America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

100 thoughts on “America’s First Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship

  1. Bare knuckle is safer than gloves…

    Don't believe me? The cushioning does much more damage, you get knocked out more easily than bare-knuckle. Bare knuckle is a smaller surface area, it hits and grazes smaller areas.
    The bigger surface area hits a greater diameter, therefore..More damage.

  2. Gloves are more dangerous I think bare knuckle fights over much quicker the guy not taken blow after blow in his head for 30 mins or more causing brain damage. Not as many punches thrown and bare knuckle your going through more body shots and to keep from breaking your hands

  3. Dudes gonna be bankrupt… its ironic they use joe rogan saying they should take out the gloves….until he saw this shit and said neverrrrmind shit is way to cutty. He does not condone anymore.

  4. Seeing this I believe that someday PORN will be seen as a sport….and we will see "Fucking" competition where a guy will be a winner because he fucks well than the others and a girl will be a winner because she sucks well…. I am waiting for those days

  5. I was against it at first but what the hell. This looks like fun; I would pay to see this for sure. You'll end up with more scars but I bet it leads to less brain injuries on virtue of the fact that you can't punch your opponent in the head as hard or as many times with an ungloved hand vs a gloved hand. They also have doctors on ringside and everything.

    I say this because a gloved hand protects your knuckles allowing you to hit harder and more often. Now you can't hit as much but your knuckles carve up your opponent. I still think it's safe for the most part and that's what's important.

  6. Why is it that we don’t have the right to live our lives as we wish to and how is it that we have to be told what we can do. Governments aren’t working for us and neither are they police and federal agencies they have changed their original rolls to they control us

  7. I like tattoos, I love to see a tattoo on a woman but WTF is this? Tattooing your head, your neck and half of your body is disgusting. I can understand a half sleeve tattoo on a man but over tattooing makes the girl look like an 18th century sailor.

  8. They need to shut this down as soon as possible, in this video you don't see the person in charge getting into a fight but I bet he made alot of money off of it.

  9. Something so significant and breakthrough in its own right and the dude comes in overweight. You'd almost think they'd maybe sorta oversee the certain aspects leading up to fightnight that could stop one of the few fights from occurring and leaving a stain and giving ammo to anyone against the sport

  10. I tell you right now… If this was around when i was growing up and going to school i would have played and really succeeded at it, i am real short and real light, so i can't box, i don't have the weight, i can't wrestle i don't have weight, i couldn't play any sport, football basketball, i wasn't built for that i was good but instantly disqualified when it came to legit out of grade school competition because im 5'4 125 pounds…. I was never able to compete. But bare knuckle fighting, i have hospitalized two people in self defense growing up, won several street fights growing up because my body is designed light, extremely fast and my knuckles have an unusual shape… And to go with that is my temperament i am extremely temperate and time slows down when i'm fighting or struggling for survival i think quicker, i am wiser and i have more power. i discovered my knuckles are designed to cut on impact. I was built by hundreds of thousands of years of evolution to bare knuckle fight and it hasn't been a competition till now… Think about that.
    I can't do what i was designed by nature to do. Well done you guys on making this sport, i am an insta fan

  11. This is really how boxing got started. If you have never been in the ring then you might not know what it's like to fight hand to hand boxing, and getting owned by your opponent. Then getting knocked down. That's something nothing in life can ever prepare you for. This old school boxing of bear knuckle fighting is going to be even more awesome.

  12. The bobby Gunn fight was so fake it was a joke! Why he keeps doing these fake fixed fights to call himself this bare knuckle champ is beyond me!

  13. I support this adults can do what they want you can't tell someone how to live their life, you don't like it good for you carry on karen.


  15. Wait I don't understand. Gloves were made to protrct the fighters' hand. What is Joe on about? That's why in Pancrase they had palm strikes

    He even said that in his podcast and is well known in boxing. The fingers, hands is not meant for punching. That why you wrap and glove it. I'm not against this, just don't understand Joe's point 😆😆😆

  16. This is NOT bare knuckles fighting. This is wrist taped no skill fighting. Take of that ridiculous layers of tape and watch how quickly all these "bare knuckle" fighters BREAK their hands wrists etc. There is a TECHNIQUE in fighting truly empty handed and taping up is no different then mma gloves. Be real men about it and truly fight bare!

  17. me: first time ive seen women without gloves that dont head grab………..
    5 seconds later starts grabbing opponents head and wailing on her
    me: oh nvm

  18. It’s kind of how like NFL players get worse injuries with all the armour, as opposed to rugby players with nothing but padding (sometimes). I guess there is also differences in tackling too…

  19. Hey you will get the people especially the new ones because yeah old fist fights was that. UFC will try to keep you down but keep fighting and you will win

  20. Dude, this is actually terrible. This is the first thing I’ve ever seen the public try to make cool that I’ve ever been like wow, don’t do that. This is that. Keep the savage underground stuff underground. Nobody wants to see that.

  21. Hope dude at 12:50 delivers. That foo's talk mostly is real. Last part shows that lack of humble but fuck it. Let's see

  22. I love how Estevan Payan started to talk shit about the UFC when he got worked in every fight when he was fighting for them

  23. Breaking they knuckles and cutting they face on the first fight? Hows a fighter suppose to make a career outa that. Thumbs down , this is like watching dogs fight

  24. Я б вдул австралийке! 😎☝️
    Тот самый русский коммент, который ты искал)

  25. first bare knuckle event in the world…? i call BS Gypies do this as a sport and to settle scores have done way before you put your "event" on

  26. Damn looks legit 🔥
    BUT the chick holding neck looked little out of control commentators didn't know what to think?? She was seriously out skilled by opponent …. :/

  27. Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. This is what should be happening, to bring bare knuckle boxing out of the shadows and into the light. It's what is best for the fighters, who will fight whether underground or promoted openly.

  28. might as well let people have a shoot off or play paintball gun with actual guns instead of paintball and say , oh well if they agree and htey are adults and know the risks then let them do it.


    Humans aren't meant/designed for fighting each other.

  29. what's the point of putting an suggestive emotional audio clip over some guy sayign he wants a chance at getting famous and rich and willing to do some brutal fighting for the sake of that, it's not positive bro, it's leading people on to a bad path

  30. 1700 ?……shows a train go by……
    I get the analogy
    Wolf bite that crunches through a moose femur is 1500 PSI……So…..ouch.
    Note to self…..give extra raw meaty bones to wolf tonight ❤

  31. Yeah i don’t see how this is bad, You can choke people out and Break bones on purpose in the UFC lol how is bare knuckle worse

  32. Got a text message from one of our biggest haters saying the show sucked . So told him thanks for the purchase hahaha .. love it 🤣🤣👍👍

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