Andy Ngo's attackers still running free. Stephanie Hamill with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

Andy Ngo's attackers still running free. Stephanie Hamill with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

we are back with video columnist for The Daily Caller Stephanie Hamels follower Steph M hammer H am i well you've done some great work it's now what three four weeks since and you know the gay vietnamese journalist was beaten up given a brain hemorrhage in portland oregon how many people have been arrested for that attack against that journalist zero zero have been arrested you think since there was a you know video evidence that they'd be able to multiple multiple they'd be able to track these people down you people know who they are i don't understand why they're not mean yeah i don't want to throw the police under the bus i'm sure they are aggressive weed it out as soon as i heard this i tweeted out on facebook and i said if you work for the portland police force and you haven't arrested anybody for the attack against and you know by an Tifa why aren't you handing in your badge and your gun right now because you are there to protect and serve and what is it three or four weeks yeah it's been a full month full month over month and so and ii know dropped by the Daily Caller studio on Friday and he's looking a lot better as you may recall he had says he did have a brain hemorrhage and he's doing better he's not a hundred percent obviously he's having a hard time seems like he's when he's speaking he's having a hard time it takes him a while to get yeah he's a little bit slower than usual correct and so we just had a recount his story on what happened even though I know what happened but I just had him do it like a personal straight to camera and I mean he's just blown away that not one person has been arrested and also another story that was in the news that completely got you know shoved pushed under the rug was the auntie for terrorists guy who iced facility any news let's just remind everybody so this is a man who was a proud member of an Tifa who took weapons to an ice facility and was trying with an improvised device and Sandri device to detonate an industrial-sized propane tank before he was neutralized by the security there in his manifesto when he tried to blow up this ice facility quoted Ocasio Cortez's phrase that these are concentration camps I'm so glad you mentioned this definitely because it's like this story has just been deep-sixed into a memory hole yes so a lot of people blame Trump's rhetoric for anything that happens in this country so since he regurgitated the words that came out of Alexandria I think in seven months nobody the exact quote about how they're running detention camps now of course you know he doesn't talk about how these camps were you know created under the Obama administration ever that the cage is where Obama is out of the conversation conveniently so therefore it would be her fault but then people are upset that he got shot and killed well auntie fan tree made statements afterwards praising him as a martyr Sean King actually deleted the tweets and oh yeah this is great as a blow for justice and and people don't think do you just think about the consequences if that propane tank industrial site had detonated guess who dies yeah the illegal aliens in the facility not just eyes you would have killed story and I'm just I'm just blown away so either way over the weekend President Trump tweeted he does that and in that tweet he was talking about how he wants to label an Tifa terrorist organization like a year I know that they're not good people they've doxxed me they put my private information online welcome to the club yeah not not nice people I've been to a few events where they have attacked our reporters they've they broke one of my umbrellas so an Tifa please buy me a new umbrella outrageous it is I mean who else would break my umbrella if it wasn't interest any conservative his broken umbrella of somebody they politically disagree with no see yeah I mean it will be fair some Antipa members probably aren't violent I've had conversations with them they just want to Marxist revolution in this country Oh Rock case I don't know if you saw my video on that one they like seriously want to move and those ones they were nice to me they did talk to me they didn't want to beat me up but so but there are some violent let's let's stop joking this is serious stuff these people want to use violence to create a change in this country they want a revolution and they hate the founding principles of our Republic check out these lady this lady's video especially the up-and-coming ones with Jim Jordan otherwise other ones she is Stephanie Hamel the video columnist for The Daily Caller follow her Steph M Hamel H am i ll this is America first

7 thoughts on “Andy Ngo's attackers still running free. Stephanie Hamill with Sebastian Gorka on AMERICA First

  1. The Portland 'police' have earned a very cold, hard spot directly under that bus. ID these vermin and toss them off this continent.

  2. Does it get harder to push this whole 'Antifa is the greatest threat to civilization' thing every time a conservative who's had their brain turned to mush by dogshite channels like this goes out and kills a bunch of people, or is your audience too dumb for it to make any difference?

  3. Andy Ngo's attacker still free. Kamala Harris orchestrated Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax still free. Covington hate crime Hoax dismissed by corrupt judge. See a pattern here folks! TRAVESTY!

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