Andrew Young Sympathy for White Nationalist

Andrew Young Sympathy for White Nationalist

look at him stop crying baby Oh real quick I'm gonna go back to what we was talking about what Ron said what our thoughts on a young interview we didn't see it from the headline like people saying like the black activist saw the problem he could be talking about better strategy I don't know so I have to go check that out before I I give him any negative name or anything like that could make sense I don't know what he's said on there so I'm gonna check that for myself okay and boldly home he shouts out to you we appreciate you for donating so back then the crackers know I want to say this I do want to say this I did see a couple of the statements here and he said I feel uncomfortable condemning the Klan types because they are the Forgotten Americans forgotten evil like what do you mean by the like the dark side over the you know America that people don't understand that's what I'm saying what like what does he mean there's some things that Andrew Young is suspect about but I'll continue it says early civil rights leader in former US ambassador Andrew Young who served under President Jimmy Carter told NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday that he feels uncomfortable condemning the KKK types because they are almost the poorest of the poor and we're giving hold on hold on we gotta let all of this out sister I'm not done and we're given black lung jobs instead of affordable health care and there you have it all folks black man whole told that fucker I don't give a fuck about their poverty fucking issues they're a terrorist group find another way just like we say if a black kid joins a game we say he could have found another way they could have found another way fuck them I don't care don't care about that property my name don't care about their issue don't care about any of that shit I said don't fucking come Eva commie I don't have no sympathy no empathy empathy for the mic come on there's plenty of people who have poverty issues that don't join terrorist groups so it is fuck out of here Andrew young and uh come on now you Coakley talked about Joe I'm just gonna leave it on that and if y'all get a chance check out what Steve Coakley had to say about Jesse Jackson Andrew Young and what happened surrounding Martin Luther King there's a lot of weird stuff happening but I will say this Andrew Young homeboy so fucked up faith I'm gonna have to say this is your interest music better yet more appropriate one more time good we gotta give it to him one more time cuz he's historical with it this is again going back let's Titus it we should have just called this the white mediocrity show false equivalency system men black people statistically the struggles that they go through in this country is like no other the hardest work the overworked underpaid last hired first fired okay now as one of my favorite comedians have said if I don't want to be a nigger but nobody wanted white people have that white skin in this infrastructure and when you see them struggling you have to say to yourself that's a waste of good white skin you can't make that shit work what do you mean the pores of the pores Andrew Young let's be real about that so it sounds like to me either see now you now and and die then are you sitting up there bullshit I'm gonna go ahead and say all three you know what I have to say to this is this is complete fucking bullshit you know and we got a really breakdown the civil rights movement movement and let's be real some of those people just wanted to sit next to white people let's be real some of them were fucking clowns and they wanted their own Amy Schumer's so when they poked them they squeal at home women some of them were just marching for white women just wanted to dig down women like Amy Schumer you know like some of them are fucking clowns now we're not talked about every all of them no you know some of them work great people great leaders in the community but let's be real some of them within that movement were just fighting for you know pussy absolutely be life in your right sister right young basically say fuck black people strong that's another thing that I notice about these bougie black people this fake bluesy black class yes absolutely what's fucked up about it is that they're always sliding the black working class is bad enough the Bill Maher's snotface motherfuckers do it right but then we got a deal with this arrogant fake bougie black class that is always doing a false equivalency with the black working class versus the white working class Prince you understand there is no black working class black women are on welfare that's why black men are on welfare in prison and the welfare state is the state where black people reside there's only white working class because white people have always worked hard since the your $5 system origin of this country you know I'm sick of black people always coming at the white people who are mean how we built this fucking country we built this country god bless Andrew Young Jackson jr. Jesse Sharpton the third power absolutely all you need white power all you speaks white power you have gained from the work of my ancestors Thomas Jefferson my father was Irish and he came to this country he poured his pants up white power absolutely we were called slaves in the Americas we had 400 years of it you see us we work our asses off to where we are today Oh white power whoo white power god bless you Andrew Jackson Jesse Sharpton the third Tupac Shakur white power white power yes ended white girls do matter they do our little daughters our little blond-haired children they need to be protected they need to be protected their little beautiful white skins that's right baby say some more that's my bad I don't understand why the Negroes are mad at one of their own I don't understand this either Andrew Young Jesse Jackson Shakur the third and from I understand did wonderful things we just want you guys and ladies to understand that this is our country and and we we people like my husband we created this country there's always hard to tell you why power we must protect pan Aryan Aryan Brotherhood is that state brothers and sisters listen to my wife here is a beautiful white woman beautiful it's okay baby I'm gonna make sure they're protected this country's changed a lot Colin Kapernick you booth had a Negro you put all that damn hair on your head that's how my own nearly yeah I need to get a haircut a white power but they care about fucking our women and you hear this this is my wife I'll be damned if a booth had a nigger it's going to fuck my white Aryan queen Hawaii powers that's right yeah my tears they need to hear this it hurts me baby for you to go through this it pains me to see you like this the white power white power and I don't usually agree with the niggers but I will say this this Andrew Jesse Jackson Shakur the third fella he's got a damn good point he was right okay you got a gun my pop my pop had black lungs as well now he did to a lot of tobacco but I will set Hawaii power he worked hard and he always taught mo hahahaaha white privilege where was his wife privileged how could he cheat that tobacco huh yes the white power and do young is it must take a lot of Street thank you our usual Andrew Shakur because girls are everywhere I can't turn on the damn TV I can't turn three goddamn children channel without seeing a damn nigger it's too much Hawaii power hypo the white power talcum powder bitches you the fuck you crying about young is in the sunken place he's in the senior citizen section of the sunken place absolutely Susan's yeah so here folks you don't know what it is and of course we do appreciate y'all y'all have enjoyed this morning broadcasts I enjoyed it seeing as enjoy that's fine now the guy will find out what happened to the fucking milk that's not gonna be fun no it's not because I made sure I put it on there on the list I don't know how it's not there but we'll definitely figure it out that's what we're going to do what is today today is Wednesday correct hmm what do you think about hmm so then we should do Tuesdays and Thursday morning shows then we yes but I you know we're not gonna commit to it every single time though cuz I will you gonna force me to get up I forced you to do a lot of things okay I guess we'll do it then I will try my word try I will try my best yeah we don't we don't we don't want to participate in the dust if occation of the Negro we're not dusty Negroes so and folks we do appreciate you all very much Steve day says Princeton seeing equal nirvana white power a white power and every time I have sex with my beautiful Aryan queen I just think about us conquering the blacks we must have more sex with our Queens absolutely all right votes we do appreciate you all very much here on this beautiful Thursday morning Mike real quick quit being lazy sin Prince already knows I'm lazy when it comes to certain things oh I try so hard she don't try hard you know so anyway you know Thursday morning yeah Ron yeah our normal broadcast is 7:00 on Sunday Mondays and Fridays yeah and intermittently in between maybe on Wednesday we'll have like a surprise you know night show and then occasionally if you all pay attention if he notifications can get working we sometimes do read hours you know but we're gonna look to incorporate more morning shows as well you know 10 so we do appreciate y'all very very much John Walker shot sir – he says TC gets y'all some water before the storm Sam said haha oh it's it gets worsen laughing out loud yeah yeah you know you got a crybaby Mayo people when you got dusty Negroes and the smart black people have to navigate through all of this fuckery treachery yeah it's true it is treachery ain't that some shit the dusty Negroes are working with the Mayo people damn a lot of people have some rights to that still alive you know what it's interesting that the real people in the civil rights movement are dead intent interested hey you know what they said the real ones are not here yep you know and what's his name Andrew young can sit up there he has the privilege to be old and dusty Martin did Malcolm Dave Marcus Garvey jaded stressed his ass out he died in a whole nother situation wev the war before he checked out of this he had a problem he was stressed out but Andrew young can be dusty up there and look I know there's some people I don't see never know we have a right to call these people out there dusty the dusty it's old dusty me grow up there probably lives in a white gated community that it probably arrests me for even walking near his area all right so come on Andrew younge stop being dusty okay without me and of me Omarosa stop being dusty yes please stop being dusty anyone else so far Oh George Foreman stop being dusty so it's for me you Kmart asshole you that's why he was always pawning your grills cuz we knew you weren't shit this fucking lid in this grill nigga my burger tastes like paint stop bein dusty absolutely George Foreman you dusty chicken headed hole you them damn children Georgina Georgette's in and Georgiana Jetson Georgie Porgie stop the industy george johnson okay folks we are going to check out on that note folks we do appreciate you very much saying do you have anything you want to say to the lovely people that we love you guys and ladies and we'll we will be back I guess tomorrow yeah tomorrow night tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. time absolutely of course this is your man Prince Solomon and this is your girl sincere peace we appreciate you very much Lane Lane this like a 3% chance I'll get run out of the league if I speak my mind leave black men I saw the neither blast everybody wanna be a nigger but nobody want to be in there about that question

36 thoughts on “Andrew Young Sympathy for White Nationalist

  1. +Thought Crimes
    One of the dopest improvised skit I"ve every seen (heard)
    But so much truth to it
    Put som respek on dat

  2. Prince and sin.. y'all gotta get more face time… the world needs to see your beautiful black features.

  3. Yes… Mr. Cokely went IN on Andrew Yound, Jackson and the rest of them! When i fist saw that i knew a little of that information but he went IN.

  4. Pathetic. This nigga half way dead and still scared. Non-violence isn't an option against white supremacy. We need to be smart but also be about that life.

  5. Amy not even funny all she do is steal ppl jokes and she not on level of Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle levels. Bitch be humble.Andrew Young done lost his damn mind

  6. Schumer needs to shut her foot face ass up. Like you steal jokes, you're not funny, and you have a politician in her family. I don't trust that bitch.

  7. The Civil Rights Generation was a farce!! They didn't build anything to pass down to those of us who came after them. Last year Barack Hussein Obama said the same thing to those Black Howard grads when he told them to have empathy & sympathy for middle aged, anti-Affirmative Action, White men…Smh!!

  8. Ok the "white power" skit had me on the floor….sad part though its folks out here really on that tip. Andrew Young is just old HOWEVER I question everything he's ever done….who did u really work for? Sometimes when ppl get old they slip up and say their true feelings.

  9. Y'all need to watch his mystical, fairytale documentary called The Atlanta Way: The Making of Modern Atlanta. It's bullshit on another level.

  10. "HaWhite Power"???
    Gotta get my $5.00 ready!
    Dusty Dude & Dudette awards😆😆

  11. Ok both y'all are crazy as hell,,,, that Andrew Young thing had me hollering lol , at work using headphones… Lawd 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Andrew Young is a traitor! I'm an Atlanta native and I'll never forget that he kissed white folks asses. He was never on our side! Fuck him too!

  13. I could not believe Andy's 'interview". Straight propaganda that frames Amerikka's racist narrative concerning black people, whilst muffling the righteous cries and concerns of us! Dang! All these porch kneegrows have more sympathy for the oppressor. Their time is up! These elders are dangerous to our struggle and must be put out to pasture. The fuckery is real and will stop!!!! Reparations in the form of highly degradable 'whyte pussy'. How base can some of us be???

  14. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was "The Messenger" and he delivered.
    He even delivered malcolm x (I know the malcomites believe in throwing the baby out with the bath water when it comes to The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad).
    Check out how the position of mlk jr. changed after his meeting with The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in 1966.
    I HEARD that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad called him out on that church bombing in Birmingham that killed Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNAir, Carole Robertso and Cynthia Weatley.
    Being a student of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I believe this is something he did, I heard his public admonishment of mlk jr. on the bombing.
    The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad really taught during "table talk".
    andrew young, maynard jackson and shirley franklin are the reason atlanta is like hollywierd.
    All the aforementioned are and were boule and white-lite.

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