An ideological enemy I don’t want to have.

An ideological enemy I don’t want to have.

so I'm no spring chicken man I've been on YouTube for many years and some of my subscribers and connections have been with me so to speak you know followers fans but probably just you know friendships have formed there are people that I joke around with and enjoy and I want to talk about the problem that I face right now which is my body that is a disaster and ideologically he's terrible he's an awful person but I know it's not like he goes around spitting in people's faces I'm not saying he's an awful person in that he's not likeable he'll tell a joke I'll laugh but recently we were talking and I was saying man you sound like a racist the things you've been saying and one of them was you know the squad Ilhan Omar and AOC and oh no I don't know them all which is okay they'll be with us for a long time I'm not going anywhere so I don't I don't need to worry about knowing much about them because I will learn as they run for Senate for president etc etc anyway he says they should die and he wished they were tortured and I've seen comments like this through the Young Turks like there are police officers and sheriff's that make this kind of statement people hate this wad why what are they doing so one of the reasons I like the squad is they're right about health care we should have a socialist system of health care I know this because of personal interactions with our incredibly fucked-up health care system not just the privacy fetish but also the lack of coverage and the possibility of medication being unreachable and that and therefore people dying like it's not it's not a game it's not funny and so what else are they right about there right on a lot of things actually but that's not the question the question is why would you wish that they were tortured and killed and so I was like confronting him about this and he makes it all into a joke and then he says I you know that he wouldn't want a OC to die because she's sexy now what I'm sharing a private conversation he might get pissed off about this I'm not gonna say his name I mean as I said I have his phone number you know I'm familiar with him but turning to sex after torture and death is his style and it's not like I can't perceive dark humor as a good thing sometimes I really do but what a piece of shit is I mean honestly what the fuck's your problem and all that's available because they haven't done anything wrong their freshman congressman they voted on what 20 things now so so what's your problem with them they're women and they're people of color that's it that's all I can fathom that he that he would have that kind of hatred for and I don't know what to do because it's not just that he thinks that the European world is being infiltrated by people of color from the south and I agree that refugees often come along that path and it makes sense for people to want to live in the most prosperous nations but and so but what a racist he's everything I stand against and there he is one of my very few connections online that I know will never go away and I can't change him what am I supposed to do shave my legs I'm just saying that because you're down there now well I don't know how to I don't want to be friends with my ideological enemies that much I want to be comrades with ideological partners and friends that want good thing for people good things and he just doesn't now the other thing that's happened to him is he has focus

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  1. 1:50 I wasn't expecting the comment to be that extreme. At worst i thought he was going to say something like, "I wouldn't vote for a person of color." I guess he was just trying to push your buttons? It's sad that politics has got this violent. The media (mainstream and alternative) seems to be stoking a lot of this hate.
    I've had friends who started off with positions I found sensible, who later went extreme, some going to the "Pol Pot did nothing wrong" left and others going to the far right. It's hard to deal with.
    TBH migration is one of those topics I don't think i know enough about to have a firm position on.
    2:10 While a 'socialist' healthcare system would be an improvement for the USA, it wouldn't be a panacea; I've had negative experiences with the UK system (>1 year wait times, etc) though those are small compared to the problems poor Americans face with healthcare. Every system kills some people though. I hear the French and German systems have better outcomes for more people than the UK, so if the US imitates someone it should probably imitate them and not the UK.

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