'Trump won't hand them over' nonsense.

  42. Only one in ten Americans actually shares the same definition of Libertarian with the party itself, and Donald Duck was elected against the wishes of his own party leaders. Libertarians rigged our elections, gerrymandering them to death, then shredded the constitution and elected Donald Duck, only to regret their choices. Let them eat cake if they insist on getting fat! Conservatives are now turning against each other, fighting over whether Donald Duck is above the law, while its illegal to vote for Mickey Mouse in Libertarian Paradise, Maryland. They insisted on trashing out our government, and have now turned against each other, and good riddance!

  43. As the wheels come off the Trump Train, Republicans will not stop to pick him up, they will tell everyone that they never liked him. Trump is a distraction while wealthy thieves pick our pockets. Just look at his Cabinet and a new book started before Trump ran for President

    Now that Trump has became a liability, the Republicans will turn away from him.

    Trump's Presidency and those before him were no accident. Fascists have learned a lot since the loudmouth in Congress was given a do-nothing job. Then McKinley got shot and Tedy became a thorn in the side of the wealthy fascists.

    Trump was a Distraction, Dubya was a Distraction who did what he was told and just took his vacations. Reagan? That was before the Internet and the messaging was more controlled. The Cabinet Secretaries appointed by those 3 Presidents did NOT let down their bosses (the wealthy fascists), the President would meanwhile, tour the country like he was some kind of folksy best friend to working stiffs, all the while enjoying the perks of being President.

    What about Obama and Clinton? You have to let people think that they are choosing the President so every once in a while, a Democrat wins. Clinton wasn't allowed to get new health care legislation for Americans and Obama's plan was just more income for insurance companies, was it an improvement? Only in that some people could finally purchase insurance at a more affordable rate,. Their coverage was still an insurance maze.

    A long as there aren't many vacant seats for Federal Judge, a Democrat (that is a bit conservative) can become President for a while – if there ARE too many Judge seats open, Mitch McConnell will HOLD the seats open and wait for. Republican President (Trump is signing off on 192 Federal Judges). The Corporate Media will not talk about it, they will talk about heroes in sports, heroes in cities and towns and child heroes.



  46. What do the courts know? Here in the United States of tRump, he has made himself above the law, and he doesn't have to do what the courts say. (as he has shown).
    By the way…it used to be law that a president could only serve 2 terms…but remember, tRump doesn't obey the public law, just the tRump law. Think about it. Will voting help?
    But vote anyway, the numbers and following lies should be good for entertainment purposes.

  47. Dude. Stop repeating the lie that a sitting president is immune from prosecution. There is no such law, and no such provision in the constitution. It’s no more than an internal guidelines memo from justice department.

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