20 thoughts on “Andy Ngo on Tucker Carlson Tonight (9 Oct, 2018)

  1. If any of these soap dodgers step out in the road in front of me, they're going down and I'll take as many of them out as I possibly can.
    The Police and the Mayor won't do anything and the Democrats support the violence, so the gloves are off.

  2. Stripping people of their identity and making them feel less than human to make crimes against them easily justifiable. Where in the holy hell have we seen that before? I wonder? Hrmmmm?!!!!

  3. You cannot be civil with a party political that wants to destroy (pause, that pause is her almost saying me) what you stand for etc…

  4. NPC programming includes routines for violence. If they are not kept away from power we can look forward to large parts of the USA looking like large parts of Brazil shortly.

  5. The police just watched from a block away?! Let’s not forget the anti police sentiment in Portland. Antifa tried to provoke the police. I was there for a protest 2 months ago. I stole a sign from some guy that said “all my heroes kill cops “. Anything the police do will be villainized. Thank God that’s not the sentiment of Oregon.

  6. It’s funny how he conflates Antifa attacking random people with Democrats’ calls to harass republican politicians.

  7. Andy, so showing when the left is violenent, which is pretty much always is considered partisan in your view? You can’t even be objective about violence in the streets? Go back to whatever Third World shit hole country you’re from brother because we don’t need you here! Fucking communist!

  8. Never forget that this is what could happen.

    House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three other people were wounded Wednesday morning when a gunman opened fire on members of the Republican congressional baseball team as they were practicing on a field in Alexandria, Virginia.

    The gunman, James T. Hodgkinson, was shot by police and later died of his wounds.

  9. Andy run for city positions please for the love of God. I mean you do have a few progressive stack points that we can leverage here, right?!

  10. Nice work once again Andy. You are helping bring sanity back to this once wonderful city. I think we can get back there. Make Portland Great Again.

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