15 thoughts on “Analysis: Donald Trump's foreign policy expectations

  1. According to him when Donald Trump get insider information , Donald Trump will change his mind, and give up all his promisis to people and follow advisers Agenda. Why are they not transparent? People have right to know insider information. I do not agree with Donald Trumps methods, but this is against the people. Information should be available to all people. People have being the sheeps and dumbs who do not deserve to take deal of information. Please Americans fight for informations tranperency.

  2. Obama is a war criminal for droning civilians daily in his fake war on terrorist . I say fake because by the rules of engagement placed on military as not to compromise Isis funded by CIA thru Saudi Arabia , Qatar
    Destroying governments and installation of puppets regimes to further " The Greater Israel Project " .
    Must also have middle east
    rich countries take"refugees"
    until hostilities stop . Nobody
    talks about this important
    issues .

  3. This guy has to try to guess what Trump would do because he has no idea like the rest of the world. He's basically saying that Trump doesn't know anything and so he needs to first try to get some information into his brain.

  4. i am curious what he will do with obama care ,the wars of the usa in the world,the imigration politics and hillary clinton.
    this will be interesting

  5. American special interest group still expect their war can be continue, and they can still ultimately control Trump just like they did successfully with Obama!

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