Hey YouTube and welcome back to my channel Today, we’re talking about stereotypes again
but instead of talking about Italians today we’re talking about Americans, and
the stereotypes that Italians have towards Americans and actually Europeans in general
have towards Americans I think the whole dang world
has these stereotypes against us ♪ America ♪ ♪ America ♪ ♪ America ♪ I’m not gonna front Stereotypes do usually come from stats They usually come from a place of truth It’s not nice or technically accurate to say
that all Italians eat is pizza and pasta, But do Italians love them some pizza and pasta? And do they eat pasta often? You guys know you do But I think that our bigger issue, apart from stereotyping people in the first place is that we never really want to recognize where these stereotypes come from and I think that if people took the time to understand where stereotypes come from why things are the way they are, We would understand each other a lot more,
get along a lot better because we understand each other and solve the problems that cause stereotypes a lot faster because we’re able to, you know,
identify them and acknowledge them And if the stereotype is a good stereotype, I don’t know, maybe we can exploit said stereotype and replicate it Identifying the cultural reasonings behind stereotypes I think is really important and so that’s what I’m gonna try to do
today for my own people: Americans So the first stereotype that a lot of Europeans
seem to have about us Americans, especially Italians Italians love to bring this up is that Americans are apparently all fat and in love with junk food and we eat junk food every single day Coca Cola, hamburgers,
McDonald’s, Burger King, that’s it Ok guys, slow your roll. No, it’s not true that
all Americans eat junk food every single day I mean have you ever seen “Supersize Me”? And who made that, Italians or Americans? I don’t think that Americans want to be unhealthy I think the biggest issue in America… It all comes down to money and income A lot of these things
are gonna come down to money and income In America there’s a lot of income inequality This means that while we do have a lot of very, extremely rich people People that own private islands, private jets,
things that you wouldn’t even be able to imagine We also have a lot of poor people Abject poverty I’m talking about full neighborhoods in America, whole cities in America that don’t even
have access to clean drinking water, okay? In Europe, there’s a lot less income inequality Of course you have Italian millionaires and
of course you have people living in poverty in Italy But in general, Italians tend to make the same Rich people get taxed so much that it’s really hard to become rich here and since there are a lot of social benefits – I’m talking like deductions for school, free health care – I mean, there’s not as much pressure on
poor people in Europe as there are in America That being said, people
have less disposable income in America and unfortunately, in America,
healthy food is a thing for rich people Unlike in Europe, in America fruits and vegetables and healthy food options cost more than junk food options In Europe you can go with ten dollars to the grocery store, Especially in Italy, because Italy has lower prices than even other places in Europe You can go to the grocery store with ten Euros and walk out with a basket of fruits and vegetables In America fruits and vegetables are pretty expensive from the supermarket Fast food and junk food also cost ten euros Like, if you want to get, like,
three boxes of cookies, that’s 10 euros right there In America all of the unhealthy options tend to be really cheap whereas the healthier options are not, so Given that we have so many poor people Given that healthy food is so expensive, it’s not a surprise that a lot of Americans
have poor food habits or eat junk food more often because it’s the cheaper choice Not to mention all these big fast food corporations
have a lot more presence in America They create a lot of jobs They’re really involved in our communities And so it’s gonna be easier for them to push their whatever they want us to be eating down our throat and don’t even get me started on the food lobbies They literally, like, pay our Government
to give us unhealthy food whereas in Europe you guys
have super high food quality standards You guys have access to
really good quality food at really low prices We in America just don’t have these things That’s probably why it’s no huge shock that Americans have an obesity problem Another stereotype that you Europeans have about us
is that we’re all ignorant um… and dumb It’s not that all Americans are ignorant and dumb It’s just that our government… I must- I’m going all out today, aren’t I? Our government has proven time and time again
that they don’t give a damn about our education and just like many other things,
education is a privilege for it the rich If you want to go to a really good school, either you better be a star athlete
or you better be rich if you want to pay for it And you don’t see this disparity just in colleges This is the most obvious one
that a lot of people know about that I talk about on my channel all the time but you see this also in primary education, too
and high school education, too Like, if you live in a rich state,
you’re gonna have a better education And these rich states all tend
to be concentrated in, like, the northeast, the Midwest Poor states tend to be in the south Not only this, but even within states, rich counties
and neighborhoods have access to better schools Poor counties have access to poorer schools Didn’t I just talk about how many
poor people there are in America? You put two and two together? In America, unlike in Italy and other European countries,
education is chosen by States So you can have somebody
that’s going to school in New York that will be studying something
completely different or in a completely different way than somebody that’s going to school in Texas That doesn’t happen in Italy There’s a National Curriculum that
everybody has to follow and it’s actually pretty rigorous And the way we’re taught about things
is taught in a very Ameri-centric way We think of America first and so… I do feel like Americans tend to kind of live in this bubble that unless they consciously
try to pop and try to look outside we’re not going to really know a lot about what’s going
on inside the world outside of an American context I hope this makes sense Are all Americans ignorant? No I don’t think I’m ignorant and
I’m a one- I’m a product of the American school system But our education system has many flaws
which causes a lot of people to fall through the cracks Another stereotype is Americans,
especially girls, being easier ♪ Promiscuous girl, wherever you are,
I’m all alone and it’s you that I want ♪ ♪ Promiscuous boy, you already know
that I’m all yours. What you waiting for? ♪ I’ve talked about this before in my dating in Italy versus USA video In America I don’t feel like there’s this social stress
to not date or to stick with one person for a long time because we just have
different cultures, different expectations Our ideal age to get married is a lot younger than Italy What you should have done as a 27-year-old in America is a lot different than what is
expected of you as in a 27-year-old in Italy By the time you’re 30, a lot of people in America
would think that you should be married by then I mean of course there are people
that aren’t married by they’re 30 but the average age of getting married
in America is around 27 That being said, given that we get married younger, We also have this idea that before you get married,
you should really test out the waters, date a lot of people so you can know what kind of people you like, who you want to be with and also by the time you get married at 27 , you don’t regret the fact that
you’ve only ever been with one person I don’t know So I think that just comes down to different cultures Yeah, you’re gonna find that an American girl
will probably respond to your pick ups more easily than maybe an Italian girl because for us there is just less social stress to not do it and not to mention, you guys are exotic for us You guys have accents You guys tend to be, for some reason,
more romantic than American guys So yeah, we respond more If you want to call that easy… It is what it is But I don’t think American girls are easy Last stereotype that you guys seem to have
is that we are super patriotic There’s not really much I can refute about that I remember going to elementary school
and learning all these patriotic songs I know so many patriotic songs by heart because they were just- We just sang them T There was a choir concert, you knew that
you’re gonna sing, like, “It’s a Grand Old Flag” “My Country ‘Tis of thee”, “From the Lakes of Minnesota to the Hills of Tennessee” ♪ To be living here today ♪ ♪ ’cause the flag still stands for freedom,
and they can’t take that away ♪ ♪ And I’m proud to be an American,
where at least I know I’m free ♪ From first grade to high school, we’re there saying the Pledge of Allegiance every day in class There are commercials and recruiters
trying to sign people up to die for their country According to the American narrative,
America came in and saved the day According to American narrative, America is the rightful police officer of the world and the savior of everybody Is this the right narrative? No Nationalism can be very dangerous We’re seeing really
all of the cons of it right now in America but, guess that’s another story for another video The stereotype of Americans being patriotic I guess is pretty true Is it 100% negative? I’m not sure, because I do have to say
that aside from the whole black thing within America I’ve never had the kind of inferiority complex that I do get a little bit from some Europeans, especially Italians But, as I said before,
nationalism usually doesn’t lead to good things and I also feel like the nationalism
contributes to that American ignorance So there you have it, you guys, what I feel are the top stereotypes
about Americans in Europe, especially in Italy, explained and kind of thought about
in a deeper – I hope – manner I’d love to know what you guys think in the comments down below Do you think I’m right? Do you think I’m wrong? Do you have anything to add? I know you want to let me know,
so go right ahead Just a little thing, I’m leaving a link in the comments as I usually do for you guys to add subtitles to my videos
if you want to, especially Italian ones Some people out there seem to need them, and
I unfortunately don’t have time to add them right now I’m working a full-time job and in addition to like trying to produce quality videos regularly on this channel Also adding subtitles for- to them
is just not something I can possibly do So if you guys could kindly
help me out with the Italian subtitles… Leaving the link below! Be sure to like and subscribe if you haven’t already and as always I will see you guys in my next one


  1. Honey, I am sorry that you felt judged by us. This video is brilliant, because we tend to think you American guys are all rich, and you show it is not. Thank you!

  2. I'm American, and I literally eat fast food everyday 😂 But I'm actually very skinny though. Also I am loud as F*CK! And like really annoying lol

  3. Not to mention that american peoples transcend from europe in about 300 years ago. The only true americans are native american – Indians.

  4. Grassi,ignoranti guerrafondai e bastardi,insomma dei pezzi di merda che si ammazzano tra di loro e in più rompono i coglioni a tutto il mondo,2 bombe atomiche sganciate,guerra fredda,Vietnam,Bosnia,Afghanistan,Iraq e tante altre…ricordi le torri gemelle?sono state fatte crollare dal vostro governo per invadere altri paesi e rubare le loro risorse come il petrolio ad esempio,dando la colpa a terroristi inesistenti…tuo padre è un soldato se non ricordo male,chiedi a lui tante cose che magari non sai…siete il paese più problematico al mondo,tutto ciò che ho detto non sono stereotipi ma semplicemente la verità,ps;noi non abbiamo standard altissimo sui cibi cosa mi significa,semmai siete voi che avete del cibo di merda,io vivo a Londra ed è praticamente la stessa cosa,cibo di merda ovunque,mc Donald fish and chips 🍟 Starbucks e tanti grassoni coi brufoli,scusa se mi sono permesso ma dovevo dirtelo non potevo farne a meno,e ultima cosa,ti trovi in Italia magari c’è gente che non capisce una pippa di inglese che dici forse era meglio parlare italiano nel video? Non mi stai sulle balle volevo precisare.Riflessione..

  5. Il problema e' che le ragazze americane al giorno d' oggi vanno a letto con altre ragazze americane…siete tutte lesbiche/bisessuali voi ragazze americane…le ragazze facili italiane fanno sesso con 2 uomini insieme…mentre le ragazze americane fanno sesso con la migliore amica insieme ad un altro uomo…difatti tutte le cantanti famose americane si definiscono bisex e nei loro video musicali mostrano donne che si baciano tra di loro….esempio: girls – rita ora, cardi b.

  6. I don't think people eat unhealthy because it's cheaper. Because its not. People eat fast food because they are too lazy to make their own food or literally do not know what a balanced diet consists of.

  7. I don't date- I don't wanna. I feel like most guys only care about the body and not the person and that's thanks to the music nowadays. It makes me feel so insecure 😢

  8. Straordinario! grazie Tia per aver condiviso questo video. Mi hai aperto la mente ancor di più (da anni io combatto contro i miei stereotipi, pregiudizi ecc. ). di uno sterotipo per fortuna mi ero già liberata cioè quello secondo cui gli americani sono tutti grassi. può darsi che sia vero che hanno un più alto tasso di obesità ma può essere ricondotto anche a malattie oltre che un problema economico.

  9. I really like how you explained how the american lyfestile is affected by the system, it all makes sense to me. I just wanted to point out that even if american girls were easy, there would be nothing wrong with it as everyone is free to do whatever they like with their bodies. Good video!

  10. Quando sono stata in America mi si è spezzato il cuore nel vedere quanti Americani sono ridotti in povertà. Giovani, anzianj, ex sportivi, Persone malate, tossicodipendenti, senza casa vivendo per strada abbandonati, mutilati fisicamente e mentalmente davanti a fiumi di persone che ormai li considerano come parte dello scenario. È colpa dell’assenza di un supporto statale? Non lo so. Il sogno americano si è infranto davanti ai miei occhi e non ero preparata 😢. Forse nella tua zona d’origine non è così tragica e so che anche in Italia molti Italiani sono poveri. quando vedo una persona Italiana mendicare mi stupisco perchè non è così comune. Tu cosa ne pensi Tia?

  11. Good video. I didn't know about the food costs in America. i just thought it was an educational/advertisement issue (junk food tastier than vegetables kind of thing). If I may add… Also portion sizes must have something to do with the obesity problem. Those from the rest of the world find the portion sizes exaggerated.

  12. Patriotism is weird for Italians. Why? History.

    Imagine if (for example) all the Americans of British origin were in one state, all the American-Southitalians in another one, all Natives in their own states, etcetera, and the government says that they are all absolutely the same. How would patriotism feel to these "ethnically-separated" States?

    For more than one thousand years, Italy was divided between North and South. The South belonged to larger foreign kingdoms (mostly Spain), the North was further divided into smaller kingdoms always in competition (sometimes open war) between each other. Cultural identity is radicated in the single regions. History made Italy a multi-ethnic country, the government denies it, the population refuses patriotism.

    I remember an American t-shirt: "Hawaiian by birth, American by force". I am sure that lots of Italians would proudly wear something similar: "Veneto"/"Südtiroler"/"Siciliano per nascita, Italiano per forza".

  13. Im only 3:38 minutes in, but fruits and veggies are NOT expensive in America. They are some of the cheapest in the world. Japan and South Korea have expensive fruits. Anyways, her point is still true though. It's cheaper to eat junk food because you can get really full from McDonalds for just $3 or $5.

    Cheap, fast food is just very, very easy to access here and it's usually unhealthy. Healthy food that TASTES GOOD is expensive.

  14. This is ridiculous to think that American women are "easy" considering the fact that Italy has prostitutes almost on every corner. Something that is illegal in States. I would add that American women are more independent, therefor they can care less about what others think. I lived half of my life in Europe and half in the USA and can tell that women treated waaay more equal in US than in many European countries, specially in Mediterranean countries.

  15. Cool video Tia, you did a really deep and great explanation, very politically correct. My compliments to you!

  16. I can relate so much with what you said about our education here in Italy, it's really really tough to study here, if you want to be a straight-A student you have to make also some sacrifices during your better years… And we have our flaws too: the "goals" for each subject of each year in the high school are set by people who actually think that italian students can be able to study an enormous amount of things in so little time, and come out of school with a culture that's almost academic – also, often we have very few hours of practice for scientific subjects (I finished a scientific high school entering the chemistry lab HARDLY 3 times in 5 years!).
    No wonder our teachers usually explain things too quickly and are worried when we can't finish the ministerial programs at the end of the year! The truth is that the government knows nothing about the reality of the schools in the whole country.

  17. I love you as a person. Youre so politically and socially aware and considerate and cultured, through the US and italy

  18. In America dipende da dove vivi i prezzi del cibo. Nella maggior parte del Texas, carne e verdure sono economiche. Mentre se vivi nel mezzo del paese come nel Nebraska o nel Kansas, il cibo tende ad essere più costoso a causa dei costi di trasporto e della domanda del mercato.

  19. I segnali dalle ragazze americane sono molto più chiari, finora sono riuscito a rimorchiare solo loro…e le spagnole…ed una cinese….vabbé diciamo che le italiane sono fin troppo complicate per me XD

  20. Tia, ti faccio i miei complimenti più sentiti per i contenuti dei tuoi video, davvero interessanti. Se poi ci aggiungo che sei bellissima è davvero un piacere guardarti ed ascoltarti.

  21. You’re completely right. I think it’s much more about the passiveness and somewhat ignorant pride that American society , their people and mentality often show that is ridiculous like you said. You’re not ignorant though you’re very bright and aware.m, Such problema are becoming more and more appearing in Europe too unfortunately it’s a transitory contradictive and somewhat toxic era for many politics and countries in the world but I do believe things will get better.

  22. È già, non sai che tristezza quando gli americani si ricordino degli italiani,per la mafia,la pizza,gli spaghetti e non sanno neanche che siamo uno dei paesi più avanzati del mondo per quanto riguarda la meccanica,l'architettura e la medicina per esempio….ma no,loro pensano che siamo mafiosi manciaspaghetti e baffi neri.Quindi è normale che ci siano stereotipi odiosi sugli americani,è normale.

  23. Love ur videos,Tia💜💜💜I can reflect to some of the stereotypes u ve explained even in Russia they still exist😅 esp older generation (some of the adult as well ouch)think like that ab Americans and the saddest fact that people don't even wanna know THE TRUTH ab other cultures and believe in the television propaganda and in some dump movies ,so sad but U REVEALED THE TRUTH 😃☺️💓lots of love from ur Russian gal fan💥

  24. ma che cazzo è sto favij? io mi vedo i video di tia da un botto di tempo e mica sto capendo di che cazzo state parlando in sti commenti. Fatto sta che da quel che ho capito è tipo un tizio e ci sono bimbi ritardati che insultano tia tipo. Ripigliatevi che state sotto alla merda proprio oh. Mongoli.

  25. The funny thing about this video is the passive aggressiveness towards the USA but if the USA decided tomorrow that Italy had to pay the USA a 10 %tax because the USA didn’t like the way the word Italy sounded what would happen ? They would pay because they USA would turn the EU and Italy into a pile of ash, these aren’t even real countries they are 100% dependent on the USA for military protection to even exist

    The USA GDP was like 18 trillion dollars last year Italy had what ? Less than Wyoming ? Which has like 20 people and 400 cows ? The entire southern part of Italy is controlled by organized crime the fact that the UN hasn’t declared Italy a failed state is because it would look bad for the EU

  26. Sorry dear Tia , but i live in Roma and i see every day many american tourists. Most are really slovenly and they seem rude and very ignorant about italian culture and language. It s my daily experience and not a stereotype. It s sad, but real. And sorry , if these are the usual commonplaces about Americans , how is possible for an Italian guy to have an inferiority complex ? It s necessary to be very poor and ignorant for an italian to have an inferiority complex . I m a Professor in Roma University and i have Never met a Young Italian Student with an inferiority complex because we know our history and the level of our life style .

  27. Giù le mani da questa meravigliosa ragazza! E' una persona brillante e moderata, alla quale io assegnerei la cittadinanza italiana ad honorem già solo per l'amore e la passione che dimostra verso il nostro Paese. Averne di italiani così!

  28. Questo video fa vedere un malanno nella società americana, quello dell'estremo capitalismo: Lo stato non si intromette nemmeno minimamente nel sistema economico e questo crea due spaccature ovvero i super ricchi e i super poveri e questo è un danno, ma in fin dei conti cosa ci aspettavemo dai difensori del capitalismo e di quelli sempre dalla parte dei più ricchi?

  29. Video interessante. Gli stereotipi che hai enunciato sono effettivamente quelli più comuni, specialmente quello relativo al patriottismo. L'esperienza che ho avuto io con gli americani è della serie: "Si credono i padroni del mondo". Vicino a dove abito c'è una base militare americana, e ti assicuro che i militari americani che risiedono al suo interno non sono ben visti da noi italiani. Sono perlopiù arroganti e qualche anno fa, hanno fatto una cosa veramente orribile. Comunque, ovviamente so che non tutti gli americani sono così.

  30. I have a biiiiiiig question… Do americans study Dante Alighieri, the Odyssey and all that hell?

  31. Il video più impegnativo e di spessore di questo canale!!!
    Avere la consapevolezza di ciò che succede nel proprio sistema governativo e esporlo in modo semplice e senza mezze parole e come riuscire ad avere il coraggio di parlare di una setta a cui si appartiene e che si vuole tenersi a distanza anche se sa che si viene influenzati

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    Sai anche parlare molto bene in italiano sai?
    Sugli stereotipi… riconosco di averci spesso scherzato sopra, però ammetto di invidiare a voi americani il vostro amor di patria.
    Detto questo….. ISCRITTO!

  34. Ancora per poco c'è meno disparità perché purtroppo U. E e l'Italia si sono messi a inseguire il modello degenerato americano, speriamo che con il nuovo governo si mette un punto al liberismo. Non ciò niente con te, magari sei pure una brava ragazza, ma mi devi credere spesso invoco Putin che metta in ginocchio questo paese perché è un paese pericoloso. Il complesso di inferiorità lo abbiamo da quando abbiamo perso la seconda guerra mondiale e siamo diventati una colonia americana purtroppo.

  35. Questi tratti degli stati uniti che privilegiano le persone ricche mi fanno paura , l'istruzione , il cibo sano e la sanità non sono da ritenersi un lusso. Se da un lato gli stati uniti sono sicuramente il posto che più mi affascina al mondo , d'altro canto mi fa paura il potermi trovare in difficoltà economiche stando lì

  36. I don't know who you are trying to convince with your assessment of living standards and wealth or lack there of in the US and Italy, but I must say you are totally off base. I've lived full time in several European cities including Italy (in the Mezzogiorno region) and poverty there is as bad as (or worse than) anywhere in the US. For you to state that there is a large disparity between the rich and poor in the US is totally unfounded. The US has a large, if not, the largest middle class (the real indicator of social status) of any developed nation. Our "poor" are classified in the US by a higher minimum income than any other nation. It is the only reason there are as many as you think.

    I suggest you leave the confines of Milano and head down south to see what Italy really is. I recommend visiting Napoli which for all intents and purposes it is one of the armpits of the Mediterranean.

    And one final note, Italians are a pretentious lot. With them, style is more important than substance. That's why their economy has been, currently is and will be for the foreseeable future in a downward trend.

  37. Grazie ai tuoi video, si può anche capire il perchè delle azioni dei prisdenti Statiunitensi, che a noi in Itlai non ci capacitiamo, o critichiamo

  38. Fondamentalmente il concetto che hai espresso non è "gli americani non sono stupidi ed obesi" ma "gli americani sono stupidi ed obesi ma è perché sono poveri". Non prenderla come una critica aggressiva, è solo il modo in cui ho percepito questo video.

    Ad ogni modo complimenti per il canale, ti seguo spesso e apprezzo molto il modo interessante e leggero ma non stupido che hai di esprimerti nei tuoi video!

  39. A great video, as usual, your contents are always so interesting and you are never afraid of delving into complexity.
    Sorry though, but I don't think that being "intelligent" or "dumb" is all a matter of good schooling. No offence meant but, what I see is that sometimes americans lack of common sense. What is the only country in the world where disposable coffee cup need an extra layer of waste paper only to carry a warning that the cup might be very hot? What is the country where it makes sense to shoot a burglar dead, after you didn't even lock your freaking door? An acquaintance of mine, an italian management engineer, moved to USA for work: a few days into his first job, he became regarded as the ultimate resource management genius in his company just because he suggested that lights and computers should be turned off during closing times.
    So no, I don't think that you people from USA are dumb, I just think you are sometimes a bit stiff-minded. Maybe history favored you so much that you take a few too many things for granted.

  40. about food quality, cheap fresh vegs and fruit… those things are not really typical of europe, but of mediterraneum area. In central and northern europe, included UK, it's quite impossible to find fresh vegs and fruit good quality at reasonable price

  41. HAHAAH I think you're so right with the 3rd 'stereotype' i literally just shed a teardrop hearing Beyonce sing "I'm proud to be an American"

  42. Ciao Tia, parli benissimo il tuo americano che capisco benissimo e complimenti per il tuo italiano ❤️

  43. I think since we have the strongest military and don’t need to upgrade it right now we should take some of that money to improving some things personally i have always eaten organic so has my family but alot of people don’t also there is only a 5% difference between the obesity rate between America and England.Also the education system is only bad because Obama he put in common core

  44. Scusa ma essere "peakyeater" o schizinoso mica vuol dire essere uno che ha cura della propria alimentazione! Tutti i mega ciccioni mangia monnezza che conosco sono schizzinosi e mangiano 3 cibi a ripetizione.

    Così rafforzi l'idea di quanto la cultura alimentare americana sia misera e malsana

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  46. Not everything shining is gold (italian saying): try ask around public health service – aside single people good will…

  47. In American we don’t have time to cook…. we work har hard !!! I get home at 6 so I want to do a fast food so I just do a lot of frozen pizza…hamburger!!!

  48. Nailed it! This explanation it's true. I've Been to Italy and noticed the qualities in their foods, the opportunities they have within their education system. Here in the West Coast (LA) in a poor income family we don't have these privileges. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$ 😞

  49. A stereotype about america
    1846 – mexico have attacked our troops taking his teritory without ourpremision!MONSTERS!
    germany,japan and italy conquer lots of land in late 1930s or eraly 1940s-nah , fine.

  50. Perché irritanti se poi dici che sono veri ?? Povertà , disuguaglianza cibo spazzatura sanità e università solo per ricchi, qualcuno mi spieghi cosa hanno quindi gli americani da essere così orgogliosi e patriottici …. una nazione in cui l 1 per cento della popolazione possiede il 60 per cento della ricchezza nazionale non mi pare abbia molto da insegnare al mondo .
    Per cortesia spiegami cara Tia poi che razza di giovani italiani idioti frequenti che soffrono di complessi di inferiorità… io insegno a centinaia di tuoi coetanei e NON ne conosco uno che abbia complessi di inferiorità soprattutto verso gli USA e poiché le cose gravissime sugli USA che dici in questo video sono note e persino stereotipi mi spieghi questi italiani che inferiorità possono soffrire ? Non é logico quello che dici a meno che non riguardi lgnoranza del ventenne italiano che ha il mito dello zio d America e che ancora non conosce il mondo. Ma ti prego non considerare i ragazzi che frequenti come un campione statistico perché non lo sono affatto , anche se mi immagino che un giovane bocconiano veda solo l America dell upper class e non certo quella dei ghetti delle periferie e delle persone che vivono nei containers ai lati delle strade.

  51. Europeans are a bunch of envious ass. And I am being polite. We are proud to be Americans because we know we are the best a God given country blessed by God for humanity’s sake. E Pluribus Unum. God Bless America forever and ever. 🇺🇸

  52. Non sono stati gli italiani ad inventare la cazzata del "Super value" prices…. Si mangia una confezione di 300 grammi per 50 centesimi, ma se ne aggiungi altri 50 centesimi ne prendi una confezione da 15 chili! E poi il concetto di obesità mortale non è attribuito a VOI, vero??????????? Fammi ridere, dai!!!!!

  53. I remember when I moved from Italy to Canada I gained a lot of weight because my family didn’t have enough money for healthy food. Unhealthy foods were just cheaper, and yet, with even less money, I lost so much weight when I moved back to Italy at 15. Education was the same, I couldn’t get back to what was supposed to be my second year of liceo (Italian high school) because Canadian education was centuries behind. I dropped down a grade and had the same problem. I was honestly shocked when I started school there and learned that history only dealt with America and Canada. In Italy, I had already started learning about the Egyptians and Greeks by then. Eventually I had to go to a private school (CEPU🙄) to catch up.
    May I add that it’s incredibly hard for a country to be cultured when it is only a couple hundred years old and the education and information that is given to the people quite frankly sucks.
    (Sorry Tia for this long comment)

  54. It's so funny how you refer to The United States of America as an entire continent and stealing the identity of millions real american people I guess you should educate yourself a little more on geography and nationalities, Don't get me wrong I love your videos they are quite interesting and true but I hate when you guys ( United Statesians) steal the identity of an entire continent.

  55. Gli stereotipi li hanno tutti. Per gli altri noi italiani siamo mafiosi pizza e mandolino. E tu sai che non è così!
    Voi siete quelli degli hamburger…ma ovviamente non è solo così. Di sicuro siete gente molto patriottica e un po’ melodrammatica. Per voi è tutto dangerous…not allowed…ecc ecc. lo dico per la mia piccola esperienza. E poi rispettate fin troppo le code. Sono di Milano e quando ero in coda mi veniva da dire: “…ma ti muovi…forza che stiamo perdendo tempo…” 😂😂😂

  56. Europeans don't have free healthcare; they pay a ton in taxes for their single payer health care system. Also, a good education can be given by oneself. One doesn't need to attend a fancy school to learn or have an acceptable level of education.

  57. i live in va and leave with a whole cart (buggie) full of veggies for $50.packaged fruit and veggies cost more

  58. The reason americans where the ones creating super size me is because the fast food addiction is mainly a population problem in America, not Europe

  59. America had to feed a lot more people than Italy does. (Have you seen the shit they eat in China?)

    And noooo, Europreans do not tend to make "the same". Italy and Greece are a lot poorer than Germany is.

    Stop validating Europeans. Truth is, they can be real a-holes. If you think this is just about them being honest, I have to ask. Was it necessary for them to shove their politics down my throat when my cousin was in a mass shooting? Someone I thought was my friend said we got what was coming to us. All I told her was what happened.

    They don't criticize for nice reasons! They just think it feels good to punch down on people who had less than they did,in a richer country. Are our politicians obese or running for their lives? They aren't talking about the gov. They mean some ethnically inferior Americans like us.

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