100 thoughts on “Americans & Russians Swap Snacks

  1. I went to the county fair with my boyfriend (he's half Russian) and got the experience of having burnt sugar and aside from the occasional Stroganoff my mom makes that's the only Russian food experience I have, and it gives me a good impression.
    The fish stuff looks amazing.

  2. Hamericans: we traded lunch boxes
    Ruski: we traded cigarettes
    Balkans: we traded rakija

    It's true coming from a true Bulgarian

  3. Why do the Russians have American accents and doesn’t that mean that they have lived in America which then means they should have had most of these snacks

  4. The Russian dude with the girl seems more America than all of them. And I'm sure since he sounded so American lol he had all these snacks.

  5. In Russia we know, that american food is harmful and GMO contains. We try to control our children on eating such snacks like burgers- chips and drinking cola. But I don't sure, if our food all free of GMO. But we have more strict state food control/censor than Europe and US. Only a few European and US food allowed in our country because of contains. Thanks for sanctions)

  6. "This is like jello with like sugarand it taste like lemons and it's amazing and you have tea and you dip it in tea and it gets all soft and all the sugar gets in your tea then it melts in your mouth and it's beautiful."

    "Oreos. It is a chocolate cream cookie."

  7. I lived in Russia for awhile, and the only food they presented that i don't like is the dried fish, the others are amazing

  8. As Russian I feel so weird watching. And the guy in striped shirt is more stereotypical than any American. I hate you americans (вы идиоты)

  9. “Children can’t have foods with bones in them , Russia!”
    Me : Then , Mr America , why do you like Wings 🍗!?!?
    And children have them in the lunch rooms all day , every day
    Living the Lunch room trade Life

    Also I buy lunch 🍴

  10. Kurkuri is better than Cheetos, also Hawkin's Cheezies. Those ring things look more like a bagel than Rold Gold looks like a pretzel.

  11. Speaking of the fish, children don’t normally eat it. This snack is mostly reserved to adults because it goes great with beer

    Children don’t really it cause it’s way too salty

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