Amy Pope | Trump's Foreign Policy is NOT Preferable to Obama's (4/6) | Oxford Union

Amy Pope | Trump's Foreign Policy is NOT Preferable to Obama's (4/6) | Oxford Union

I now look to Amy Pope to continue the case for the opposition if a nation expects to be ignorant and free it expects what never was and never will be those are the words of the very first US Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and it begs the question what is the purpose of American foreign policy the purpose of American foreign policy is to enhance the United States standing abroad so that it can keep the United States citizens more safe and secure and I would argue that this president has failed in every respect to keep the United States safe from harm's ladies and gentlemen he is not disruptive this is not uncertain foreign policy that is meant to destabilize our adversaries there is no foreign policy and when you have actions that are untethered from strategy you put American lives at risk I'd like to talk you through three ways in which President Trump is making America less secure as a result of his actions on the foreign stage first he fundamentally misunderstands the challenges of the 21st century this is not post-world War two America this is not post-world War two Europe we are dealing with challenges that are unprecedented they are asymmetric they are transnational and they cannot be contained by one nation acting alone whether we're talking about migration terrorism infectious disease cyberattacks the challenges and the threats of the 21st century cannot be managed by President President Trump tweeting at four o'clock in the morning let's talk through one example in particular cyber and digital threats and when I talk about cyber I talk about two pieces misinformation as well as outright attacks on our infrastructure let's start first with misinformation because I think this is the much more serious threat to our democratic values we are at a moment in time where people are questioning what is fact what is truth and the questions of what are fact and truth are being undermined by the President of the United States and by a malicious Network not just state actors but non-state actors activists terrorists pranksters commercial adversaries who inject false information into the mainstream that then gets repeated over and over and over again undermining confidence in truth and let's talk about cyberattacks when you think about the pace of innovation the ways in which our country is becoming more and more networked the ways in which the world is becoming more and more networked innovation is outpacing security at every turn and that makes us vulnerable and it is a vulnerability that cannot be contained in one country look at what happened with the Russian interference in the u.s. election we know who did it we even know the names of many of the people who did it but ask yourselves how many of those people have been held accountable how many have sat before a judge how many have gone to prison none and the reason is because the nature of the threat is transnational and without the alliances the norms the relationships with partners across the globe the United States will never have the justice for that interference in that election ladies and gentlemen dealing with the threats of the 21st century requires those alliances it requires friendships it requires the exchange of information it requires the exchange of capacity and President Trump at every turn is destroying those relationships and making America less safe let's talk next about his so-called foreign policy I posit that he has no foreign policy that what we're seeing is domestic policy dressed up as foreign policy whether it's climate change whether it's migration Iran North Korea the president does not have his eye on the long-term strategic interests of the United States a case in point just several weeks ago North Korea was escalating its missile attacks one after another after another where was president Trump sir President Trump where was he North Korea was banging at his door negotiations haven't happened there was a spectacular debacle when the president tried to meet with the North Koreans and where was the president when North Korea was testing their missiles the president was talking about the southwest border wall now is that American foreign policy I asked you that was the national security issue that if you turned on any news station in the United States he would be speaking about the southwest border wall now I spent many many years working on issues involving Mexico and Central America and I can tell you and I'm sure you all know this that the border wall is not actually a very effective deterrent in the 21st century there are bad actors coming out of Central America and Mexico but these are sophisticated multi-national very well financed organizations that traffic and drugs the traffic in people and the traffic in arms and they have submarines and they have vast sophisticated tunnels under our border and they have air technology they have a million different ways to get around a border wall and president Trump is wasting his political capital talking about a border wall why you have to ask yourselves why because the 2020 presidential race is a year and a half away and he wants to make sure his base gets to the polls so he's not gonna take on the hard issues of what to do around the world instead he's going to talk about a wall and a failing solution because he knows that is what it's going to energize his base finally and this one I think doesn't get enough attention but I think it's a critically important president Trump is a roading the institutional norms and relationships in a way that is much more insidious than bureaucratic disruption and this is happening in two ways first it's the relationships with our partners with NATO with United Kingdom with Europe by devaluing these relationships he D values American power around the world now America's power is not just because we have a strong economy and a strong military it's because we can lead and others will follow when we dealt with Ebola it wasn't just the United States going into West Africa it was the UK it was France it was partners around the globe we led they followed at this moment in time if US allies cannot count on the United States the next time the United States needs to lead who's going to follow and second the president's public humiliation and disparagement of his advisors is deeply dangerous to America's positioning around the world and I know this just seems like bureaucracy you're draining the swamp but it takes real work to come to an agreement with another nation there is a building of relationships and negotiating of agreements that happens time and again before a president sits down at a table with another world leader and that's not happening here and every time the president disparages his Secretary of State his Secretary of Defense his national security adviser his defense specialists and advisers he is saying to the world you can't trust these guys I don't trust them why should he trust them and that is incredibly dangerous for what the United States needs to accomplish around the world so ladies and gentlemen I don't see that there's any other option for all of you here I urge you to oppose this motion because President Trump's policy is putting the United States at risk thank you you

25 thoughts on “Amy Pope | Trump's Foreign Policy is NOT Preferable to Obama's (4/6) | Oxford Union

  1. Watch the full debate here:

  2. She's a full out lunatic!
    MSM is the one CREATING false narrative and fake news!
    That started way before Trump came in office but HE was the ona calling them out!

  3. She has a few good points 1. "trump's foreign policy is domestic policy dressed up as foreign policy" 2. America needs to lead and others need to follow 3. Global alliance takes precedence over trading gains 4. Trump only talks about the Mexican border to rally his voter base before reelection time

  4. This lady makes me sad that she is the type of person who runs around inside the walls of the DOJ being paid with my hard earned tax dollars…smh
    Everything she said was rhetoric without any bearing on why Obama had better polices than Trump.

  5. Amy Pope…undignified illogical argument
    To posit tha Obama had a policy at all other than appeasement is just silly!

  6. Barely talks about foreign policy and never talks about it in relation to Obama’s. Actual waste of time and breath.

  7. "we are at a time when people are questioning what is fact"
    That is a strange premise because that is not new, and has never been.
    Throughout history, most nations and people have had to deal with misinformation ON BOTH SIDES.
    "values of democracy" are indeed at stake. When misinformation is used to restrict (and knowingly so) a sitting president by the opposing side – that is an erosion of democracy. A president making fun of news agencies and telling people to be critical of them – IS NOT !!
    In fact, the very foundation of democracy and believing information given, is to be critical of it.
    Jefferson (a USA president) was told to have eaten babies and other crazy nonsense. The USA experienced "yellow journalism" in the 1890s. The UK had to deal with "tabloid journalism" as well.

    A few questions is never asked by those pushing the "Russian" interference narrative: What effect did it have, by how much, and how much compared to other influences. By Google's and Facebook's standard and costs – the Russians spent and did very little compared to the BILLIONS spend on the campaign. Also, many other countries (bloggers, paid by corporations, political think tanks , etc… the UK included) had an influence online as well . Why are they not held accountable?!
    The Russia argument is not only dead with an investigation that showed no collusion or coordination, it shows it had a negligible influence. The investigation into Trump's administration provided by Russian informants, has had a much larger influence on people voting. In fact, it has had the more influence by any country shown in the last decade.

  8. I thought that Trump has "America First" "foreign policy" and constantly praises himself as being smart or smartest like he did to evade tax (publicly stated in public debate with Clinton).

    However, can you really find even one state/nation/country top leader who was/is not for his country first in the whole world and in the whole history of mankind? Some policies may even appear to be serving the others better (e.g. Marshall Plan) but in the end is benefiting leader's own country the most (to achieve the required goals). You just do not say it. This (America First) "smartest" policy is the stupidest/dumbest one I can think of (my view only).

    In the end, a top leader of any nation needs some basic qualifications and traits (education, experience, etc.) that Trump obvious lacks many of. I feel very sorry and upset that US elected such leader.

  9. Israhell has a backdoor into every Windows computer in the world. Security risk? Project Talpiot. Unit 8200. B.I.R.D.

  10. Trump'f Foreign Policy? Beyond self-enrichment, what is it? I say again, what is it? (Slogans need not apply as answers to this question.)

  11. Names talking points and then repeats "Trump doesn't understand".
    Admits that the mainstream media is full of lies but doesn't acknowledge their biases and uses them as a source.
    Some of the weakest propaganda delivery I've seen to date.

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