America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

America’s Deported Veterans: La Frontera

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  1. We went to Tijuana to meet a group of veterans who have been expelled by the U.S. Government.
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  2. This is why we need to reinforce our border but make it easier for people to gain citizenship, If the parents didn't bring their children to America illegally this never would have happened.

  3. This guy was not betrayed, he was a common peasant criminal. He may have served his country, but ultimately he was nothing more then a common hood. He made his choices. He ran drugs for the cartels, so he pays the price……….good-bye, so well, so long, never see you again unless we dig up yours bones from a common Mexican unmarked grave.

  4. All these guys are nothing but two-bit hoods. They broke the law, so they pay. Normal veterans who are discharged do not go on drunken rages, nor do they shoot up places.

  5. This should be a lesson for are you Spanish brothers who fight for the American flag you are being lied to deceived and Rob of your own dignity to fight for the devil himself

  6. This is disgraceful.. These are our brothers and sisters, in arms and in life. I'm natural born and they deserve citizenship more than I do. This is so not right!! I'm sorry, with love and hoping for your return, your sister

  7. US armed forces: Serve the country, automatic citizenship

    US department of homeland security: Wait, you're not a citizen yet? GET OUT

    Really guys, really

  8. Imagine getting kicked out of a country for committing crimes, I mean if he didn’t do does drug runs he prolly wouldn’t be in Mexico oh did I just come up with common sense or just because u are in the military means u are immune to laws

  9. Give them citizenship! They fought for our country, they deserve it! I don’t care if they’re whites, black, Latino, Asian, etc. If they put their lives on the line for America they should be given citizenship.

  10. Imagine not commting a crime while on your green card. Imagine not being deported if you just had been a good boy. Or is this too much common sense?

  11. This is a disgraceful, they were willing to die for America and they were betrayed. And to the people saying that they're criminals and drug addicts, have you considered that they may of suffered from PTSD which can lead to people committing crimes.

  12. I've been enlisted the last 11 years of my life. I personally know what it takes to be a soldier, to be deployed. Away from your wife & kids. These soldiers may have made a mistake, that doesn't pardon their heroism and patriotism that they gave to this country. Give them citizenship, give them citizenship right now! 🇺🇸

  13. I honor and respect these dudes for not turning their backs on us I'm fighting for a country that has turned their backs on them I tip my hat to them

  14. Thats an example for all the young generation so they can open there eyes.this fucking goverment is worst but they play to be the good ones in all the world even tho in war they kill women an kids…mexico should deport them to iraq for being ag as int there own country

  15. Wow…What the hell America! There were many guys in my unit that thought the same thing…”if I join I get my citizenship”. I hope America fixes this. This honestly pisses me off badly.

    So was that all a lie? “If you serve you get citizenship?” Or was there a process these guys didn’t follow? What was the reason?

    Someone should answer for this if it was a lie.

  16. I can argue so many thing wrong with my government. But I will argue that this is one of the worst things I have heard. These veterans where promised citizenship and sacrificed their very lives to serve my country, and in the end are disposed and treated as less than. I never knew this was an ongoing problem until today, and that in itself is a problem because no one is talking about this. I will argue they are more of a citizen than me, simply because they have done something I could do

  17. Im anti-illegal immigration but its a damn shame that these VETS got deported. Pisses me off that illegals make it hard for these guys to stay citizens.

  18. There deport ing the good people and letting the bad stay……democrats are socialist… for trump just because he building the wall doesn't mean hes blind…..

  19. Our Veterans that got deported back to Mexico who served our country fought for our freedom need to come home ! the only reason why they got deported is so that our government would not have to pay them what is due to them for being Veterans ! as United States citizens need to fight for these men and women that got deported to Mexico, and bring our veterans home! get off your asses and get this Trump the devil out of our White House !!!.

  20. I think these US veterans should be granted citizenship, barring any criminal acts. They gave their lives for us US CITIZENS especially if they were told they would be citizens when they left the military.

  21. Come on guy, wearing an NCO stripe but you were only an E4 Specialist… And he was a POG… No wonder he got deported lol

  22. The French have a thing if you serve for a certain amount of years in the military you can apply for citizenship but if you get injured in battle you can apply immediately. The us needs to start doing that.

  23. If you are willing to give your life for the US, you deserve to live here. What the US government has done is absolutely shameful and ungrateful, not only to these people who risked their live for us, but to the citizens of America as well. It makes all people of America look like shit.

  24. I’m not one for people going to a errand live off the backs of the tax payers. But damn you got people not from America defending his brothers in arms. Does his time then deported. Yeah I got a huge problem with that

  25. I think everyone knows why the don't want them back that represents millions of dollars in Medicare and financial aid for all this heroes.

  26. And people ask why we cross illegally and work undercover, staying silent and surviving an not bothering no one. Just leave hardworking immigrants alone and if any immigrant weather Latin America, Europe, asia, africa do a serious violent crime they should be deported but someone with no serious criminal history should live at peace.

  27. Everyone new they had to get their citizenship they had mor than enough TIME even vets let's stop and take responsibility and quit the BS

  28. Their hearts are American, they served in the Military of the USA.
    Getting in trouble so what if they can serve as an American service member then they should be helped to become a citizen of the USA. My serious and humble opinion.

  29. There must be some type of term and condition that indicates if you break a law after being granted citizenship by enlisting in the arm forces you will be deported… because there’s thousands Breaking the Law going to jail and being released

  30. the military also has military police and military prisons, and just like civilians have no special privilege ,, current member or veteran and fair process of justice if you do a Crime you will be deported no special privilege ,, current member or veteran and fair process of justice you can not expect the military to save you from your very own criminal convictions

  31. well it shouldnt matter if you went to our Army , I see it like this.. if you served our military and went to war for us then your citizenship shouldnt been issue.. By you or any mexican that served in our military's and was in war for our country then your Honored as any other man that served. You earned that citizenship . and i will say this.. You are by far of any others that did same thing as you then i stand proud next to you and thank you for your service. shouldnt matter then.. you risk your life for our country you should be givin rights to stay

  32. The are traidors go back to USA asshole they traded mexico I don't know why they are in Mexico they are garbage It is illegal to wear that foreign military uniform in Mexico not even mexico should help them in anything technically they are no longer Mexican
    The are just human trash

  33. Se me hace bien ridículo el amor que le tienen los gringos a los veteranos, casi los ven como Dioses 🙄
    Según leí un día a un gringo que decía que esa gente es lo máximo y estaban por todo el mundo para salvar vidas y ayudar a otros países en desgracia y que son miles de personas dispuestas a sacrificar su vida pero en el Huracán Katrina necesitaron la ayuda de la armada de México porque no pudieron ellos solos con sus miles de militares dispuestos a "ayudar por todo el mundo" 😂😂😂😂😂literal hay videos y recuerdo ver en la tele a los soldados mexicanos rescatando gente en New Orleans y dándoles de comer a los damnificados. Ahí ni todos sus soldaditos pudieron con el paquete. LOL


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