Americans Identify South American Countries

Americans Identify South American Countries

100 thoughts on “Americans Identify South American Countries

  1. Que video más ofensivo. Creo que si les pusieran un mapa de su propio país ni sabrían ubicar ni la ciudad donde viven. 👎

  2. As an American who knows them, I’m sorry to all the people in other countries who have to see Americans struggle on theirs.

  3. Who else came to see people fail at a simple task only to be disappointed by their ability to get almost everything right?

  4. United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru Republic Dominican Cuba Caribbean Greenland El Salvador to Puerto Rico Columbia Venezuela…

  5. The fact that they included Mexico in this map makes me think there's one or too many people than never knew what NAFTA (TLCAN in Spanish) stood for… Yeih for that interest in macro Economics 😏

  6. I had an exam where I had to map all the central and South America country and localise their capitals, so this would be a breeze.

  7. Guy-ana not gwuiana. They should also say which are Latino countries vs non. 4 in S America. And one of those is considered part of the West Indies.

  8. Why they call themselves AMERICANS. America it is the hole continent
    We should call american the people who live in the continent America not the people who is from USA

  9. I’m Colombian and I haven’t started watching this yet but I’m already angry

    Update: pleasantly surprised 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. ok but I feel touched about the "Falklands" as an Argentinian. Also is not south America, is Latin America

  11. the map represents latin america not south america….
    mexico belongs to north america but its part of latin america

  12. Just cause they are at the south of the USA doesn't mean they are south american countries… these are north american, central american and south american…

  13. Yes.. as a Venezuelan I can in fact confirm all the competitiveness between us an Colombia regarding beauty pageants.. However we must say we are a million times better than them.. We have a 50 years history of pageantry meanwhile Colombia has like 10.. So yeah.. and also, they stole our Arepas.. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. NORTH Americans Identify Central, South American Countries… and Mexico which is in North America already

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