America’s Got Talent 2018 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

America’s Got Talent 2018 Auditions | WEEK 1 | Got Talent Global

Just pick one anyone oh You can see it. Okay. Can you write your name? Okay My name is inside I’m like glass or something. It’s like sealed inside With marina and this is my mom city Lana. And what do you do we train cats cats? Yes gets quiet How many 10 cats and one doc Wow, yeah Wow, there’s a million dollars up for grabs and headlining Vegas. So good luck They do what they want those pets you have a cat I used to have a cat When I feel like it And who you we are Zuko, okay, what do you do? We do acrobatics and gymnastics, right? We are not professionals. We take people for whatever if their skills or not. They are able to enjoy us Okay, and why did you decide to come on America’s Got Talent with this act because this is the big stage in the world Where I can show our skills and our talent, that’s a reason, okay We’ll listen the best of luck guys. Thank you Okay, let’s go I am collecting my breath and I just I need some oxygen right now This is spray, this is first, this is Herman today, this is me What’s your name? My name is Vicki Barba lack. What are you gonna be doing for us today? I’m a ballerina No, no, no, I I can’t I can’t be a ballerina because I want dinner. I’m a comedian you can You know comedy I think is one of the hardest things to do Because you have to entertain a whole entire room and make us all laugh. Is that what’s going on here? Oh I Can’t wait to see this. Good luck Heidi you’re looking at me like you never saw trophy wife in Los Angeles before. I’m sorry. I Gotta say yesterday. I had a lot of nervous energy and I decided I’d go out to Donnelly men’s prison for a conjugal visit and With like raining three drops of rain, you know in San Diego that’s like a blizzard so it took like three hours to get out to Donnelly for the conjugal visit And I’m not kidding you I Drive all the way out there and it turns out at Donnelly you have to know somebody It’s ridiculous he hated that some things just don’t make sense to me like that Elon Musk guy He could put a rocket up in the sky, you know, and it comes back down and earth lands on a paper cup Right, but nobody nobody can design a bra. It doesn’t feel like recycled shrapnel. What’s up? I’m gonna try one here, but I need a bra. It’s necessary, right? I take my bra off my boobs fall down like a broken mini blind I Mean it this is all being taken care of. This is oh, I’m in therapy. I’m in therapy. We’re good. We’re good You know, it’s like it’s status symbol today like I’m in therapy There’s actually a court order for me, okay, so not lyin And you have to be really careful with therapists like it’s our only job to find things wrong with you right this woman She’s like so Vicki Do you ever drink alone? No, no way only alcoholics drink alone. All right. I read all those pamphlets in your office now No, I always wait till their kids get home from school, right Hi, what’s your name? Okay, let me try again well welcome to America’s Got Talent anyway There Oh my god My god, well people died in a building ways suicide victims to blame. Oh my gosh Yes, the fire choose a name Say Bob Suicide victim to blame. Oh my god My hands shaking and what’s under the board don’t even ask I Just guessed the random name Who’s here I’m telling this over? Bobby’s behind me That is you should go away go away now, that’s crazy What’s your name, please we heard the junior a new system from Manila Philippines How long have you been a group he’ll be dancing for nine years and we’re all named Bursk Why we flown in to do America’s Got Talent. This is our dream to be in this world biggest stage Because in the Philippines, um, here we are sweet children These are happy tears, yes because this is the big dream Happy yes, this is our dream to be here in America’s Got Talent you’re everything to Invest a lot guys. Thank you Hi guys, well you all look very very dapper, so thank you for dressing up. Thank you What is the name of your group bangtan a woman? Eh, oh Where you guys from? We are from Denver, Colorado So, what does that name actually mean, it’s Italian and it’s our favorite opera song I work in real estate I run a small advertising agency. I work in investment banking actually right across the street. So don’t tell my boss. I’m here. I Have a podcast with my mom Okay What are you gonna be doing for us today? My heart will go on by el Divo. Okay Well, good luck guys. Thank you And what’s your name please we are we three Okay, and we’re a sibling banned from McMinnville, Oregon what chalet? My name is Joshua How do you Joshua 27 and you are my name is Bethany? I’m 24 and I’m Annie and I’m 21. Nice to meet you. And who are you here with today? Dad Okay. Tell me the story about you guys Well, our dad had a family band with his siblings and we kind of decided to do the same thing. I like that What’s the soul of what’s it about? It’s about our mother who passed away from cancer about two years ago, and it’s a song written from her perspective Kind of talking to us in like her last month. Well, we’ll listen best of luck guys. Thank you. Thank you Honey I thought you should know I’m Marie I’ve gotta move more, but it’s just temporary I see your view Is gone So kill the cancer be strong I think Rattles my chance I can hear the voices food Is replicating harder I can hear this hiss coming from my daughter He’s not too far away Honey I thought you should know it I mean of me It’s just me my Name is Ian Brown and way from him. I live in South Carolina, but I was born and raised in Scotland Oh, I guess there’s about 20 years ago. Okay. Tell me about the axe what you’re gonna do, please well I am NOT here to be on stage talent. I’m here because I want to be a judge on the show on this show Why? Like many people in America. I sit at home and say Simon that’s the wrong decision Howie. That’s the wrong decision. I want to be able to do that The job interview it’s like a job interview. Yeah, who’s your favorite judge? I could have you agree with the most like who you owe I Usually say things the way I see them, right? And I think that’s what Simon that I haven’t called So that means you would swap with him Well, that’s a tough decision. You know Simon it’s your show and we have to keep the male-female balance right here What are you saying You think you can do what I do sure And you think you could do what I do better than I do sure I Think I know where this is going. So why did she come and replace him? Oh he did Now it’s been nice working with you by the way Who are you Oh Jay, it’s a cool day. Where you from. I’m from, Savannah, Georgia How are you? I’m 14 14 Okay, and who you here with today my mom so why you be decided to come on America’s Got Talent first off I’m a rapper I rap yeah Because before I was born my father he was a rapper. Yeah and um He died before I was born so he didn’t fulfill his dream so that’s what I’m that’s what I’m here to do good And This is something which you’ve written yourself. Yes, I wrote it. I was scared I was like, I don’t know if I should put this out cuz I don’t know if they’re ready yet What if you feel passionate about it? This is exactly what you should be doing. Yes. Okay, so good luck with routine. Thank you If you would have put that gun down Then he would have been here right now and if he would have put that gun down And she would have been here right now and if you would have put that gun down Then they would have been here right now if you would have put that gun down listen Do you know what it’s like to not have a father? I don’t want to talk too much. You can’t mad at your mom I know you ain’t gonna pick up the phone. I still call you. The reason that I’m so bad. I never saw you And they see me coming up But I’ll just turn awareness of people doesn’t get it. Yeah If you wouldn’t put that gun down Then you would have been here right now If you wouldn’t put that gun down Then she wouldn’t be here right now Then they would have been here right now if you want to put that gun down everybody put your guns down

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  2. nkaka proud naman makita kababayang pinoy sa americas got talent… and for sacred riana wala naman ngbabawal na sumali sya, iba naman ang asian got talent sa americas got talent..

  3. Zucaroh should’ve won. Okay, I get it, magic is cool and stuff, but what Zucaroh does just takes your breath away.

  4. Why is nobody talking about the water one?? That was nasty 🤢 and i don't see no talent in spitting water in other ppls mouth.

  5. please just tell me WHY americans LOVE to die of cancer instead of a one time $20 spend to buy some cesium chloride and STAY ALIVE???

  6. Filipino be Proud co'z of the one the contestant of America's Got Talent is Amazing and Superb Talent. the Group of the Dancing Skills, Mabuhay Filipino.

  7. animals should not be involved especially when it can be dangerous or cruel for them like for this cats , they were put in danger !!!!! Jury should stop it !!! I am truly disappointed !

  8. Undoubtedly, the best talents witnessed by the world today! For me, the talent that truly stood out was the magical card performance by SynLim. The talent showcased by this young magician just can't be emulated & replicated by anyone else – hence, it's the defining & ultimate talent available among the participants!

  9. I can't believe they trained those cats?!?!? I can't imagine a cat being trained to do anything! I've had a few … 🙂 Still, I don't like performing animals … I find it kind of inhumane in a way, as odd as that sounds. For me it's like the way we put animals in our cages in our zoos …

  10. Tyra looks beautiful with tears in her eyes when the band is playing for their mom. I haven't seen her that vulnerable before.

  11. Flaujee moves me so much. The US are so mad with their "freedom"to have weapons. What has to happen to change the US citizens attitude to this topic? Greets from Germany

  12. I don’t like the act with the cats!! Yeah I know they’re sweet and cuddly but you can’t swirl them around!!! They’re not dogs
    Cats do what they want and you can’t force them to do something they never did before
    This climbing is not good for there backs
    I love cats
    I had 5 so please don’t judge me
    This is just my opinion about this performance and I hope you understand🥰

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