Andrew Scheer vs. Lynn Beyak: Conservative party’s fight over populism

Andrew Scheer vs. Lynn Beyak: Conservative party’s fight over populism

Conservative leader Andrew Shearer is facing a major political test amid lagging poll numbers there are now serious rumblings behind the scenes from party members questioning his ability to lead this morning we're asking if populist forces are dividing the conservative party it all started with this I don't need any more education I've been involved since we double-dated when I was 15 with an Aboriginal fellow and his wife that's former Conservative senator Linda conservative Senator Shearer turfed her from his caucus recently for what he called racist letters about residential schools from supporters that she put on her website back responded with a blistering attack on Shearer saying he's inexperienced and hampered by political correctness ouch it was a declaration of political Wars a really big deal this is back who says she is representing Canadians real opinions here so is this very public split a sign that populism could once again threaten party unity acts been pushing buttons on indigenous issues for a while arguing quote some good came out of residential schools she doesn't accept the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and that's that's unfortunate and she she's hurting people that have suffered needlessly for for too long after the public outcry and there was a lot of it Shearer kicked back out of his caucus she responded by posting a free speech manifesto the freedom to talk about controversial issues is a big deal for a lot of conservatives in fact Andrew Shearer campaigned on free speech still he seems to have his limits when it comes to what you can say could that have something to do with his poll numbers in a poll taken before Shearer tossed back from the Tory caucus it showed him lagging 26 points in likability way behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if she is going to win the next election he needs to appeal to the center to try to win over some right-leaning liberals the Conservatives they've been United for almost twenty years now you might not remember but before that they were split preston Manning's Reform Party champion populist issues and they sometimes got in trouble too I have some memories of this because I was a reporter on the hill covering that party like at this reform conference where they were accused of intolerance with the large crowds comes more scrutiny people are starting to look beyond the party's phenomenal growth to what it stands for after years of criticizing the three big federal parties the Reform Party is learning what it's like to be one of them but it was in it was late 80s early 90s everyone had well maybe not anyway it was 1991 and the Reform Party broke apart the Conservatives the conservative movement really Stephen Harper eventually reunited the the right but now can Andrew Shearer keep them together joining me is Rick Anderson he was Preston manis chief strategist not at that conference but a little later you saw there's been so many debates with among conservatives over the years a gay marriage abortion niqab now something on residential schools what do you think did teeth Andrew Shearer make the right call here I think he did but he has to be careful not to go so far down the path of of limiting free speech that the party membership starts to feel frustrated by that or voters at large start to feel frustrated by that but at the same time he does need to make sure the party presents a more inclusive open diverse face to the Canadian public and he's working on both of those things so your old boss Preston Manning I read an old quote of him where he he said that it's kind of like managing a robe well you let off some steam but not let it blow up I mean how do you find the lion that's the tough part about politics and about leadership generally you know the Americans have in some ways a stronger sense of a stronger philosophy about this that they they use the phrase the answer to free speech the remedy of free speech that you don't like is more speech you know that you talk those things out Preston used to talk Preston Manning is to talk about how when somebody said something you know quote son it's inappropriate and a meeting instead of the politician slamming them down call upon the rest of the room call upon the rest of the voters of the electorate to say do people agree with this and steer the conversation and form the conversation but don't just shut it down because if you just shut it down it goes and finds another outlet and sometimes that's an even darker way of proceeding and it festers then if you just actually confront these things and and talk them through so where is this now because limbic is obviously feeling she's got some support here this is quite something for a senator to come out and attack her leader and be kicked out how much support does she have who's winning this fight I you know nobody's winning this particular fight and in that regard senator Bakk will have a lot of sympathy and the party on the on the question of free speech she won't in terms of attacking the the leader personally he's trying to balance things out you know before she was removed from the caucus she was asked to remove the offensive letters from her website she refused you know so she's getting into a back-and-forth with the leader which I think we'll probably frustrate people but the point that she's making about free speech I think is an important one for the party and for the country and you know I particularly feel you don't used to be a liberal you know the Liberal Party tends to shut these debates down you know if you're a life person you're not welcomed as a candidate you're not welcome in the caucus I don't think that's healthy either so all the parties have their versions of struggling with these things almost all the time but two years from now next election will Andrew Shearer still be as a Conservative leader I think so I know be the prime minister yeah well we'll see two years ago it was easy to find people who ever thought Justin Trudeau would be Prime Minister and now you know he can do no wrong well your hair hasn't changed Rick thank you very much thank you thank you Rick Anderson

18 thoughts on “Andrew Scheer vs. Lynn Beyak: Conservative party’s fight over populism

  1. What a difference a year makes) 2019 now and cons are wiping the floor up with junior and his gang of theives. CBC may need to develop a new model.

  2. What do you think about
    • Having an unelected foreign group from outside the country makes decisions for you and how you are going to live?
    • And having government officials pledge allegiance to the head of an outside an unelected Sovereign monarch instead of the Canadian people?
    • And the courts swear allegiance to a foreign country instead of the Canadian people?
    • I, [name], do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. So help me God. A person may choose to replace the word swear with affirm, and to omit the phrase so help me God.
    • And having to pay extra taxes because interest is paid to a foreign Bank since 1974 in Canada?

  3. The CBC is racist fake news. Many people have testified to the positive aspects of residential schools.

  4. Compared to the extreme left and right parties, Justin Trudeau looks to me is a super hero. And he is not. Tip to the NDP and the conservative, don't go extreme too far left or right and modernize your people. Jesus Christ! It's 2018.

  5. I hope next time there's a conservative majority the can the CBC, I'm tired of paying to be propagandized at.

  6. Likability polls are really not a good indicator of electoral success. Let's not forget that Trump was behind Clinton double digits in likability. The liberals will probably win enough seats to form a government in 2019, but the Tories realize that. Their game plan is to make that a minority government and to hit the Grits hard on trustability, so that they return as a minority government. If they can show voters that the grits can't be trusted (using what seems to be examples coming every week out the PMO) they'll win in 2023. Obviously a victory rest on the NDP actually performing- which might not happen.

  7. Canada's Indigenous Peoples are our equivalent to the U.S DACA situation. We need to exchange their status cards for Canadian citizenship subtracting them from our rolling annual immigration #s. Make them pay taxes and sell off the reserves to private investors. Trudeau says a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. Why don't we treat all Canadians and vulnerable groups the same?

  8. I vote Liberal because I feel that the Conservatives have views and beliefs that directly contradict people's human rights and freedoms. Conservatives are essentially fascist in nature.

  9. She won’t get reelected oh wait senators in Canada aren’t elected their appointed for life by the prime minister

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