Americans Reaction to Turkish Rap 2 | Ceza – Ezhel | Uber in America

Americans Reaction to Turkish Rap 2 | Ceza – Ezhel | Uber in America

Oh, sorry dude.
-…Fuck, Take me… Hahahahaha You don’t like girls? No. Okay That’s not, that’s not No no no, it’s not, it is the name of the song Is not Fight song When I get mad at someone.
-Yeah (I say) madar chot… …what does it mean?, don’t worry about it. (?) You can have like 5 wifes there, right? Five? No… Who told you that? Hahahahaha Uhmm, there is four of us? Oh yeah… Unfutunaltly, I’m sorry. No no, you fine, you fine. Hahaha Hahah I like to talk a little bit Ooo… How was the night treat you Good, good… Where you guys going? To party? Aaaa
-Are you coming? Oh, we just kinda bored instead of rent a airbnb for the night. So, we’ll probably gonna do a lot of drinking and drugs and see where the night takes us. Really? Yeah
-Yeap Hahahah Oh, sorry dude…
-Fuck… Take me… Hahahaha I liked your style… Hahahahaha It’s kinda crazy right? Yo, I liked the fest of lights though… Oh, thank you. So you guys really gonna… … rent a place. You guys gonna…
Uhh we just… (?) speech Now, we’re going down and getting some food … we just came like Yeah! Oh my god… I thought it was cool. Hahahah Hahah I’m away more borrowing that. (?) You’ll give me way much credit Yeah… Hahah One year ago and it… it’s… it was hard. Now, I… I want to make money and travel. I’ve a lot of stuff. And it’s… I don’t wanna study like three or four more years Oh, yeah…
-I can see… I’m already old, I’m 25 I mean… 25?
Oh! Oh, yeah… I’m just 20…
-You’re younger than me… I’m 29… 29?
-Yeah. You got so much time ahead of you. Hah! Okay… Four more years… Hahah… Hahah Damn I feel old. Hahahahah… Sorry… No, you good. I’m just kidding… We getting old, we’re all getting old. Yeah… So… do you guys like the Turkish song? Do you guys like the rap? I mean lov…
-Which song?.. Wait… That’s not, that’s not Turkey.
-No no no, is not. It’s the name of the song. It’s not fight song… what… Hahahaha In my country now Rap and Hip-Hop is… …kind of popular. He like… He making sing for them, each other. 🎵Because everything can reverse🎵 🎵Even straight road is a (kinda) stairway🎵 🎵Fuck to your trouble, world🎵 🎵I can’t even know whose is this🎵 🎵My right is (full of) scoundrel, my left is (full of) scoundrel 🎵Get smashed to pieces, when I be Nusret🎵 🎵If you gonna stay on my streets, you will obey the rules (eh)🎵 🎵Hey to (lil) brothers, respect to (elder) brothers🎵 🎵Always on fleek but can’t say out of spite 🎵 🎵Dj plays us(our song), we became encore🎵 🎵Busy as Istanbul’ streets🎵 🎵Inside of my pocket is (full of) dreams and mohair🎵 🎵My left, right, forward, back are mad🎵 🎵In pieces, seperated my character is🎵 🎵Scorpion(hour-hand) chases after the vane(minute hand)🎵 🎵Time passes fast…🎵 I heard that really good coffee there though Really good coffee? Yeah. Turkish Coffee It’s but it’s stronger… …stronger than American’s Coffee Yeah…
-Better than Starbuck’s? Yeah…
-Oh yeah, much better. I mean… I personally don’t like to drink coffee Just sometimes. I’m not the coffee man you know. But a lot of guys like the Turkish Coffee I had a lot of friends who is living in Europe They tell me “Oh, I love Turkish Coffee… Oh, I love Turkish Coffee…” …”Find me Turkish Coffee…”, “Find me Turkish Coffee…” Yeah, Hahah. I heard It’s like an old tradition you know… …which only doing it with like your close friends. Yeah, it’s the… I mean, the… like… If I compare the America to Turkey… It’s so much different. Food, the lifestyle, the nightlife… Oh! …girls.
-The Baklava… Baklava yeah. We have Baklava (I didn’t get the joke they talk about) What is it? You can have like 5 wifes there right? Five? No… Hahaha Who told you that? Hahahahaha You wish… No. No, It’s just like the Arabic countries thing. We just only have one wife. So, you have to choose with one wife or five wifes. I prefer to choose the one. One is enough Oh… Yeah, one is enough. Too much trouble if you want. Too much trouble.
-Hahahah Hahah Yeah, and I ain’t like that too much trouble yeah. The more than one is not good. Hahah Dealing with the jealousy Yeah…
-Yeah. Just a lot Hahahaha
-Yeah… I’d like a big and warm family. Oouw And do you know what they say in Turkey? There are three things speacial. (four us) Horse, woman and gun. But, it’s the old cultural thing I mean.
Uuuu… We… Hahaha The gun is for protecting yourself, … … the horse is like, you know, you need to… like … horse means the car. But you know, it’s really… …old’s kind of things you know. Hah Hahah That’s why, I mean, we prefer to have one woman Oh, I got you, I got you.
-Yeah But, sometimes you doing some shit you know. Hahahahah I don’t know what to say about the Turkey. Hahah And there is no sex before the marriage Oh yeah, yeah…
By the way, yeah. But we, you know… So, you get marriet yet? Yeah… sorry what? Hahahah
-But yeah, We’re doing I mean, like the Turkish guys doing that but… …to the culture you shouldn’t have sex before the marriage. Got you, big Dona… Yeah, no… It’s not good It’s us like in the Philippines. it’s really frontal bone. But, people still like get out that though Yeah… Oh, Philippines also same? Yeah… Like the really like Catholic over there Just like how you guys are really Muslim. Yeah…
-… (I’m not sure but he’s talking about a part of population who are Muslim in Philippines. There is …(?) much more
-Oh, there is? Minority
-Oh, I got you. I mean minortiy I got you.
-(?) Oh yeah, yeah… Yeah.. Oh,… Yeah …(?) is like big thing in Mexican culture isn’t it like that? Yeah, it’s like you can’t like do anything actually. You get married.
-But… And then like…
-… you do. Hahahahahaha I mean, you guys do, I mean… Thank you guys I had a lot of fun… Thank you…
-Thanks man. See you…
-It was a pleasure. See you… Bye-bye. Hopefully, we all gonna be famous in the youtube videos. Yeah, hopefully… Hopefully, I’ll… I’ll be famous first. And then let me know, I would have been crazier. Bye-Bye, thank you… Hello.
-Hello… How are you? Good, how are you? I’m good. What kind of music are you listening? Am I listening? Oh no music right now. No no no, what kind of do you like? Uuhm… I used to listen my clients. Like…
-So… …Rap?
-…listen to… …Hip-Hop…
-Kelani R&B… Uhmm… it depends on who… like what it is… Sometimes rap… Rap?
-R&B… Do you wanna listen Turkish Rap? Sure. I wonder your reaction. There is also English subtitles here, I’m gonna show you… …you gonna see that. 🎵Shawty, look at me🎵 🎵Then let me write you a love song🎵 🎵Come, lean on my shoulder🎵 🎵Shawty, are you with me this evening? 🎵 🎵She said “Take me to the moon, moon, moon.”🎵 Did you like the video? 🎵If you leave me🎵 🎵If I fall behind🎵 🎵If I fall behind🎵 🎵Diamonds on chest like🎵
-I never watched… 🎵You the best like🎵
-…actually. 🎵You the baddest lil mama this is not a competition🎵 🎵Pull up in the S line🎵 It’s supersimple but it’s… Yeah, I liked it. Yeah, I like it also. Love the video? Yeah. What about the song? Sound’s good man, I liked the song. I think you liked that girl more. More than everything… I’m not into girls. You don’t like girls? No… Okay. Thank you for listening. Is here okay for you?
-Yeah, It’s okay Thank you.
-Have fun Hopefully, you can find him. Hahah Thank you. Bye-bye
-Bye-bye. Hello. Aaa hello… How are you? Good, how are you? Great, thank you. I liked your lights. Thank you. Nice… Haha It’s little party Yeah. Cool! I mean, If you had some drinks it… can be better you know Yeah, I’m sure. After club or you know. Are you vegetarian? Ha ha. Oh, I got you. Yeah. But you know my point right? Yes, I do. When you go to restaurant and if you wanna eat like 1 Pound(lbs) Beef… It’s gonna be… 20 Dollars 20… maybe more. Probably more. Yeah… And then… It’s like… You need to go like, two times a day… Right. …at least It’s gonna make 30 or…
-It’s totally, yes. Yes… But I hate to cook that’s my point. I get home everynight at almost seven… …by the time. You cooking everynight? Almost everynight. Wouw! But when you think about, I’m cooking vegetables so, … …it’s not like it takes too long but I don’t only eat until…. …foods are done till like 8.39 Hm-hm And I hate eating lately Because… it’s just not good for your body. Yes… How many days do you planing to go Turkey? Uhmm, I probably… My family will probably go for a week or a week and a half. Hm-hm I only get 2 weeks after work. Uhh…
-So,… Ten days are good I think for you. Yeah… …(?) matadot? What’s it?
-Mean anything to you? Can you say it again? Madar chot Matator? It means motherf*cker Oh motherf*cker… no. I like learning words that are bad… …because sometimes you have to use them. Oh, yeah. Or I like to say them in front of my parents… …they aint know what it means. Hahahaha You know… That’s not cool. When I get mad at someone.
-Yeah. (I say) “madar chot” (some kind of a swear in Indian and Paki language) …what does it mean?, I say don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it… it’s nice. You don’t need to know. Am I gonna drop off you on the right?
-Yeah. On the Left. Thank you for the conversation. Thank you! I would…
-Alexa right? Yes, Alexa.
-Have a good night. Alexa, have a good night
-You have a great night too.
-Thank you! Probably see you again someday maybe. Maybe. Bye-Bye. Good day! Thank you! THANKS FOR WATCHING GUYS… IF YOU LIKED THE VIDEO… …DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND… OPEN THE NOTIFICATIONS LOVE YOU ALL, BYE-BYE

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