11 thoughts on “An Economist Explains Foreign Policy

  1. The only thing she explained is that foreign policy can't be explained… and it's been that way always… hence you still need me to explain the unexplainable…

  2. This video said nothing about foreign policy other than it's complicated. Also, while recognizing the complexity of foreign policy, failing to grasp that military and government leaders don't understand this as well. What a waste of digital space this is.

  3. There is no one in the world outside of some dunces who think any sort of singular action is a correct foreign policy maneuver. The fact that they brought on Dave 'Right'Bin to ask these questions shows the nuance of foreign policy entirely evades the right.

  4. As soon as I saw the title of this video, I knew I had to click it. I needed something boring to help me fall asleep. Thank you.

  5. The production of military defense could easily be financed through a voluntary insurance model. All tax financed production suffers from the economic calculation problem, including the tax financed production of military defense. How much of what kind of military production do consumers want? Should we just let politicians, who cannot represent the conflicting interests of their constituents, un-elected generals, military contractors, and the federal reserve make these decisions for us without out our consent?

  6. that's not just any "Economist", that's Abby Smith. she gave a great explanation on how war shapes government policies a few years ago in DC

  7. She actually didn't explain foreign policy in the slightest and yes this is my area of study. But, she is right it's a complex issue.

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