Americans Try British Snacks For The First Time

Americans Try British Snacks For The First Time

100 thoughts on “Americans Try British Snacks For The First Time

  1. The short hair girl thinks that we're too posh for sour sweets but then she says that toxic wastes r the most sour sweets in the world, she clearly hasn't had a black death

  2. Girl with the short hair is a fucking nightmare, she clearly knows nothing about but also hates the British?

  3. “I feel like there to fancy for that and they only eat toffe” —(every english person) “oi oi mate here comes the chavs and the road men”

  4. No. By Crisps, we mean Crisps. They’re crispy. You chip off part of the potato to make fries – it’s why we call them CHIPs. Because we’ve CHIPPED part off.
    Get it right.

  5. Toxic wastes aren’t even sour 😂 in primary we used to put all of them in our mothers at once 🤣 the winner got £1 😂

  6. I don't think they are talked about in this video, but can I just say that English muffins are not a thing. Personally I have had them a few times, but most people I know have never heard of them.
    Also I'd like to see the short haired woman come to Britain – she'd probably go into shock. 😅

  7. Toxic wastes aren’t even that sour there a sweet shops by my house where there’s these things called mega sours and they are soo much worse

  8. You should visit the UK you'd definitely change the stereotype that all of us are fancy because 🤔😂😂😂😂

  9. I am from America and I feel like I need to apologise because she reminded me of a spoiled brat…very ignorant!!

  10. I feel none of us are fancy you cunts. Bloody hell.

    That is the most British thing I've said. And yes, I'm British.

  11. I f***ing hate the girl with the short brown hair she really pissed me off stop offending the British I am British.

    It feels like British packaging
    We have mascots we don’t eat them. We also have mascots!🤬🤬

  12. I put a whole pack of toxic waste in my mouth when I was in secondary school.. My tongue swelled up and took on a brain like texture. Good times! I've not had them since.

  13. I feel like I need to set a few things straight… 1. Toxic waste was never banned in the UK. However, a lot of the tabloid newspapers had some angry parents complaining because of its high sourness that was causing blisters on children's tongues and in their mouths, but it wasn't actually banned from being sold. 2. Most of these foodstuffs are from an upmarket chain of supermarkets called Marks and Spencers (M&S) and it is REALLY not a place you would shop if you didn't have a disposable income or are aged 60+ and retired with a really good pension.

    I'm quite disappointed in this video, it doesn't portray to me quintessential British snacks – pork pie? Walkers crisps? Bakewell tart? Victoria sponge? Ploughman's sandwich? Sausage roll? I'm really not sure about this video, the Colin caterpillars are just mini chocolate cake rolls covered in chocolate, Percy pigs are just fruit gums and the crisps? Well they're just crisps! Epic fail.

  14. Lol UK isn't fancy it's scary, knife crime is reaching New heights in statistics. Get rid of this fancy stereotype as it makes you naive to the reality of London.

  15. ‘Colin The Caterpillar’ started out his product life as a birthday cake. He became a bit of a cult product, so was also turned into the mini rolls you see here.

  16. “Why would you take steak and cover it with puff pastry?”
    Gordon Ramsay: (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

  17. Not even Brit but girlie with the short hair, you are the reason why people don't like americans. She was stereotypically american there.

  18. What a bad representation of Uk snacks. No sensations, no dairy milk Cadbury, no magic stars, no Aeros not even Jaffa cakes.

  19. Americans may not have Flying Saucers, but like isn't the cover of the candy a common thing everywhere? We call it "edible paper" in my country and they were all like super weirded out about it.. smh

  20. im British i will say every British classic has there mum go get them sweets and they end up getting Percy pigs i mean i only had them once but my sister loves them so my house is full

  21. Dear Americans watching this .. I am British & all of these foods are not British classic snacks (apart from the saucers) & they are from a shop that is £££ not a local supermarket that actually sells British classics snacks that we would actually reach out for. Who put this woman in charge to pick British snacks?!?!

    American with the short hair please shut up 🤐

  22. I’ve been waiting for the ‘Queen’s’ Battenberg cakes guyss!!! Come onn!! Also, toxic waste surprisingly isn’t the most sour we have😬we got these sour coated boiled sweets from the sweet shop, don’t even think they have a brand honestly, but they were so sour it was hard to even put it in your mouth😭

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