Americans Try To Pronounce Massachusetts Towns

Americans Try To Pronounce Massachusetts Towns

– I got a few cousins that know their “Glow-chest-ers”
from their “Glow-sters”. (buzzer buzzing) So, I think I can do this. – [Voiceover] “Bill-rica.” – It sounds like someone’s name. – “Bill-air-ica.” – It is an alternate name for America. – Is the double L pronounced
like a Y like in Spanish? – “Bee-yer-ica.” – How else can you
possibly pronounce this? – “Bill-rica.” Then where’s, there’s an E there that everyone’s forgetting about! – I like it better as “Bill-air-ica”. It’s more patriotic. – [Voiceover] “Glaw-stir.” – Like, there should be an H in here. And then I would know how to say it. – “Glow-sister.” – “Glow-chester?” – “Glow-sister.” – “Glow-chester?” – “Glow-stir.” Next. – Noooooo! I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. – It’s “Glaw-stir”, it’s that simple? – [Voiceover] “Co-chich-you-it.” (laughs) – This one is really hard. – What? – “Co-chee-twa-tay.” – “Cotch-uh-watt-ay.” – “Cuh-shis-too-ay.” – “Cotch-i-twait.” – Sounds like a curse word. (bleep bleep) – “Coach-i-twit?” (laughs) Wow. – Are they just trying to trick you? – [Voiceover] “Lemon-stir.” – “Leo-minster?” – “Low-minster.” – “La-minster.” – “Lemon-stir?” – “Lemon-stir?” – What the hell happened to the O? – [Voiceover] “Lester”. – What the hell? There’s too many E’s in this word. – “Lie-stir.” – “Lie-sister.” – “Lee-stir.” – “Less-is-tur.” – I don’t even know what
sounds letters make anymore. – “Lester?” – Nailed it. – Hold up a second. – I know someone named Lester, and that’s not how it’s spelled. – Why even have all these letters if you’re not gonna
use ’em, Massachusetts? – [Voiceover] “Hey-ver-ill.” – I would say “Have-er-hill”, but, by my knowledge of today,
it’s probably like, it’s probably just pronounced “hill”. “Hah-vur-hill.” – “Have-er-hill.” How do you mispronounce that? – “Have-er-hill”, I’m saying every letter, for the sound that the
dictionary gives it. – “Have-uh-hill?” – “Hey-vur-hill?” – Harry Potter hill? – “Hivv-er-hill.” – “Avril.” – “Hey-ver-ill?” Oh my gosh. – Not a real word. – Either pronounce them
the way they’re written, or write them differently, Massachusetts. – [Voiceover] “Wuss-ter.” – This one I know because
it’s like the sauce, right? “War-chest-er, War-shuss-ter” sauce? – “War-shiss-ter.” – “Worse-ter.” – “Wah-sister.” – “Wuss-ter.” Yeah. – “Wuss-ter?” – Let’s ignore R’s, and (bleep) it, let’s ignore C’s and E’s too. – This is why the rest of America doesn’t like to hang out with you. – (sighs) I’m never
going to Massachusetts. – I just don’t know how anyone ever knows where they’re going,
because if someone was like, go to “Wursh-er” or, what is it? “Wuss-ter”, I would look
on the map for five hours and be like, this isn’t
a place, I’m going home. – You know, did I do
my family proud today? No, I did not, but… go Red Sox!

100 thoughts on “Americans Try To Pronounce Massachusetts Towns

  1. Gee sorry sir, we Massachusetts people make it clear we have higher intellect. As a Falmouth resident i'm in hysterics, "hAAvErHiLL". Like B0i.

  2. The only reason u would get all these right:

    If ur Italian parents grew up in boston and lived in the same neighborhood as their whole entire family.

  3. Man I would love seeing them react to street names on the cape😂 bc I swear mousetrap lane and stepping stone ave exist 😂😂😂 btw like if you’ve been to any of these places🤟

  4. “This is why the rest of America doesn’t like to hang out with you”

    Me: uhh… no, you’re all just jealous of us

  5. I was waiting for them to say my town and then they pronounced towns next to my town im disappointed lol 😆

  6. Honestly, not all towns are like this. I live near boxford, topsfield, Middleton, Danvers, north reading, and Salem. They don’t all have weird names people

  7. On my husband's account-This was too funny.Oh man and the guy @:16 just kept getting more pissed off as the video continued,lol

  8. On my husband's account-P.S. Again, the guy @:16 got some serious MA issues,lol As the"olde" saying goes"If you can't stand the heat,get out of the kitchen.!" He couldn't handle MA anyway.Try getting around the"southern artery",Mass.Ave & many,many,many… rotaries,Sagamore Bridge…Need I continue…

  9. I find this strangely amusing. I’m from West Springfield. I want to make people I know do this lol. These people are idiots if they get all worked up over it.

  10. I might be a bit bias but Mass is by far the best state. Look at history, we have the best education, the first state to require kids to go to school, and we basically started the revolution

  11. I live in Massachusetts, and we you forgot some:

    Lowell (low – woahel)
    Dracut (dray – kit)
    Chelmsford (kems – foerd)

  12. Moving to Leicester in 3 weeks. I'm so glad I watched this video. I'm from Memphis…. Def wouldn't have gotten any of these right 😂

  13. I’m currently going to college in Louisiana in a little town called Natchitoches. Anyone wanna take a crack at that? ‘Cause if you ain’t from Louisiana I’ll tell you this, you are wrong.

  14. If you think this is bad, consider this: NH, VT, and MA have overlapping town names, and they're not pronounced the same from state to state. Concord, MA and Concord, NH have different pronunciations; Haverhill, MA and Haverill, NH have different pronunciations, and where there aren't British town names with unusual pronunciations, there are towns/rivers with names taken directly from the Native Americans (especially in Maine).

  15. when the guy says "This is why the rest of America doesn't want to hangout you" really insults me. but why didnt they do Athol??

  16. Why do americans are obssessed with the accents of other places around the world …. They do have a Very nice american accent.

  17. My husbands from Massachusetts and I'm from Michigan. We say things so differently!! I say roundabout he says rotary 🙄 he pronounces aunt differently from me

  18. Born in Worcester, moved to Texas. Its really fun asking people to pronounce Worcester or even Massachusetts. Most people pronounce Massachusetts as mashashushits. It sounds like they are swearing.

  19. I think I can think of a few more
    Montague(for anyone who never read Romeo and Juliet)
    I can say these easily

    Because I’m from New England

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